This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


40. heartbroken

Rose's prov

It's really early in the morning like 3:00 a.m. I can't sleep. I'm worried about Justin i've never really seen him ever this down. So right now i'm sitting in my room while my house is empty because my mom is in Japan doing a buissness deal with this company or something so yeah and she'll be back in 2 weeks but has to go to another place for like the same thing. It's hard for my mom cause she is a single mom with bills to pay, and a daughter but sometimes i feel like i don't exist in my mom's eye i mean she forgot my birthday. So right now im on my bed wearing

I only wear shorts where nobody sees me in them, and their comfortable


I thought about everything that has happened to me my cuts that are still fresh always wrapped in gauze i dont dare cut on my legs cause dance and stomach cause of course dance and when i can't use gauze i have to use my foundation and cover up and everything to help it not show of couse it burns but i need to make it seem natural and yes you can see like really faded lines but thats when come really close to my arm and like stare at my skin. I always wonder how i got bullied and why they bully me I can't seem to figure it out at all. And my bruises are starting fade but once I go to school which is in one week I know they'll start to appear again. I decided I won't be sad around everyone, but inside im dying i have depression it's hard to control. My tears don't dare come out in front of someone but inside i cry i come home and cry, but on the outside im hard i have built a wall around me and it's hard to come in. I shrugged all my thoughts away and turned on the t.v. maybe something's good on and what do i see new about jelena break up. I turned off the t.v. opened my curtains to see it still pitch black. I went downstairs so I can get a snack yes im afraid of the dark so i sorta keep my lights on at all times. I grabbed sour patch kids and water and went back upstairs and turned on my xbox and went to netflix and put on make it or break it (I love the show) and opened the big bag of sour patch kids.


Justin's prov

She left me broken hearted right when i was started to fall in love with her, the problem is i sorta fell to hard in love with her. I was currently sill on my bed with red bloodshot puffy eyes wearing 

only t-shirt and shorts and nike black socks

I tried everything to go to sleep but I just can't my eyes won't shut I can't stop thinking about her about selena, I lost her. It's currently 4:53 a.m. hoping the sun is out I opened my curtains and nope it's still pitch black but hey Rose is awake and is watching some gymnastic show. hmmm should i go or not, why not you know maybe i'll feel a bit better. I opened my terrace windows and climbed to her window and knocked. She lurked up and saw me and rushed over there and opened it

Me: Can I come in?


Rose's prov

Justin: Can I come in?

Me: Of course 

He came in and sat on my bed

Me: So what brings you to casa de la Rose also known as my room

Justin: I can't think straight she's gone Rose

Me: Justin you'll find way more girls that are ten times better than her, and they'll like you for you not for the Justin Bieber, like take me for example you a pretty amazing good guy with an amazing personality I never look at you for your looks or you being THE JUSTIN BIEBER i look at you for being you

Justin: You do?

Rose: Yeah and there's tons of other girls out there waiting for you

He came in for a hug and cried on my shoulder getting rid of whatever memory he had of that hoemez

Justin: Sorry I got tears on your hoody

Rose: You know usually a girl says that too the guy, and plus it's black and your not mascara are you?

Justin: No haha 

He actually smiled a genuine smile

Rose: Wanna watch netflix

Justin: sure

he cuddled next to me wrapping his arm around my waist and my head was on his shoulder both of us eating sour patch kids (to me this is romantic cause they cuddle and eat sour patch kids lol) 

Justin: Rose thank you really for everything

he turned to me. His face inches to mine, i could feel his minty breath on my lips and in a few seconds those soft lips were on mine. Going in a slow motion not fast but slow, it was full of fireworks and bombs like it was meant to be. I pulled away realizing what was happening

Justin: I'm sorry i rushed into things a-

Rose: Justin you got out of the relationship, and it's clear you still have feeling for her you probably thought i was her and kissed me

Justin: Yeah your right probably.


Justin's prov

That was wrong I know from that kiss that i'm sure I love Rose I know it I just do. From the beginning I saw i always had some sorta feeling for her but I was never sure of myself you know cause i've had girlfriends before so I never knew but I know for sure know i'm in love with her and this whole time i tried to ignore it. Well I think i'm gonna start a plan, plan get Rose to fall in love with me.

I eventually fell asleep in her arms and she slept in mine I could never ask for more. 

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