This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


25. goodbye

Rose's prov

Oh god why am i still on this planet. I forced my eyes open an saw Justin wide awake so close to me, his arm was around me and you couldn't fit a piece of paper between us.

Rose: Justin can you let go

Justin just scooted more closer to me if that was even possible

Justin: Morning

Oh my Bieber his morning voice is so freaking sexy wait stop that Rose

Rose: Uh morning

He kept inching towards me and i was just frozen, his arm wrapped tighter around my waist

Justin: You have beautiful eyes

Rose: Um uh huh

Justin: A cute nose

He kept coming closer every time

Justin: Your skin is flawless

closer and closer he comes, he wraps his hand around my waist even tighter

Justin: Your an amazing singer

This whole time he was just saying this so seductively and like in a quiet voice

Rose: Justin um Sel-

Justin: Your a beautiful dancer


Rose: Justin what about sel-

Justin: And you're lips

He crashed his lips onto mine i was stunned but for some dang reason i kissed his pink plump lips back. He's and amazing kisser i know this is weird and all but this is my very first kiss. Sparks were flying every where i felt butterflies just by touching him

Rose: Uh um

Justin: You're an amazing kisser

Rose: Uh um

Justin lifted my arm up and pulled up my sleeve

Justin: And you don't deserve to harm yourself like that

He started kissing everyone of my cuts while looking at me

Justin: You're beautiful and never forget that

Rose: Um

Justin: Rose what do i do to make you love me

I pried his arms off me and went to the bathroom did my things and wondered did that really happen. I went out an quickly went into my walk in closet and closed it. I turned on the lights and picked out

Hair: longer and lighter color and theses shoes

and a layer of EOS lip balm.

I grabbed my phone and decided not to wear my glasses today cause i just wasn't in the mood. I was just about to grab the door know when Justin grabbed my hand locked the door and pinned me against the wall.

Rose: Justin what are you doing

Justin: This

he crashed his lips onto my my lips, at first i was taken back but gave in

Justin: You look beautiful but you look beautiful everyday

I blushed such a deep red. He lifted my chin up and looked me into my eyes

Justin: Your the smile on my face Rose, you're important especially to me, what can i do for you to realize that i love you

Rose:You know what all these years you just gave me pain Justin and for you to just come out and say this is just fake, just leave me alone

Justin: Wait Ro-

I ran out of that room and went into where the couches where Selena and the bitches were

Selena: Look the whore finally decided to wake up

Kristi: I think that's why her dad died, he couldn't live with an ugly skank

Britney: Good on Kristi but I think its because she's so fat and jiggly

Ashley: You guys it's obviously because she's not wanted in this world and nobody like that piece of trash

selena: I think it's all of the above

That's it I'm done I ran too Scooters office 

Scooter: hey what brings you here Rose

Rose: I'm done with tour Scooter I'm going back home

Scooter: you have a contract

Rose: I'm sorry but I'm done with the contract I can't take this anymore Scooter

Scooter: I understand but theirs nobody in this world that compares to how talented you are

Rose: can you just please book a plane ticket

Scooter: fine but I'll miss you the most Rose

Ariana: no I will

Pattie: not as much as me

Alfredo: I think I'm tearing up

Chaz: at least your gonna be in Stratford 

Ryan(this is Justin's friend not the bully, Ryan the bull left back home): at least we can hang out

Justin: Rose can you come here for a moment

Rose: eh sure

Justin took me to the room and pulled out a necklace

Justin: I got this for you 

It was a heart shaped locket with a picture of the whole crew posing  on my first ever performance on one side and me performing on stage for the first time on the second side. There was a message engrave into the heart that says my heart belongs to you, your special and one of a kind, stay strong I love you <3

Rose: this is really beautiful, thank you justin, but how did you know I was leaving

Justin: this was meant for when I break up with Selena I was going to give you this but I guess we won't be seeing each other, but hey we can keep in touch right

Rose: of course

Justin: I just can't believe your actually leaving

Rose: wait I have something for you

I went beside my bed and pulled out the watch that I secretly got for him but was too wimp to show it. 

Rose: here and there's something on the back 

On the back their was a message that said when the time comes we'll meet again

Justin: wow, thanks I guess you gotta get going now huh

Rose : I guess

I had my things packed already I gave Justin a hug and a kiss on the cheek but he moved his head so I met his lips

Justin: I'll miss you and I love you Rose

Rose: love you too Justin

After that I went into the limo and drove off to the airport thinking about my feelings for Justin. I held onto the necklace tightly because I just loved it. In a couple of hours I was seated into a seat and was in the air back home where I belonged or did I.


Justin's prov

I miss her already. Selena and her friends are going clubbing tonight because Rose left but I just don't want to go I mean she loves me back and I love her except I was with Selena. I fell asleep on the bed it was just so empty without her i missed snuggling with someone without them knowing.


Thanks for all your comments and like you guys are the best. This would have been up faster except when I was bout to publish my computer turned off so now I'm using and ipad which was hard but yea I'll try and update more often thanks!<3



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