This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


22. home schooling

Rose's prov

Today it's the day when all kids go back to school but me, Justin, Selena, Ariana, and some other people that won a contest to be in school with us will join us on the bus and be home schooled. I actually don't know who the contest winners are but their will be at least five of them, fingers crossed their nice. Just was next to me sleeping with a tear stained cheek, why was he crying. I went to the bathroom took a shower, you know whatever, covered my cuts and went into my wardrobe getting this

and grabbing my iphone and nerd glasses off the table

Hair: lighter, and longer


and i headed out the door to everybody else, no we don't all share on bus it's Justin, me, the new people that will come shortly, and Selena moved in the bus but she has a bunk not a room. Only me and Justin have a room for some reason, everybody else has a bunk.

Pattie: Hello sweetie

Rose: Morning

Alfredo: Come on Pattie made bacon and pancakes for the first day of school

Rose: I'll just have an apple

Scooter: So you guys excited to meet the new people who'll be living with you

Justin: Yeah, when are they going to get here

Scooter: They'll be here with the tutor

Pattie: You guys should go get ready the rest of us we'll be on the other bus

I threw the rest of my apple out and went into the room to grab my books and other supplies. While i was just searching for these things, Justin came out in just basketball shorts my god he has a body but i quickly looked away. Okay he's my bully but my bully is totally hot and has an amazing voice. I finished grabbing my stuff and headed out to where we'll be taught. I was sitting and reading and Justin and Selena walked in, i'm serious does Selena have any clothes that cover up at least her legs, she was wearing a tight pink mini dress with pink pumps, and so much make up and her hair all straight. They were kissing, laughing, touching, ect. Sooner the teacher walked in and five minutes after the new students walked in. It only took me a few seconds to recognize that the five students were Ashley, Josh, Britney, Ryan, and Kristi, my bullies along with Justin and Selena. Oh god what were they doing here.

Josh: Was up Justin

Justin: Ay what you guys doin here

Kristi: We won

Ashley: Girls look it's Selena

Selena: Oh my god hey lady's, look were all matching

Ryan: Justin was up

Justin: a lot, you

Ryan: Boring, just chillen

The girls: Look if it isn't nerdy

the boys: Look she looks got uglier

Ariana just walked in but heard the last two comments

Ariana: Hey stop it, she's my amazing best friend and has done nothing to you so back so bitches

josh: Hey baby, how bout we meet up later on

Ariana: How bout you walk over to those sluts and bang them instead you douche

Ryan: Feisty just how i like em

Ariana: Ass hole just how everybody hates em

this is how Ashley, Kristi, Britney look like and ignore Lindsey Lohan

Kristi: Sup slut

Did she not look in the mirror today, really me a slut

Josh: The hoe still didn't die yet

Selena: fingers crossed

everybody else: hahahaha

Teacher: Settle down class, today we will be talking about blah blah blah and taking a test

Ryan: But we just started school

Teacher: Boo hoo

During the lessons i got so many Notes passed in class


Dear fat ass,

go die nobody likes you. Everybody thinks your worthless and it's true, and you're not even good at singing. Overall message die

Love, the world


That was just one of them, what did i ever do to these people to hate me so much. Ariana is my best friend just telling you guys if you're just like when did that happen, but we became close and she's so sweet, funny, beautiful, she's just perfect.

Teacher: Okay class before you leave come up here and grab your books for the project.

I grabbed my book went back into the room, with Ariana and shut the door to block them out put in my headphones and worked on my project with Ariana, and she has her own project but were working at the same time.


Justin's prov

I felt so bad just hurting her, she wasn't even fat, she beautiful, she's not a whore or a slut like what, ect. Me, Selena were going out to just hang out with Josh, Ryan, Ashley, Kristi, Britney (Sorry if that's you're actual name i just picked it randomly)

Josh: Where nerdy and the hottie

Justin: They probably working on the projects

Ashley: So are we going to your concert tonight

Selena: Of course my Justy boo is doing so good and of course i'm going to do a song or two, oh and that skank does some acts too

Kristi: We thought she was the water girl, and wipes the sweat off of Justin

Britney: Well that's what she should do anyway, her voice is dancing sounds and looks like a dying donkey

Selena: Oh my god right so true

Ashley: Nice one brit

Britney: I know

Justin: You guys wanna go skateboarding

Selena: In these heels

Justin: You guys can sit and watch us or talk

Selena: We'll sit and just talk or even watch a couple of times.

Justin: I'll go get them and tell them were going

Selena: Whatever

They left to the car while i went to grab my board and get them, Josh and Ryan already had theirs with them

Justin: Ay were all going to the skate park so let's go

Ariana: We'll be right there

I grabbed two boards one for me, and one for Ariana today she will learn and she need some sneakers cause that will not happen in wedges.

