This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


10. karaoke night

Rose's prov

I didn't feel like getting up I was just so weak. Got up did my foundation put on my black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees, my light blue hoodie that said BRO on them, my blue/white beats around my neck, black/blue/white Supras, white nerd glasses with two blue blows at the end. I went downstairs barely able to walk and sat down across from Justin and Selena who were talking. "Good morning I made pancakes and bacon" Pattie exclaimed. She was handing a plate to everyone putting whip cream, syrup, and chocolate chips on them. I looked at my food and at her "Rose i want you to finish your plate," Pattie demanded. After she said that she put extra syrup on mine. A few tears fell from my eyes but i manage to pick up my fork and take a bit of pancake and put in my mouth. "Rose can you tell why you have all those bruises on you now" Pattie asked. I shook my head no. Justin stared at me taking every liitle bite trying to chew as much. After eating half of her pancake selena said "Sorry i can't eat anymore my trainers won't allow it i need to be skinny" and with that Justin and Selena went out to the car and left. After and hour i managed to finish and leave a little bit of pancake on my plate. I walked into the living room where a piano was and sat down. I knew Justin and Selena were gone so I began playing a lot of music. I started playing my own songs that i knew from heart.


Pattie's prov

The way Rose's eyes look at Justin i know she likes him. I also know the way Justin looks at Rose he loves her so it's my mission to bring them together. I picked up the phone and texted out the numbers to invite Usher, Scooter, Ariana Grande, Kenny, and a bunch of other famous people to our house for karaoke night. That's right i'll get them together with music. "Justin come ome i need you and Selena to come right now" I spoke into the phone with Justin. "K mom, were actually here and coming through the back" Justin spoke. I ran into the living room "Gosh Rose you are wonderful" I exclaimed. "Thank you" she mumbled.


Rose's prov

I started to continue to play the piano. I stopped and when i turned around Pattie clapped on the couch sitting with Justin and Selena. "When did you learn how to play the piano" Justin asked. "My dad taught me when i was three" I whispered. "What happen to your dad" Selena asked me evily. A fear tears formed in my eyes "Um he died from lung cancer" I mumbled but loud enough for them to her. A ran into my room and let all my tear out. "Ay bitch stay away from justin you got that fat ass" Selena hissed. After saying that she kicked me almost everywhere, punched me, slapped me, and dug her claws into my cheek. I ran into the bathroom cut my wrist a few times, and covered my body up except the nail mark would not get covered. I walked downstairs to see Pattie setting the house up, cleaning, and putting the food on the table for snacks and dinner. "Hey Rose we have our annual karaoke night so don't have to wear nothing fancy you may wear what your wearing right now" Pattie exclaimed. "Okay" I mumbled. I ran upstairs scared and having so many panic attacks i mean i can't do it sing in front of everybody i'll be the laughing stock of the whole nation okay okay i know i'm taking this a bit far but i get really scared of these kinds of parties ugh my life will be ruined after Justin hears my terrible voice.


Justin's prov

Tonight was karaoke night, of course me and Selena will rock the house but I can't wait to hear how Rose sounds like. I mean I heard her in school but you couldn't really hear her cause you know what why am i even talking about that slut. Selena came out wearing a tight pink dress that was really short her chest popping out and it was just pink. I basically crushed her and started making out with her and put my hand under her dress. She didn't have anything under on so i can't wait for this party to end. I wore a white v-neck, black skinny jeans sagging, my black supras, and my cross chain. I had my hair all nice and swaggy and i looked handsome. Me and Selena sat with Scooter, Kenny, Ariana Grande, Carly rae Jepsen, and the rest of my crew. Rose came out wearing a blue hoodie that said "Mistakes happen and your one of them" , she had black skinny jeans, blue/black/white supras, a blue beanie,  blue/white beats around her neck and her black nerd glasses with white bows at the tips of her glasses. She didn't look rachet but she just covers to much. 


Rose's prov

When i entered man there were all these famous people sitting on the couch the girls were so pretty, Selena looked like a straight up hoe, The guys looked usual and i looked ugly. I hate how i look like i'm fat, ugly, geeky, nerdy, ect. I can go on and on about my flaws. I sat in the corner of the couch while everybody just chatted away. "Guys this is Rose she's staying with us this summer, and Rose this is Justin's crew" Pattie exclaimed. They all went around introducing themselves and omg, Ariana is the most nicest, prettiest person i ever met. She gave me her number and we actually talked and i told her how i'm usually shy and stuff and she said well in that case she considers herself lucky she got me to talk and stuff. "Who wants to perform first" Pattie exclaimed. "I'll go" Selena exclaimed. She got up and sang come and get it, she's a bitch but she's good at singing. "Who's next," Pattie exclaimed. "ME" Justin shouted. he sang beauty and a beat and was really good. After that alot of people went Scooter was all funny up their singing one time in a girly voice. A lot of people went Ariana was really good like awesome. "Well Rose you didn't go why don't you go up there" Pattie exclaimed. "YEAH" everyone exclaimed except for Selena and Justin. "I-i-i-i" I started stuttering trying to make excuses. "Oh come on Rose you can't be that bad as Scooter" Ariana exclaimed. "Hey" Scooter exclaimed. I dragged myself to the center of the room "U-m-m wh-a-t sh-ou-ld i sing." I ask. "Heart attack" Carly suggested. The music started playing and i started singing with my heart. When i finished everyone was speechless. I sat down still unsure what they thought of me. "Rose how did you learn how to sing like that" Scooter exclaimed. I shrugged my shoulders. "You have talent i mean your beyond good, beyond excellent and your beyond beautiful we need to get you signed" Ariana exclaimed "Yeah i mean your voice is truly angelic" Justin exclaimed. I blushed but brushed it off he probably just said that. "You know tomorrow Justin has a recording tomorrow you should come look around and we can talk a little" Scooter said. "okay" I said. The rest of the night we had fun, Selena looked really jealous, me and Ariana became close, and I was going to see the studio tomorrow. Everyone left and as i was going up to my room Justin grabbed me by the hand "You know your actually really good" he whispered. After that he left and i walked into my room. Selena came in a few moments "Hey bitch don't dare come try getting Justin he's mine actually i don't even think he wants to come by your ugly ass" Selena shrieked. She slapped me and left.


Hey guys thx for all your likes and comments and i'm serious you guys are the best. My internet was down this weekend then it worked this morning and when i was about to publish my computer shut down and it didn't save. My internet was being bogus and wasn't working but it finally started working. Anyway thx for everything and i really would love to hear more from you guys i mean leave suggestions. THX

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