This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


31. Embarassing

Rose's prov

It's 6:00 a.m.Friday right now so i'm up early for school. I was just blasting my music and using the bathroom. I went to my closet and picked out

(Longer hair)

I walked downstairs and got n apple out and decided to watch some t.v. before i leave.


Justin's prov

It was 6:30 a.m.so i guess i woke up early, I dragged myself to the bathroom did whatever and went to the closet and picked out

(without guitar)

I went downstairs and helped myself to some cereal. After 5 minutes I grabbed the keys to my Ferrari and went out to the driveway and saw Rose man she looked so stunning riding her skateboard. i got in after daydreaming about her and started driving.


Rose's prov

I just got to school and i can't wait to get out of here already. I went to my ocker which was surprisingly by Justin's and began getting my books out for class.

Britney: Well if it isn't the attention whore

rose: What do you want

Britney: The mutant speaks

Rose: What do you want

Britney: I wanna switch lockers bitch

Rose: No

Britney: Listen here bitch i wanna have a locker by Justin's so by 12 i want you to remove your trash and go to another locker

Rose: How bout No

I walked away after saying that and headed in to class.

Mr.Apple: What's up class

Britney: Um Mr.Apple are we allowed to switch lockers by any chance

Mr.Apple: No Britney

Justin walked in class with sex hair and Daisy by his side

Mr.Apple: Mr.Bieber and Mrs. Calsa care to explain why you're late

Justin and Daisy: Nope

Mr.Apple: Your lucky i'm the coolest teacher

He went on with teaching boring and lame things. After like 20 minutes i got a note passed to my desk

Dear Rose,

Hey slut! Why are you alive? You should just die one day just like your dad did! Anywhore watch your back you don't know what's coming up!

Hate, Everybody

and down the note had everybody's signature even Justin's wow okay. I threw that note in my bag and walked out of class as soon as the bell rang. I went to the lunch room to get my lunch

Britney: Hey slut

Daisy: Oops

She took my lunch and dumped in on me along with a smoothie

The whole lunch room began laughing at me

Britney: Is the little baby bout to cry

Daisy: Aww do you want more

After 5 seconds a garbage can full of nasty food came down throwing all the food on me and hurting me as well. Everybody continued laughing even harder

Britney: Don't forget the drink

Milk and smoothie drenched me, I guess i was just basically a rag to them. I ran out of that lunch room all the way home.


Justin's prov

why did I sign that stupid paper ugh i swear i'm so stupid. I went down to the lunch room a bit late and saw everybody was cracking up. I saw a girl covered with trash and milk/smoothie. She ran out of that room

Britney: Rose #slut so deserved that

what did she do to deserve that kind of shit

Daisy: Hey babe

Justin: Don't babe me i have a girlfriend

Ugh I'm so stupid I just remembered Selena god i cheated on her, who cares she just uses me for fame. The bell for class rang and everybody left back to their classes.


Rose's prov

I was walking in the stupid rain right now cause I couldn't get my skateboard dirty. I ran upstairs to my room and ran into the shower. I cried for hours in the shower what did I do to deserve this kind of shit. After finally getting that awful stench out I got out and looked at the sharp razor. I let the cool medal run across my skin as I just stood there looking feeling nothing. After few more cuts i cleaned the cuts and wrapped gauze around it and changed into

I watched movies and ate cookies and creme ice cream. After hours I guess my mom came home.

Karen: Hey honey, were going out tonight with Pattie, Justin, and Selena to the karaoke place we went to

Rose: Mom do I have to I don't feel good

Karen: Oh come on it's Friday go get changed

Ugh why does life hate me so much. I got up and went to my closet and picked out (Without the glasses)

hair: longer and blonde

remember the locket Justin gave her

Karen: Are you ready

Rose: Yes mom

Karen: Are you wearing that

Rose: Yes mom now go get ready

Karen: Okay okay

I went into the living room and sat at the piano.and just began fall by Justin himself. After a while I heard an applaud

Pattie: So your just a beginner huh

Rose: Um

Justin: You were rea-

Selena: Hey we should get going now

Rose: yea

I grabbed my phone and headed out with the rest of them.

Pattie: So Rose how's school

I managed to lie to her

Rose: It's amazing, so much fun all the time

Pattie: Do you see Justin a lot in school

Rose: Ye-

Justin: Yeah were practically best friends already

Pattie and Karen: That's good

Selena: Rose do you really need those glasses

Rose: No not really

Karen: Honey maybe you should get rid of the glasses

rose: No i'm more comfortable in them anyway

Karen: Change is a good thing

Rose: I'm just me okay

Pattie: But you have such beautiful eyes so why hide them

Rose: Hey look were here

I Got out and Selena came next to me

Selena: Hey I don't think I introduced myself correctly, I'm Selena

Rose: Hi Selena, i'm Rose

Selena: You know your a bit different than all the other girls

Rose: Good or bad

Selena: No that's a good thing and I like that

We linked arms and walked inside and she's pretty nice, we were laughing and having a pretty good time you know, like laughing, talking and stuff

Pattie: So what do you want to order

Selena: I'll take a burger, fries, and coke

Justin: I'll have 2 burgers, 2 large fries, coke, and a milkshake

Karen: I'll have a burger and coke

Pattie: Burger and coke

Karen: Rose what will you have

Rose: Um a milkshake

Pattie: Anything else

Rose: No

Karen: Okay

so our food came and me and Selena go caught up in our own convos you know she seemed pretty nice and really funny

Justin: So anyone singing tonight other than me

Selena: Me and Rose

Rose: I never said i'm singing anyway i sound like a dying donkey

Selena: Your totally going to sing

Rose: Nah

Justin: Alright i'm going up there and singing

He sang as long as you love me and let me tell you he has an amazing voice.

Selena: I'm going and remember your up next Rose

Rose: Bu-

She already left by then and started sing slow it was a nice song but more of like a club song

Host: Alright who's next

Selena: She is

Before I could reject i was pulled on stage. I walked over to the piano took a deep breath and began playing die in your arms by Justin himself but hey I love the song!


Justin's prov

That beautiful voice, the locket, her figure it's her, it's Rose the one I lost, this was Rose how was I so stupid. it was her the whole time. She came back and sat next to me since there were no more seats.

Pattie: That was amazing like you have such amazing vocals

Karen: Maybe we should put you in the buisness

Rose: Mom

I put my hand on her leg and whispered in her ear

Justin: Remember

She froze up I could her body tense

Justin: I finally found you
All she could manage to say was what

Karen: Let's leave cause tomorrow is a special day

Pattie: It is

We all went home and I just changed and was peeking through my window and saw Rose she was in her pajamas in a ball just looking at a note, It was the hate note wait was she crying. God I ruined everything and to top it off i'm bullying her. Any way I gotta go to sleep tomorrows my birthday!


Selena's prov

That stupid bitch. I'm using Rose to get her darkest secrets and telling them to my best friend Britney. that bitch deserves it for almost stealing Justin on tour last year.






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