This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


14. Modeling day

Rose's prov

When i woke up their was Alfredo looking at me "Rose why do you have cuts and bruises on your legs" he asked. I didn't say anything i ran to my room to see them sleeping grabbed a pair of pajama pants and put them on. I decided to turn on the alarm and ring exactly now beep beep beep beep "WTF WHO PUT THE ALARM ON" Justin yealled. I was hiding in the bathroom. After a few minutes i got out to see the room empty so i went out. There was everybody sitting on the couches "Morning Rose come join us here" I dragged myself there and sat myself next to Justin which was the only seat left. "So we know Justin has a perfume out so were going to go to the studio and take a couple of shots for the perfume" Scooter said. "What will be the theme" Pattie asked. " Well lingerie" Scooter said. "Um who will be the model" Justin asked happily. "Well that's what were deciding" scooter replied. "How bout me" Selena exclaimed. "No we need a new face" Alfredo said. " Well how bout Rose" Scooter exclaimed. My head instantly shot up and said "How bout no". "Come on Rose we need a new face and your beautiful" Alfredo insisted. Selena gave me a death glare. "No i can't" I said. "I manage you and this will be great publicity for you" Scooter demanded. "Do i have a choice" I sighed. "No, now come on let's go people" Scooter exclaimed. "You should be happy your doing it with me thousands of girls would die to do this" Justin whispered. "O i'm jumping for joy" I mumbled. I went into the room and covered my body with the foundation but used less cause they're beginning to go away, i put on skinny jeans, a purple hoodie, black nerd glasses, and purple supras. And walked out to see everybody ready. 

Skip car ride 

"Alright Rose go get changed Justin get changed will meet you out on the stage. So i changed into this lingerie but man i was so scared i put a silk robe over and walked over to them. "Ok Rose you're going to have to take the robe off" One of the dressers said. I took it off and fixed my hair and went on stage next to Justin, i was freaking out i felt so weird ugh i hate my body. 


Justin's prov

Rose has such a hot body like can this girl stop getting so beautiful. Her eyes looked so dreamy, while her lips wanted mine to kiss them, ugh her hair so silky i wanted her but i'm her bully. "Alright Justin were going to need you to grab Rose's waist and Stare into her eyes wile Rose you wrap your leg around Justin" the director shouted. She was hesitant at first but did it anyway. "K guys start having fun with it show us some ideas" the director exclaimed. I grabbed her waist kissed her neck while she was posing, i would be lying if i said i hated it i actually loved it i felt thousands of sparks. We did all these pose and we ended the day. Later the best pose we found was when i held her hand kissed her neck while she wrapped her legs around mine. I also notice something weird on her wrist.


Rose's prov

Ugh that was so awkward but i felt so many sparks i don't know why i mean he's my bully. I quickly changed and went back into the studio and everybody was looking at the pictures when i decided to get a peek i saw how ugly i looked. "Rose if this music industry you should go for modeling" Alfredo exclaimed. "Ew no she looks like a pig" Selena shouted. Okay that hurt badly. "Stop being so jealous of her Selena" Scooter mumbled. "You guys let's just head back and have lunch" Pattie exclaimed. "I'm starving can we go to mc.d's" Justin whined. "Let's go broooo" Alfredo shouted. 

Skip car ride all that happened was justin and Selena making out

"2 big macs, large fries, and coke for Justin, Ryan, Chaz, Alfredo, Scooter Chicken sandwich, fries, coke for Selena, Chicken Salad, water for Ariana and me and a yogurt parfait for Rose" Pattie said. 

Ariana: How do the boys eat so much

Scooter: How do you girls eat so less

Alfredo: especially you Rose like god i think in my whole life i have never seen you eat a whole meal

Rose: Cause you just met me

Chaz: But i have known you and it's true i don't think i have ever seen you eat a whole meal

Selena: She needs to lose the fat 

Justin: true

Pattie: Rose how much do you weigh

Rose sighs: 99 pounds i know it's lot for a 18 year old

Pattie: You are way underweight

Scooter: God how are you still surviving

Alfredo: take one of my big macs

Rose: No i can't eat

Pattie: Young lady you will eat that big mac your way too underweight

Rose: Ari help me out here

Ariana: no Rose i see your ribs pop out come on just do it

Rose: I can't

Pattie: Rose sweety your not fat i swear just one bite won't hurt

i knew i was trapped i took one bite and it felt so good to have something other than apple or yogurt. This headache i've been having instantly went away

Pattie: Don't you feel better now

Rose: I don't know

Scooter: Eat what you want but if your scared just go to the gym

He doesn't know i've been going for year i spend hours at the gym.

