This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


15. date night

Justin's prov

Today me and Selena are going to go out on a date to one of the best restaurants in the city, i mean only the best for Justin's girl. I can't wait to see Selena's dress i mean that girl can turn the ugliest dress into the hottest, sexiest dress in the world. I got out of my room and saw Rose and Chaz playing call of duty

Justin: Yo Chaz why you playing with this nerd

Chaz: Well Justin this so called nerd is beating my ass in this game

Rose: another kill streak

Chaz: Okay I give up on this she won

Justin: Okay yea the slut can beat you but that fat ass can't beat me

Chaz: Here take it i'm going to try to find my dignity by playing mario

Justin: let's begin fat ass

After like an hour


Chaz: You guys had like seven games and Rose kept beating you 

Rose: Come on seriously i'm going to go to dance

Justin: Wimp

Rose: You shouldn't say that cause you just lost to a girl

After i changed into my dance outfit i headed out to the studio and danced to myself in the big studio, i started dancing to any hip hop song that was on itunes. I heard clapping behind me

Ariana: Rose you dance so good

Rose: Thanks

Ariana: So i'm heading out to this fancy restaurant and wanted to know if you wanted to join me

Rose: I don't know you probably want to go with someone else

Ariana: No you're the only person in the world i want to take just me and you

Rose: Okay cupcake

Ariana: Thanks sugar

Rose: Now why don't we get cleaned up get dressed and head out little red

Ariana: Okay flower

When i was heading out Selena pushed me back in and

Justin's prov

I was in the tour bus in me and Rose's room going through my closet trying to find the perfect suit to wear for the date. Rose walked in she looked terrible her nose and lip was bleeding and i saw so many cuts and bruises on her stomach, i saw her stomach because she had on a crop top. 

Justin: Hey what happened

Rose: You know what ask your girlfriend

After she said that she went into the bathroom, i shook off what she said got dressed fixed my hair and went to go pick up Selena.


Rose's Prov

I took a nice warm shower, covered my body wwith foundation, and went into my closet. After a couple of minutes i found a dress that looked like


My hair was like this but longer


My shoes were, i know fancy outfit but this is my style

My makeup was like, just lipstick 

I went out of the tour bus and met up with Ariana at the really fancy hotel, Ariana wore this

Rose: Ariana you look gorgous

Ariana: Thank you but you look so beautiful i'm jealous

Rose: I should be jealous of you cupcake

Ariana: Okay let's check in with our reservations and get a table cause i'm starving and tonight you're going to eat with me

Rose: Deal

Ariana: Hi we have a reservation for Ariana and Rose table for two

Waiter guy: Right this way lady's, here is you're table

Ariana: Thank you

Waiter guy: Oh and here are you're menu's

Rose: Thank you

The waiter guy left

Ariana: Who do you think reserved the table tight next to us

Rose: I don't know 

Ariana: I mean i always wonder 

Rose: I don't know


Justin's prov

I was waiting in the car for Selena and she came out wearing

She looked so hot

Selena: Hey babe

Justin: Hey come on were getting late

After like five minutes we arrive got our tables and noticed the people sitting next to us were Rose and Ariana i mean what are they doing here. Rose looked so freaking beautiful and so did Ariana but my eyes were on Rose

Selena: What do want order babe

Justin: Waiter we'll take the four lobsters, two salad bowls, bread, wine, and cake for dessert

Waiter: Coming right up


Rose's prov

Why were Justin and Selena here and they were sitting right next to us, our order came at the same time as their we ordered two salads, two lobsters, water, and cake for dessert. Today i will eat well at least for ariana

Ariana: Hey Selena, Justin what are you guys here

Justin: Felt like taking an angel to dinner

Selena: Oh Jay

Ariana: Well why don't we combine our tables

Selena and Justin: Great idea

A waiter came combined our tables and i was stuck sitting next to Justin

Ariana: So guys tell me you know i'm still pretty knew so tell me you're talents

Selena: I can sing, i'm hot, dance, and a lot more

Justin: I can sing, dance, play hockey, basketball, golf, play guitar, drums, surf, and much more

Ariana: What about you Rose

Rose: Well apparently i can sing, some people told me i can dance, basketball, hockey, surfing, skateboarding,drums, guitar, surf, i don't know

Selena: So you're like a boy

rose: I mean i am a tomboy

Justin: You forgot you're beast at video games

Ariana: Haha

I blushed we stared eating and just making small conversations, when i felt Justin's hand go on my knee

I whispered 

Rose: What are you doing

We were whispering

Justin: You like it

Rose: Justin really

Justin went up to my thigh, he was just moving his hand up and down my thigh

Rose: I think you mistaking me for Selena

I moved his hands of my thigh

Justin: Hard to get huh i like that

Rose: Gosh you're so annoying

Justin: But you think i'm hot

Ugh gosh so we finished up and everything but does Justin like me? Nah u'm ugly and he has Selena. After we got home i went straight to bed.

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