This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


24. dance

Rose's prov

i woke up feeling like a worthless loser, wait why is Justin's arm wrapped around my waist, and why are we so close together right now. I managed to pry his arm off me, do my things and change into this 




Dance bag:

I know your like why show so much skin and wear that well today is dance. I want to start early and we have no school today because it's Sunday! I walked out and joined the others

Scooter: I see your ready to dance today

Rose: Never been more ready in my entire life

Alfredo: Oh and the Ashley, Josh, Ryan, Kristi, Britney, and Selena will join today

Scooter: Justin um when will you get to the studio

Justin: I'll get there with Selena and the others

Scooter: Okay, and Rose when will you go their

Rose: I'm going their right now

Alfredo, Scooter, the dance crew, the dance instructor, Pattie, Ryan Good, and I headed into the car and drove off to the dance studio but it was only a block away so yea.

Dance instructor (Michael) : Alright dancers, head in their and start doing stretches

I practically ran in their and started with my stretches and did some practice spins.

Michael: Alright guys why are we over their goofing off, Rose here actually did the stretches while the rest of you are over their goofing off

Scooter: What's going on here

Michael: These guys are goofing off and theirs only one person doing stretches.

Scooter: Rose come here, You guys do the stretches

Rose: Um yeah Scooter

Scooter: Well can you start the music and get the dancers into position

I started the music and huddled the crew to begin dancing but Justin wasn't here yet. We were dancing to Slow by Selena because that's going to be here opening and we need to practice.


Justin's prov

We were all in the car just talking, we were heading to the studio which was only one block away but Selena wanted Mcdonalds so we had to stop by and eat. I parked and we all got out of my car and headed into the dance studio to hear Selena's hor-beautiful voice to Slow. We walked in and the crew were dancing but the one who stood out to me was Rose, my god she looked amazing dancing like i can't believe we managed to get her on this team.


Rose's prov

As i was dancing i felt as if someone was just staring at me the whole time but why would someone stare at the nerdy loser. So the song finished and i went to my phone to check my messages because that's what i usually do, yes i still have a couple of friends like Demi Lovato, Ariana, some people from school mostly nerds, and ect. Later walked in Ashley, Kristi, Selena, and Britney let's just say they're a possy now and i can't believe they were wearing (without the hats, and without dance shoes, hair open)


their was a red one too and who wears that. In the picture it looks okay but in reality it was like 5 sizes to small on them and ugh it just looked like they were trying to get attention.

Michael: Alright everyone, each of you will be dancing with Justin just for fun so let loose.

Oh crap, me dance in front of everyone okay i know your like she performs for thousands of people but she can't dance in front of her own team, well i'm just a very shy person. I went on to my Ipod and searched for the song fall (Guys watch chachi gonzalez perform that with Ian Westwood their really good, song below their really good.) People went and their were all these applause for them but trust me if i dance that won't happen to me.

Michael: Okay Rose and Justin let's see them moves

The song played and let me tell you i love this song it's so beautiful.

(Watch it please their amazing dancers but pretend that's Justin and Rose)

Michael: You two are just perfect for each other

Justin: Michael !

Scooter: Oh god how did we get Rose on our dance team

Pattie: Darling you two were so amazing

Michael: Selena your group's up

(Okay guys this video is pretty  funny but imagine Selena, Ashley, Kristi, Britney)

Michael: Um Okay nice job girls

Josh and Ryan: That was hot Woo

Selena: How was that Justy boo

Justin: Um that was okay


Justin: That was sexy

Selena: Much better, and we might perform that in my opening act

Michael, Scooter, Pattie, and Rose: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Selena: Rose just because you didn't look hot, not even good doing your dance doesn't mean you have to hate, slut

Rose: Um

Michael: Selena, rose actually did a hundred times better than you

Dancer: You guys don't know how to dance

Josh: Rose can't even dance you can only see her fat jiggle

Ryan: That's so true, and she can't even lift her legs up

Ashley: Her dad couldn't stand the horror of having her as a daughter so he died, right guys

Selena, Ashley, Ryan, Josh, Britney, Kristi, Justin , and  few dancers: Hahaha right

Pattie: Now come on people

Michael: Quit it, and i mean it

Rose: Can i please be excused.

I ran out of that studio like their is no tomorrow managing to grab my stuff out of the locker. I went to a library and found a quiet place and cried my heart out. I found a razor blade in my bag you know just in case and let that slide across my skin. It felt good for about 15 seconds but the memories of my dad, bullying, seeing them laugh came back to me. I stayed there and continued to cry and think about leaving this tour. (Tell me what you think about that in the comments cause if she does leave i have some exciting ideas for that part)


Justin's prov

Oh god i made her feel so bad i mean i had to go along with it or my reputation to them would go down hill.

Michel: You guys think that's funny

Alfredo ran in the room panting so hard

Alfredo: We searched the place and we can't find her and she took her stuff with her

Scooter: Can someone call her please!

Alfredo: On it

After like 10 minutes

Alfredo: She's not answering text messages or any calls


Selena: She was hating on us

Scooter: Their is a difference between hate and giving smart advice

I chuckled at that comment inside of me but had to try to keep a smile off my face from that hilarious comment.

Pattie: Why don't we all go back to the bus and pray she comes home

Scooter: Let's try it but if she doesn't come back within 2 hours i'm calling cops

Alfredo: Yea

we headed back and all this guilt overwhelmed me, it was all my fault that the person i might secretly li-love is gone. Why i'm i so stupid to do that i mean she's an amazing dancers and let's face they all we just really jealous.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Rose's prov

As much as i don't want to go back i had to but i'm still thinking about leaving tour i mean is all this pain worth it. I slowly walked in and to be surprised everybody was there.

Pattie: Oh your back

Scooter: Are you okay?

Alfredo: Where did you go?

They kept rambling on and on

Pattie: Guys give her some space, well Rose where were you

Rose: Um i just went out to get air

Alfredo: Yea we know that but where exactly

Rose: At the library

Selena, Ashley, Kristi, Britney:Shes such a nerdy loser -annoying laugh-

Scooter: That's enough and i mean it!

Selena: God Scooter take a chill pill, her dad died because she caused him too much stress and ruined it

rose: Can i please just go to my room-i was on the verge of tears

Pattie: Sure but we have to talk tomorrow

I rushed into my room took of my glasses and broke down crying. I slid down the wall and was just loosing it, I grabbed my razor and let it lit across my skin. As i was cutting Justin walked in with guilt in his eyes. He closed the door and came rushed next to me

Justin: What are you doing Rose!!

Rose: Just leave me alone!

Justin snatched the razor out of my hands while he came and wrapped me in his arms while i cried my heart out. I quickly moved away

Justin: What's gotten in your mind, what were you thinking

Rose: Just leave me alone, just stop faking

Justin: Faking what

Rose: Your're going to use me and use this act of kindness for publicity, why do you care what i do


Rose: I don't need sympathy

I ran into the bathroom while Justin was pounding on the door like a maniac

Rose: What do you want

Justin: Please open give me a chance, i won't hurt you

Rose: Too late

Justin: Please Rose i won't leave until you get out

Rose: Get comfortable then

I stayed and cleaned my cuts and managed to drag myself out the door and who kept his word that's right Justin was right there waiting for me

Justin: Please Rose i beg you tell me why

Rose: Good night

I stormed off onto the bed and laid down letting a few tears escape my eyes i know tomorrow the truth will come out.


Please Read

Hi guys sorry i never update but i never get the computer but i will try to update more often. Tell me if you want rose to leave tour because i have really good ideas if she does that. Keep liking and commenting and i'll keep updating!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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