Pattie: Rose why don't you take at least three more bites of that burger

Rose: do i have a choice

everybody: no

Rose: Gosh okay got that

I took three more bites savoring the flavor it felt so good.

Pattie: K let's go we can go to the beach

Ugh the place i hate the most, people laughing, showing skin, going in water, having fun, and going with my bullies. I know i just modeled in lingerie but i still hate my body and that will never happen again trust me. As we all got in the car with our summer clothes on i had on my shorts, a muscle tank that said Music, my high top converse, and my ipod, I had on my bikini under my clothes just in case but i doubt it. You might think i'm all boney but no i'm actually likke curvy at the same time. you can say my body won't let me get that skinny some people say i have a beautiful body but i know i'm fat. Ariana was tanning in a cute bikini, Pattie was sitting, Selena was wearing such a skimpy bikini while flirting with Justin and some of the boys ew, the boys were in the water, while i was listening to music while reading a book nice in the sandi still didn't take my clothes off. 

Alfredo: Come on girls the water is great

Justin: You guys i just rented surf boards

Selena tried to act all cute and got in the water but to me she failed. Ariana went into the wwater while Pattie supervised.

Scooter: Come on Rose

Alfredo: You don't have a choice it's summer

Rose: Fine. I got up took my clothes off revealing me in my bikini and as i walked there i grabbed a surf board cause before my dad died we would go every summer and surf

Pattie: Rose you know how to surf

Rose: yea my dad taught me

Justin: Guys let's head out deeper and surf

I actually got lost in my own world and decided to surf on my own. I was just doing my own style cause it felt right, as i was surfing Justin came and Selena were in my way making out on the surf board, It was close as i was bout to hit em but i dodged them by swerving.

Ryan: Gosh girl you got some moves

Justin: Yea i didn't know you could do that

Rose: Theirs lot's of things you don't know bout me

Alfredo: And that swerve and how did you manage to go after those waves i mean i think Scooter was shaking looking at you

Scooter: Hey she made it look easy and then when i tried it i ended up falling of the board

Selena: I could do better

Chaz: Oooohhhhhhh challenge

Selena: grab a board let's go

Rose: k

I knew what to do, i grabbed the board paddled into the water, and got up going to the biggest wave i see. Selena went to a small one but she looked like she was sruggling.

Chaz: Do some tricks

I did a handstand while i was surfing in the water while Selena was just standing on her board looking lost. After a while of surfing Selena crashed into a wave that meant i won

Alfredo: DANG ROSE

Justin: how did you do that

Rose: I don't know

Scooter: I swear your full of surprises

Selena: Ugh she set me up

Everybody: How

Selena: Cause she was doing the litle ones

Alfredo: Selena it's the opposite

Pattie: Let's just head up to the bus and eat

Skip car ride Selena just kept pinching Rose

I walked into my room looking for my pajamas, quickly showered and changed and walked out to a box of pizza on the kitchen table and everyone digging into it.

Rose: um i'm not hungey

Pattie: That's what you said yesterday

Scooter: Rose i want you to eat please for us one slice or just at least half of it

Rose: Fine i'll have half of it their's no use of arguing anyway

I finished half my pizza and walked into my room, Justin was on his phone. I went to the couch into the room and grabbed my guitar and strum some notes to one time for some reason i just felt like strumming to it and for some reason Justin began singing while i joined to some lyrics too.

Justin: Why

Rose: What

He came up to my rolled up my sleeve and looked at my wrist. ugh i'm so stupid i forgot to put my cover up on. I pulled my sleeve back down ran to my bunk and went to sleep crying my eyes out. Why is my life like this it's so hard sometimes i want to just go away disappear. 


Justin's prov

Did i do that to her? No not that bitch she hurt Selena way too much. Anyway i went to bed my mind fixed on how beautiful her body is and how much beauty she has in herself. 




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