This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


42. plan 1

Rose's prov

I woke up early today cause were gonna go bowling with Chaz, Ryan, Ariana and of course Justin invited us to go with him. I washed my face and got dressed into (No bag and black tights)

I went downstairs with my comfy outfit I loved how the army green sweater was a bit big on the sleeves and just looked fitting but was so soft and bit big. Anyways I went downstairs and didn't eat anything but went to the laptop on the table and checked whatever i had to do.


Justin's prov

Alright the plan's set up everybody knows except Rose but even Selena knows she apologized and is willing to help get Rose to be my girlfriend! I got dressed in (No Jacket)

I got it all settled so were gonna go bowling and Selena and this guy come in and i'm gonna get Rose to try to flirt with me in front of Selena. so were gonna continue it from there. I'm picking up everyone right now so i'm starting with Rose.


Rose's prov

Justin: Hey

Rose: What's up

I said as I entered his Jeep

Justin: You look beautiful

Rose: Why thank you

Ugh why am I blushing!

Justin: Are you thinking what i'm thing


We turned on the radio and started jamming like idiots

Justin: Were here at Ariana's

Rose: Hey

when she came Chaz followed behind

Justin: Soo

he said while wiggling his eyebrows at Chaz while I did the same with Ariana

Ariana: Oh shut up

Chaz: Yeah I swear you guys could be the perfect couple

Ariana: Oh and don't get the wrong ideas Ryan's with us too

Ryan: yea here i am

Justin and Rose: RADIO TIME

We drove to the bowling alley and got out and rented out shoes and went to our lane. 

Justin: so who's up first

Chaz: I am

He got his ball

Chaz: Alright time for ritual

He started spinning and saying i can do this, I couldn't stand on how funny he looked, we all bursted out laughing

Chaz: You all might laugh but watch this

He went for it and got a gutter ball

Chaz: well that didn't go as plan

We continued playing it was so much fun, I was currently second, Justin was first but if I get a strike I could win this game. 

Justin: alright let's make this interesting

Rose: Okay

Justin: Whoever wins this game, owes the other person a

Rose: A sour patch packet, no wait 3 sour patch packets

Ryan: Justin bro Selena's here

Ariana: and she's coming up to us right now

Selena: Hey Justin, um guys

Justin: who's that

Selena: Oh Jake he's my boyfriend

Before I knew it Justin snaked his arm around my waist and gives me a slight pat on my waist basically saying i'll explain later

Justin: Oh well this is my girlfriend you know Rose don't you

I sorta um like was surprised on what he said

Selena: of course, so what were you guys up to

Chaz: well Justin almost won the game but if Rose wins by a strike she get's so-

Justin: A kiss

He gave me another pat and everyone looked at us surprised

Selena: interesting, well go get your ball Rose she said smirking

I nervously went to get the ball, as soon as i got it, I went to the lane and took a deep breath, and swung my arm and flung it towards the pins, I closed my eyes and turned around and when I opened them everyone had the most unreadable faces , I looked at the board and it says that I.........WON!!!!!!!!!! 


Ariana: Omg are you serious Justin we found the first person to beat you

Justin: um i'm sorta speechless nobody beat me

Selena: well I guess Justin you owe her a kiss

Rose: oh um yeah

Selena: well come on, unless you aren't really together

Justin: We are

he took my hands and lifted my chin and leaned in as I apparently did the same, our lips crashed no it wasn't a make out it was just slow kiss filled with fireworks, like nothing caould describe the feeling it was like the world had stopped and it was only me and him at that moment. when I realized what we doing i backed away so it looked like i didn't push him, and we looked at each other he was absolutely breath taking, he could never go for a girl like me.

Justin: that was um..

Selena: Well why don't we all go out for dinner

Wow it's dinner time already, i guess time flies when your having fun

Chaz: where should we go

Selena: Giordanos pizza restaurant

Ryan: Leggooo

skipp car rideee

We oredered and were sitting in the booth so it was Me in the middle, Ariana, chaz, On the other side was Selena, Justin, and Jake sitting on outside end, poor Ryan had to leave he apeerently never cleaned his room so he had to go home.

Chaz: So i hear this place has karaoke

Selena: Really i love karaoke 

Justin: same here

Jake: karaoke its fun

Ariana: cool

rose" i'm not that much of a fan for karaoke

Selena: well in that case why don't we all do karaoke

Justin: Good idea

Our food arrived and let me tell this was one humongous pizza. As I was eating I could see Selena whispering things into Justin, they were laughing and giggling I knew it was way too true for him too ever like me, I mean i'm just Rose and they once were Jelena.

Selena: let's make this interesting let's do partner karaoke, and the duet that get's the most applause wins

Jake: i'm not a karaoke person

Chaz: me either

rose: i'm no--

Before I could say i'm not doing this selena cut me off

Selena: Alright I call Justin, just like the old times

Justin seemed shocked

Justin: umm o-kay

Ariana: I guess it's you and me, yayy!

Rose: well I guess I get to sing with my best friend

Selena: alright come on

They got up on stage and sang overboard well of course they would sing that song i heard he only sings that song to the people he loves like, like likes but you know that can be a rumor. Why am I feeling so jealous he's singing with her, I can't stand them two together anymore. After they sang they got lot's of claps of course they would their famous, well so is ariana but their extremly famous.

Selena: Your turn

I can't, the spotlight it's not for me I was gonna hyperventilate I just can

Justin: You can do it

I don't know why but by his words I just seemed to relax. we got on stage and the song started it was all of me which I love, me and ariana were singing with a lot of passion and it was so much fun. After we finished the crowd cheered

Ariana: How was that

Selena: That was amazing

Justin: rose you were breathtaking, um i mean Ariana and Rose you two were amazing

Ariana: Justin we know you got the hots for rose

I looked up and saw Justin blushing hard

Chaz: Hey i think we should head out now

as we got out Justin wrapped his arm around me and whispered in my ear

Justin: you were breathtaking up there

Rose: um thanks

Ariana: okay you lovebirds come on

We got into the car and dropped them off

Rose: So apparently im your girlfriend, care to explain

Justin: Alright so your gonna help get Selena back, and Selena is really jealous of you

Rose: Haha why would a famous popstar be jealous of me

Justin: why wouldn't they

Rose: Cause i'm the ugly Rose, and she's the Beautiful Selena

Justin: never think less of you, your beautiful and perfect, any guy would fall for you

rose: thanks, but why me there was ariana there too you know

Justin: well Ariana is more like a sister

Rose: -fake gasp- and i'm not

Justin: Nope, your more like my soulmate

Rose: -fake gasp- JUSTIN

we broke out laughing and turned on the radio. we had small talk and everything

Rose: thanks for inviting me today

Justin: I hope we can do this again, especially the kiss

Rose: Oh Justin you'll never change will

Justin: Nope

Rose: Bye

I got out 

Justin: Wait

He ran up to me and pecked my cheek and ran back inside his house. As soon as I got in i felt my cheek tingle, I can't possibly fall for him. I ran to the shower, did whatever i had to do and changed in to my pajamas and fell asleep.



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