This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


21. beauty and a beat

Rose's prov

I woke up to the alarm clock going crazy ugh. Justin was asleep next to me but he's farther away from me, i went did everything and got dressed into this ad my black nerd glasses

because i didn't feel like showing any of my skin anymore i just want to disappear from all this. For the makeup i just put on a layer of EOS lip balm. I dragged myself out there and sat with the other people at dining area and guess who i sat next to again..... Justin woo hoo (note the sarcasm) why.

Pattie: Goodmorning

Rose: mhm

Ariana: Is someone a little down

Rose: no i'm good

Scooter: We have to head to practice the dances, then will practice the performance, then will do fitting and then we could start the show.

Alfredo: let's go people chop chop

We  headed out for dance and practiced all the daces except for beauty and a beat that's a relief but we did them with Justin and he was acting really weird like he looked a bit guilty. Nah he probably just looked guilty because Selena couldn't dance.


Justin's prov

she was dancing all around me and ugh i wish i could've called her mine but after what i did to her yesterday she'd ever forgive me. After dance we went to practice our performance and Rose was up first to sing and oh my god she's just so amazing. After some of her song's she went to go get dressed and i began my practice.


Rose's prov

I changed into this


hair and makeup



Justin's prov

Me and Selena were having a little make out session before the show. She was wearing

she was wrapped around me and man it was getting heated. Rose walked in ugh she was so beautiful why did i ever bully her she could've been mine. But Selena was hot, Rose had a beauty.

Justin: hey freak

Selena: Wow do really always look that ugly

Rose: uh

Justin: you're such a worthless fat ass

Selena: nice one babe, and why are you dressed so slutty

Rose: um

Is she serious me slutty i mean did you see her outfit

Selena: nobody likes you, if you die nobody would cry or even frown

Okay that hurt

Scooter: Alright guys were about to go on, Rose you ready

Rose: um i guess

Justin: Am i playing piano with her

Scooter: Yea

Alfredo: Shows starting let's go

I walked onto stage and sang my heart out while Justin played piano with me. There was a part in the performance where i sit my Justin o the bench and we sing together and i play some piano while he's doing his part. Truth is that every time i touched him i felt these sparks ugh why. After the performance i went back and dresses so i can dance

                        just the outfit not the person and that was to Beauty and a beat

So the song beauty and a beat came on so i was dancing you know and the part came on where i have to dance with Justin. So i was dancing like the picture above and i swear he was blushing like what. After the whole performance i know Selena will get mad at me for dancing with Justin like that. After the performance i changed into what i had on before and went to the buses and sat with my guitar just trying to find inspiration. Selena and Justin walked in

Selena: Rose you're such a slut

Justin: you were just trying so hard in the performance to get my attention weren't you

Rose: You know that's my job right

Selena: Just back away you mutant freak

Justin: Yea you ugly worthless tramp

Why do word's hurt me i always take them hard, i went on facebook on the computer and saw what people were saying about me this time

You're worthless you pig

You might have made it on tour but you'll never be good enough

Thanks for making Justin's life more hard he's clostrophobic (Don't know how to spell that) you'll make it worse with your fat

They don't even know what i go through everyday. I went into my bathroom and held up the razor to my wrist and let slide across it. The pain went away for about a minute, after that i changed into my pj's and went to bed without eating why should i, i'm fat.


Justin' s prov

I just finished my bowl of pasta and i noticed she didn't come out of the room for dinner. I went to the room and saw her sleeping like an angel but she had tear stained cheeks, god i'm such a horrible person. I went to the computer and it was logged onto Rose's facebook. I went through what all the people were saying about her, did i let that happen to her, did i encourage that. I went to bed thinking about Rose, i wished she knew i liked her wait scratch that i love her.


Sorry for not updating i fell asleep. Like i stay up and update but i got really tired and just fell asleep. Your comments are always so sweet and their such and they always make me want to write more. Keep commenting and liking. Thanks

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