This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


3. home with the demon

Rose's prov

Today my mom totally betrayed and went to work while i had to stay here and just try to manage with a broken leg. I known some of you guys are like why is she home what happen to goin to school well my doctor suggested i go to school tomorrow so i would get better. I was attempting to walk down the stairs after like 10 minutes i managed to sit in the kitchen. There was a note sitting on the table there it said


Dear, Rose

Sorry i had to leave you alone but i had an urgent meeting at the office. Don't worry i called Pattie (justin's mom) and she said she'll send justin to our home to take care of you. I want you to be safe, careful, no naughty choices (as if) and to just relax. He'll be here by 10 so yea.



Right now i'm having the biggest anxiety attack i mean justin at my house the person who caused me this fucken pain. I looked down to only see me in sweat pants and a tank top. I had to cover my cuts so i tried to walk upstairs and opened my walk in closet and grabbed

i quickly looked over at the time 9:51. ugh. with that time i manage to grab my laptop phone headphones and whatever else i needed to ignore justin. I managed to actually walk fast down the stairs and make it in the family room to sit on the couch and start ignoring them. The door had flung open and then i saw my nightmare Justin, Chaz, Ryan swaggered into the family room laughing.


Justin's prov

Rose was sitting there on the couch so we decided to have fun with her you. I sat on the same couch lifted my legs up and put them on Rose's lap. I felt her body freeze so next thing you know Chaz lifted her up threw her on the ground while me and my friends took her things and looked through them. She had no contacts on her phone lol, nothing interesting she was just on youtube. "Here take your stuff you slut. I threw them on her and just laughed with my friends.


Rose's prov

I was trying to get up cause i can't put force on my leg while i was trying justin was recording me on his phone. I managed to get up grab my stuff and sit on the other couch while looking at my shoes. "Rose we have a question why are you so ugly?"Justin laughed. "Yeah and why r u so fat?" Chaz added. "Yeah you know nobody likes you right?" Ryan finished it off. Tears were starting to form in my eyes i wanted to just breakdown but i couldn't they don't know what i do. I starve myself, cut, and i'm depressed. They continued to make fun of me and sometimes hit me like 3 or 7 times. That's when my mom walked in but she walked in when my head was facing theirs for once and they were laughing to her we were having so much fun. "We'll be leaving Ms.Carson thanks for letting us help Rose out we'd love to do it again."Justin exclaimed. Oh wow you know he should stop singing and do acting. " Bye guys i hope to see you soon" I just plainly said with no emotion while looking down. "I walked into my room and locked the door and cried for hours and managed to fall asleep.

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