This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


6. Move in

Rose's prov

I woke pretty scared. I'm really shy cause i don't know but i know it won't change. "Honey were leaving get ready quickly" My mom said. I went to the bathroom did everything covered my bruises scars cuts and quickly put some clothes on. I put on a light blue hoodie, black leggings, and my black converse. I put on my black nerd glasses with the blue bows on the end and put on a blue beanie. I grabbed my guitar case, suitcases, and piano. As i went downstairs there i made sure to get a good look of everything. 

Skip car ride. 

As i got out my mom went to got say hi to her her friend as they were talking i got my stuff out the back and took a good look at their house. The house was humongous basketball court and a swimming pool in the back. "Honey come here and meet Pattie." I walked there with my head hung low. "Hi she wrapped me in a tight hug," Pattie exclaimed. 'hi" i mumbled. "Justin why don't you come here and you might as well bring your friends," Pattie shouted. as i slowly looked up i saw Justin and his crew and a bunch of chicks come down. Oh please don't tell me i'm living with him oh no panic attack ugh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. "Justin this is Rose, Rose this is Justin and these are his friends and girlfriend get used to them cause there like always her" My mom and pattie exclaimed. I nodded while i looked at him he smirked evily and mouthed your dead. I'm so freakin scared i just looked down at the ground and bit my lip. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is life so hard. "Okay i gotta go bye" my mom said. "Bye" I whispered. Pattie lead me in and showed me around and let me tell you it was so freaking huge! I got into my room and began unpacking when Justin and his friends walked in.


Justin's prov

"Listen her you bitch this is my place and what i say goes okay and these are my friends if they tell you to do something you do it okay fat ass.


Rose's prov

after they left i finished unpacking and decided to read out by  the big tree. I told pattie and with that i left. The big tree is in the park it was so calming after hours i headed back in to find pattie stting the table. "Come on guys dinner." pattie shouted. After five seconds everybody piled in. "Hey mom is it okay if they stay tonight," justin asked. "Sure" Pattie replied. As we were eating i just stared at my pasta and focused on my shoes instead. 


Justin's prov

I noticed Rose wasn't eating but that's way okay she does need to shed a lot of weight i don't actually know how her figure is cause she's always wearing these oversized clothings so eh you know who cares. After dinner we all went up to my room while Rose went to hers. Hey guys i have idea why don't we tomorrow all go to the skateboarding park. i asked. "yeah we'll take your mom and rose" chaz suggested. "Why my mom man and why that geek" I asked. "Cause your mom can bring food and we can have fun with rose" Chaz replied. "ight cool" I replied. I left the room to go to the bathroom when i heard the guitar play and just some random notes. i shrugged it off used the bathroom and knocked on rose's door. "Hey fat ass watch out" And the i slapped her hard and punched and kicked her. With that i left and went to watch movies with the other guys and girls. while we were watching the movie me and ashley started a little make out session and things got pretty heated. 


Rose's prov

could life get any worse? no. i thought so ever since my dad died and my mom works 24/7 my life has just been a complete wreck and i really just want to go in a whole and die. man they were being really loud so i decided to just sleep.

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