This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


49. Day 2

Rose's pov

     It was pitch black outside, the stars were the only source of light. It was just me and Justin, the others had left due to Chaz complaining about getting bit by a crab. We were talking about life, and everything going on. It was almost 3 a.m. and we were the only ones awake. It's not everyday your able to watch the stars in Canada, it would be too cold in this season. It was me and Justin, at almost 3 a.m. wrapped in a thin blanket covering the both of us, sour patch kids in hand and talking and laughing at the simplest things. He was wearing pajamas and was a grey crew neck , while I was in my soft blue pajama shorts and grey loose crew neck 

Justin: I'm thinking about breaking up with Selena

Rose: why? Isn't she perfect

Justin: She's great and all, but not the girl for me

Rose: we'll i do get the vibe you too aren't meant for each other

Justin: Oh really? (He was smirking) well who do you think I belong with


I grabbed a rock by me

Rose: I think you and this rock would be perfect together

we broke out laughing, as he made kissy faces at the rock

Rose: okay okay.... In all seriousness who do you think you belong with 

Justin: in all seriousness I think I can imagine myself with.....

he stared at me thinking

Justin:..... With you

i was shocked at this

Rose: okay Justin stopped fooling around

Justin: I'm serious

Rose:yea sure, like I'd be good enough for you

he looked at me in disbelief 

Justin: I think that sentence should be, am I good enough for you

he stared at me, and pulled me closer to him

Justin: (he whispered) are you sure you don't have any feelings for me

Rose: Justin look...

He inched closer, as the words struggled to come out of my mouth. His eyes glaring into mine, his cold hands grazing my thighs, and his tongue grazing his own lips in anticipation.

Justin: I've never really felt this

Out of nowhere a bright light flashed at us

Selena: Justin I was looking all over for you, Pattie was worried you got lost again

Rose: Oh uh yeah we should be getting back anyways...

I sped walk to the front, leading the way back to the hotel. There's no way Justin could like me, he has Selena. Selena's gorgeous, she's talented, and is Justin's first love. I'm Rose, I've just started my journey to find myself, there's no way he could like me, if I don't even love myself.

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