I bite

I bite. Niall Horan. He's the bad boy in school drinks, fights and a total player. But one thing nobody knows is that he's a wolfblood. What happens when he meets Cat Tevens? Mrs.Perfect-all-the-time. Will opposites attract? Or will Cat just have yet another broken heart?


7. What?

Cats POV;

Why did Niall choose me? There are many other girls. He (When you get to know him) is such an amazing guy. I'm still here in the bathroom with him. Ok not like that (; ahaha. But, Niall is about to transform back I believe. As I think those words it happens. ''N-niall, you ok?'' I ask. Wow lily what a question. ''Yeah, Lily! I'm over the moon! It's awesome getting rejected by the girl you love.'' He says sarcastically. Woah, woah woah. LOVE? He l-loves me? ''Niall, you love me?'' I question, obviously confused. ''It just slipped. Sorry.'' He says quietly. ''No Niall. Don't be sorry, please. Its all my fault'' I say to him, trying to make his blue eyes sparkle like they do when he's talking about food. (Moment ruined ahaha) As if on cue they light up. Only his eyes could lighten up the whole room. ''Lily, I may not be the guy you want. But I can love you more then anyone else! I love you more than any other girl I've ever met! Lily, you may not realize this but you're perfect in every single way. I want to cuddle with you everyday. Hold your hand everywhere just so everybody can know you're mine. Lily Grace Tevens, I ask again, will you be my girlfriend?" Niall asks with so much love and lust in his ocean blue eyes. ''Niall James Horan, of course!'' I say while the tears are threatening to roll down my cheeks. Niall is beaming wildly. ''Want to announce it to the guys and girls?'' He asks with a wide smile. ''Course!'' I say a little bit to quick which makes niall laugh this gorgeous laugh. Yes, I fantasize! He is just to gorgeous ok? We're just about to walk downstairs hand in hand when his phone buzzes. He picks it up obviously annoyed, reading the text out loud to nobody but me.

''Dear Niall,

I'm pregnant with your child.''

-From Stacy

I cannot even process what just came out of Niall's mouth because I'm to busy crying in the corner.

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