This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


33. Part two

Still Rose's prov

Justin: so wanna play 20 questions

Rose: sure I guess

Justin: alright favorite color

Rose: blue and purple

Justin: same

Rose: nickname

Justin: bizzle, birthday 

Rose: March 1

Justin: wait what, when's your birthday

Rose: March 1st

Justin: you didn't celebrate

Rose: no, I mean like nobody remembered or knew so yea

Justin: your mom has got to know 

Rose: nope not ever since um you know it's getting cold and foods here

the food came and I guess he forgot cause he dug in as soon as it came. After like 25 minutes

we boarded back home and by this time it was 10:56 p.m. Because we went skateboarding and did random things okay

Rose: alright bye and I guess I had fun

Justin: did you forget

Rose: What about

Justin: scale

Rose: huh hey I'm tired we should get going to sleep you know

Justin: liar lets go to your house

ugh he dragged me to the house and took me to my nightmares. The weight scale had my secrets behind it and I can't believe I'm gonna show someone my weight.

Justin: alright get on the scale

Rose: I think we should hit the gym first

Justin: come on get on



I was a fat chubby 10 sitting on the porch waiting for my best friend Justin ice cream in my hand. After like 2 minutes Justin came with a pretty little girl

Rose: hey Justin!! Who's that

Ashley: (snobby voice) I'm Ashley 

Justin: yea me and my girlfriend don't  play with fat whales 

with that they smashed the ice cream and skipped off hand in hand. That day I hated life, I got bullied and lost my best friend

Flashback Over

I couldn't control myself, I ran out that house to my tree house my dad built me before he died. 

Justin: Rose are you here

Rose: no now leave 

He climbed up to my tree house

Justin: what's wrong

Rose: just leave me alone

Justin: fine bitch

i swear he's bipolar. I started crying thinking about my life I could never be happy. I went back into the house and took a shower and changed into blue pajama shorts and a shirt and went to sleep. 


Please Read

sorry it's so short my ipad is awful my computer broke and I can't upload photos:( sorry I barely update but I'm busy and I know this is short sorry but I think I should stop the story I think I don't comment if I should or not.


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