This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


4. last day of hell

Guys i fast forwarded this to summer exciting trust me and the bullying is still going on even worse!

Rose's prov

Last day of school yes goodbye to this dump. I Got out of my comfy bed and went into the bathroom and just took a long shower, brushed my teeth, added foundation to my cuts, and bruises caused by Justin and his crew. I wonder everyday what i did to deserve their hate i mean I never did bad things to them so why. Anyways went into my closet to look for something to wear i decided to wear a cream net beanie, a big net cream sweater, a creme tank top under it, black leggings, and my black high top converse. I got my phone off my charger and skipped downstairs excited for some reason when i found a note on the kitchen counter

Dear Rose, 

I'm coming home early today, BIG NEWS, and have a great day for school

Love, mom

after reading that i got an apple took some bites threw it out after that i grabbed by nerdy glasses and walked out the door with my back pack. As i was walking of course Justin and his crew drove by me laughing and calling me names and all that crap. The rest of the way i ran to school and as soon as i entered i was pushed down. "Watch were your going you whore," Justin shouted. Everybody looked at us. "I'm sorry," I whispered. As i was getting up Justin punched my face making me fall again. "That's where your deserved to stay" he shouted again and left but he spit on me before he left. Getting used to this i dragged myself to my locker grabbe my books and went to class. 


Justin's prov

As i walked into the class actually swaggered i found a spot right next to Ashley. We had a mini make out session out the corner of my eye i saw rose sitting there all by herself in the back just reading away i mean who does that i decided to have fun. "AY EVERYBODY LOOK AT THE NERD BY HERSELF" I shouted. Everyone grew into laughs she just kept her head down lower and just kept her nose in her book. The teacher walked in the classroom "Okay class settle down" the teacher spoke. "Well today were going to actually sing and have a contest to see who can win since it is the last day of school and i am a music teacher so why don't we start." the teacher instructed. "Do we get a prize," Ashley shouted. "Yes the prize is $50 dollars and everybody has to participate." She answered. I had this in the bag cause i am Justin Bieber world famous of course  i'll win. 


Rose's prov

Singing oh no. I can't do this i mean i never sing let alone talk and now we have to go up in front of the class and actually sing this will not be good at all. I was having panic attacks in my seat. 


Justin's prov

So the teacher went by row so i guess i was first. I sang beauty and a beat and sat down while the whole class cheered and clapped suprisingly even Rose clapped under her desk. Ashley went next and boy i think a donkey sang better i mean ew no horrible. After that alot of people went some were eh some were terrible aka ashley lol. "Rose your turn" teacher exclaimed. oh man this will be funny can't wait to hear how horrible she sounds. She dragged herself to the the front of the room and started singing skyscraper while looking down the whole time. She was wonderful like she had such an angelic voi- wait stop bieber. After that the teacher was cheering clapping while some did the same while i just stared in astonishment. "Class the winner is actually a tie Justin and rose well you know what $50 for each of you. The class cheered Justin justin justin while rose just sat there awkwardly. "you guys get the money after school. 


Rose's prov

i felt relieved after i sang i hated crowds. The bell rang which meant summer is officially on. "Oh you two come here, you both are amazing and i really didn't expect hat from you Rose well anyway here you guys are and rose wonderful job you were just awesome." teacher exclaimed. I mumbled a thanks and left. I ran out with everything and continued running home for the big news. 

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