This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


19. beach day

Rose's prov

So i woke up with Justin facing me, my face in his neck and him just snuggling into me. It felt weird scratch that it was the best moment ever ugh but i quickly shrugged it off and tried to get out of his grip but he was to strong so i quietly tried to wake him up

Rose: Justin wake up

Justin: mmm stop it i'm comfortable

Rose: Justin you know i'm not Selena right i'm Rose

Justin: oh um i'm awake

He quickly jolts up and blushes hard, what's gotten into him. I got up quickly and did whatever i had to do and changed into this

this under it because were going to the beach today




hair: longer and blonde

I decided today i wasn't going to wear my glasses and in case you guys were wondering how my eyes look: their more on the blue side and that's not how my eye looks it's just the color

So i headed out to see everybody eating in the dining area just talking but as soon as i entered they were just staring at me

Rose: What do i have something on my face

Pattie: You look gorgous

Ariana: You look beautiful everyday but today i guess you wanted to show a little

Rose: Um i don't know since were going to the beach today i decided to wear this

Pattie: Well don't be a stranger come sit next to Justin

I sat next to him and guess what's so weird e just kept staring at me and biting his lip but i guess he was just looking at Selena cause she was sitting next to me

Scooter: You guys had such good songs yesterday

Alfredo: Yea it sounded amazing

Ryan good: Well i guess my brilliant idea worked

As i was eating my apple Justin put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it while he was talking to other people, i just shrugged it off he does it a lot now but he's probably just teasing me he'll never like me.

Justin: Rose can you pass me the oj

Rose: Oh yea sure

I passed him the oj and i swear he was blushing when i touched him like okayyy.

Pattie: Why don't we head off

Everybody: LET'S GO!

So i guess we were pretty excited, Selena was wearing this

she didn't bother to put clothes on top of that no she sat in the car like that and everything. So we were sitting in the car me next to Justin, Selena on the other side of Justin and i could see she was trying seduce Justin so much i was getting really annoyed by it.

Selena: Justy boo i'm too hot

Justin: Yes you are

Selena: Justy -giggles an annoying giggle-

Justin: No but were almost their, Ay Scooter when we getting their

Scooter: Were here

I was the first one out of the car cause i couldn't stand being their anymore around those too famous love birds. Well we found a nice spot to sit, lay, chill or whatever you know. The first thing i did was just listen to music and read for about like 30 minutes because Alfredo wants everyone to go for a swim.

Selena: Justy boo come on

Justin: Coming sexy

Chaz: Come on Rosie boo

Rose: coming sexy -we were mimicking Justin and Selena

Chaz: Ha ha ha No but seriously come on

Rose: Fine i'll catch up with you in the water

He left while i took off my clothes and shoes and i swear if i wasn't mistaken Justin's mouth dropped when he saw me. I looked at myself yup just ugly me again. I went into the water and everybody was just looking at me like um what.


Justin's prov

Rose looked so freaking hot in that bikini i mean she's flawless, i really don't know why i bully her but she's beautiful and now is to late to apologize. I saw how Chaz was mimicking me and Selena with Rose but i know he won't like Rose because Chaz has taste fr girls who are shorter than him and Rose is exactly the height of him but she's a bit tinier than me which is perfect. In the morning i loved that moment in bed with her i knew she wasn't Selena she was better than her, i never wanted to get out of bed that morning but you know i had to keep my reputation.

Justin: Rose come here

Rose: Was up

Justin: Wanna go take a swim with me

Rose: Um sure i guess, is anyone else coming

Justin: Nope just me and you

Rose: Okay


Rose's prov

Okay i was pretty excited cause he's my bully but he's hot, i mean his abs and muscles and i like when guys are taller than me. So we headed out pretty far where at a point nobody could see us.

Justin: I really appreciate you coming for a swim with me

Rose: I don' mind i had fun

Justin: So tell me Rose how many sports you play

Rose: I don't know i lost track

Justin: A sporty girl and she's a diva welcome Rose

Rose: Ha ha okay i have many more things i like to do other than sports and singing

Justin: like

Rose: I like to dance, shoe shop but never heels, spend time with my mom but i really don't get to do that, cook, bake, reading, listening to music, ect.

Justin: Well then you're a talented young lady

Rose: Thank you master, your wise words mean the world to me

Justin: Hahahahahahahahahaha okay okay

We ended up talking for a while but i still know he's going to end up bullying me.I can't trust him too much but yea you know were on the down low. After talking and hanging out at the beach the crew decided to go out for dinner so i went into the bathroom to take a shower. I was wearing

hair: longer




I walked out again everybody staring at me i mean do i have something on me.

Pattie: My gosh Rose you look beautiful

Ariana: Really Rose you look beautiful

Justin: Wowza

Selena: Let's just get going


Pattie and Justin were wearing

Ariana was wearing

Selena was wearing

We all headed out to a fancy restaurant and what happens i get stuck sitting next to Justin like all the freaking time.

Rose: Pattie you look wonderfull

Pattie: Why thank you dear but you look beautiful as usual

Rose: Ariana my god you look great

Ariana: Thanks you too Rose

Selena: -cough- -cough-

Ariana: um you look great

Selena: thank you

As i was eating my salad and the rest were eating lobster Justin put his hand on my thigh and whispered in my ear


Justin: you look beautiful

Rose: Thank you, you look very handsom

Justin: thanks cutie

Rose: Pay attention to Selena she's trying to talk to you

Justin: But she's boring and i can't take my eyes off of your beauty

Rose: -blushes- um Justin your girlfriend's right there and she's trying to play footsies with you but she's actually playing with me

Justin: Haha oh well she can do whatever she wants

Me and Justin continued to talk and laugh and I actually had a nice time with Justin for the first time in my life and that one day i couldn't stop laughing and smiling the whole day. After dinner i went home changed into sleeping shorts and a tank top, while Justin changed into just a pair of shorts, no shirt, he had an amazing body. We both got in bed at the same time and in a few moments he wrapped his arm around my waist and snuggled me closer to him. I snuggled my face into is neck

Justin: Goodnight beautiful

Rose: Goodnight handsome

And after that i fell into a peaceful sleep for the first time in a while.


Guys it's 8:30 a.m. and i still didn't go to sleep but i still got done with this chapter. It takes me tie to update because i always have to think about what to write and then i have to do pictures and my brothers take the computer so sorry if i barely update but your comments,and likes mean the world to me.


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