This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


20. it was a lie

Rose's prov

When i woke up i was safe in Justin's arm we were just close together cuddled up and truth i felt so safe in his arms. I didn't want to leave his arms but he has Selena and he's my bully the one who hurt me made me cut, depressed, starve myself, and made my life a living hell.

Rose: Justin wake up

Justin: Hey beautiful

he sounded so sexy in his morning raspy voice, ugh snap out of it Rose your better than that.

Rose: I need to get up

Justin: I wanna stay like this all day beautiful

Rose: Justin come on and stop calling me beautiful

Justin: I only speak the truth babe

Rose: Justin you have a girlfriend and i need to get ready so please

Justin: Okay beautiful

I finally go up went into the bathroom did what i had to do and went into my closet and picked this out without the earrings.

My hair was like

and for makeup i only had on a layer of EOS lip balm. I went out to grab my phone of the nightstand and my white nerd glasses, while Justin was changing into a shirt and jeans. I went out to the dining area and sat down on the chair listening to everybody talk. Justin came in and he sat next to me while whispering things in my ear, and eating his favorite Cap n Crunch cereal.


Justin: You look beautiful

Rose: Justin you've been telling me this whole morning i'm beautiful now go tell you're girlfriend that.

Justin: But your beauty just captures my intention

Rose: You know what else captures you attention when Selena walks in wearing a bra and shorts

Justin: what

Rose: look for yourself

He turned away looking at Selena which is true she was only wearing that. He was biting his lip while looking at her, typical men, i mean i would never wear such a thing cause i'm not comfortable wearing those kind of clothes.

Pattie: Justin stop staring at Selena

Selena: Justin -giggles very annoying giggle-

Alfredo: Ew stop it

Rose: Um Pattie i was wondering if i could go to the library

Pattie: Great idea we should actually all go

Selena: Readings is for losers, geeks, nerds, also known as Rose

Scooter: I actually think it will be a good choice to get more publicity and summer's almost over and the tutor will come soon so why not

Selena: Can't we go shopping, or to a party

Alfredo: I haven't been in a library ever since well in a long time

Ariana: I call being a buddy with Rose

Alfredo: Hey no fair she knows everything about library's and she's fun

Ariana: Ha well i called her first

Selena: I call my boo

Justin: Hey if were renting the library out for a day, and Selena is wearing that i call Selena

Pattie: Justin, and yes we will rent out the library

Ariana: Shoot i can't go and Alfredo me and you have to go to a shoot

Rose: I don't mind being alone

Ariana: your such a sweetheart we'll go together some other time, Alfredo get your ass up boy

Pattie: So i guess it's us without Ariana, and Alfredo

Scooter: Don't worry we have a lot of people on the crew so we won't hardly notice their gone.

Rose: Can we get going i can't wait.

We all got into the car and drove off to the library. As soon as i entered i went into the books and searched for a nice book to read. After a couple of minutes i found one and started to read when i hear noises behind a big bookshelf i guess they didn't see me and continued talking

Selena: Justy why are you always flirting to that freak Rose

Justin: Selena you remember the plan, when i was going to flirt with her make her fall in love with me, use her, say all these nice things about her which are not true, then ruin her career, bully her, ect.

Selena: Your so smart babe, and remember i'm your girlfriend i'm the hot beautiful one here

Justin: She's nothing but an ugly slut that looks like a zombie and she looks like a total skank

Selena: That's right babe now where were we

They started a heavy make out session. I was in tears after what i heard he was just going to use me, and do all these things. I guess i was crying hard enough for them to hear

Selena: Well if isn't the bitch who heard us

Justin: Rose what did you hear

Rose: Your pathetic

Justin: What did you call me you little skank

He started to beat me up and Selena started to do the same while they both called me all these harsh words. Scooter was coming this way so they stopped picked me up and went back to making out as if nothing ever happened and leaving me all hurt, abused, and just weak. I dragged myself to my book found a quiet place away from everybody and got lost in the world of books.


Justin's prov

So me and Selena were making out but the whole time i was thinking about Rose, i meant nothing i said that was only in front of Selena. Rose is just beautiful and i can't believe she heard us cause now she won't believe that she's beautiful. Truth i think i'm falling hard for Rose.

Scooter: Justin stop, Selena come on get in the car, Justin go get Rose and tell her were leaving

Justin: Can't someone else do it

Scooter: Now Justin

Justin: Fine

I stood up fixed my outfit and hair and went out looking for Rose. After for what seemed like an hour i found her in a corner with a book but she had tear stained cheeks and wet t-shirt stains.

Justin: Ay freak were leaving

ugh that killed me too tell her that, she got up and ran past me to them. I messed up but it's late.


Rose's prov

What did i ever do to him to deserve that kind of treatment. I sat in the car by myself listening to music and looking out the window admiring everything. As soon as we got to the buses i changed into

.and went to the dance studio. I started to dance to i think every song possible and i just worked y but off. After an hour i went back to the buses

Pattie: Where were you sweetie

Rose: I was at the dance studio

Scooter: Rose i swear you work to hard

Rose: no i like to dance

Selena: cough-fat ass- cough

Justin: So who's going to the dance the lead with me in beauty and a beat tomorrow

Selena: Duh ever since my great dance on the dance i'm going to do it

Scooter: About that Rose will do the dance

Justin  and Selena: WHAT

Scooter: Well she can to the dance the best

Ryan good: And Justin and Rose have a nice chemistry together

Selena: Don't i have a say in this

Alfredo: No

Justin: But

Scooter: Not buts she's doing the dance, were lucky we found her

Chats continued after dinner i took a shower letting tear drops fall,i let the razor blade cut my wrist, after that i changed into pajamas and layed down next to Justin but at the far end. I let a couple of tear drops fall in bed but eventually fell aseep.

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