Ariana: Do i have to wear sneakers

Rose: Yes now come on i want to goo

Ariana: Alright, alright

She was wearing a dress and converse high tops, i was in what i was wearing the same outfit i had on.

At the skate park i didn't care who was there which was only us, i just wanted to ride my skateboard and teach Ariana.

Rose: Come on you could do it

Ariana: Yea i know but what if i fall

Rose: You won't now let's go where the ramps are

Ariana: Okay

I was on the ramps teaching Ariana and just doing so random skate moves

Josh: Ariana how bout i take it from here and continue teaching you how to skate

Ariana: I rather let a donkey teach me

Josh: Oh come on i don't bite

Ariana: Ay i'm with Rose okay i don't want to be with you

Josh: Just once i just want to teach you

Ariana: But then you leave me alone after

Josh: Of course

Ariana: Rose?

Rose: i'll be fine go have fun

Ariana: Sorry i have to leave you alone like this especially for this ass hole

Rose: It's fine just go, romeo's waiting on you

Ariana: ew, wait actually i would love him to die

Rose: Okay go

She left and i began going up and down the ramps, then did some tricks on the ramps. I felt calm nobody was bothering me which felt nice for once. I saw Justin was approaching here with his skateboard, oh man these are the only good ramps and he just had to come here.

Justin: Hey nerd, failing to skate

Rose: For your information mr.player i can do this with my eyes close and do a flip at the end

Justin: Is that a challenge Carson,

Rose: Let's go bieber

I let all my nerves out, closed my eyes, and began going up the ramps feeling every movement, once i felt i was up i turned went down and did a flip

Justin: Not bad Carson, but how about a 360

Rose: easy Bieber, but let's see you do one

Justin: Josh come here for a second, he'll judge us

Josh: Yeah man

Justin: judge who skateboards better

After we both went

Josh: Bro Justin no hard feeling bro but geek girl got some moves

Ariana: I agree with player boy here

Rose: Yes i am the champion

Justin: Yea okay whatever, and nice job Carson

Rose: You too Bieber

After that he left. I decided to go to the stadium cause i need to get ready and so does everybody.



I went into the dressing room and changed into this dress, jacket, and shoes.

my make up

hair: lighter and longer


Justin's prov

I was dressed in

Selena was in

An oh my god Rose looked so beautiful every time she walks out that dressing room. When should i confess my feelings for her, then again i was so close to being friends with her and then i ruined it.

Ashley: Oh my god Selena you look so sexy

Selena: I know

Kristi: Well if it isn't the whore practicing vocals

Rose: Can you excuse me i have to go talk to scooter

Britney: Oh is someone gonna go tatter tale because she's a big baby

Rose: no i wanted to know if a cancer patient that is going to be in the audience can come up on stage when i'm doing my act

She's just so sweet god i'm in love with her

Ashley: Stop acting like you have a heart

Justin: Stop, let her go guys

She left looking as beautiful as ever

Selena: What was that for Justin

Justin: Hey she's doing that for a fan

Ashley: Yea so what

Justin: She's a little 5 year old with cancer and she's a fan, have a heart

Kristi: Wow cranky much

Justin: Whatever i have to go play piano for Rose

I went on stage and played piano to skyscraper first and she looked so beautiful when she sings. The song warrior came on and she pulled up the little girl and sang to her and gave her the mic to sing and when Rose was done performing that song but had more songs left she didn't put the little girl back, instead she bought the little girl to sit by me on the piano bench while she sung her beautiful heart out. I found out her name was Avalanna and she's a big belieber and will be Mrs. Bieber one day. I had and idea but we can do that tomorrow. After Rose finished i let Avalanna stay on stage the whole show and she was the one less lonely girl.

After the show i gave Avalanna some goodies and signed her some things and let me tell you she was the cutest person ever.

Rose: that was really sweet of you

Justin: Hey you came up with it, and it's the least i could do for her

Rose: Thanks for letting her stay on that stage

Justin: No problem and thanks for introducing Avalanna to us.

Rose: It's so sad she has cancer

Justin: Isn't it the rare cancer where she only has a few years to live

Rose: Sadly

I changed back and went into the room without eating and went to bed, i couldn't face them i had tears running down my cheeks after what Selena did.


Justin's prov

I was in the backstage area where me and Selena where just kissing and talking and Rose goes to the table to get her bag

Selena: Hey freak

Selena: You should just die, nobody wants you here.

Justin: Selena stop it

Selena: No, that's why her mommy left and her dad died because they didn't want to be with her anymore

She ran out of the place with tears running down her cheeks. I went back to the bus and into the room where Rose was asleep just sleeping. I went into bed beside her put my arm around her waist and fell asleep next to her.


Sorry i'm not updating but it's 5:56a.m.. and i woke up at 4:00 a.m. to write this chapter and now i'm tired so i think i'm gonna go to bed. And R.I.P. Avalanna a.k.a Mrs. bieber we love you

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