I bite

I bite. Niall Horan. He's the bad boy in school drinks, fights and a total player. But one thing nobody knows is that he's a wolfblood. What happens when he meets Cat Tevens? Mrs.Perfect-all-the-time. Will opposites attract? Or will Cat just have yet another broken heart?


5. The bitch is here

Niall's Point ~ Of ~ View

I can't believe Stacy would go this far as to spread rumors about Cat and I. At least the boys are coming over tonight with their girlfriends. I'm gonna invite Cat and try to explain what happenend. *Ding Dong* Damn it. I open the door and see Liam with this really pretty girl.

"Hey Li who's the babe?" I question at her winking. Hey, she's hot. "The "babe" is my girlfriend Niall." Liam says through gritted teeth. "I'm Catherine." She says. Cat, no! "If you'll excuse me for one second." I say letting them come in. I need to call Cat. It rings twice before she picks up. "Cat I'm so sorry. Please come over tonight and I'll explain everything." I begged through the phone. "Niall if this is a trick I swear to god. I'll be there at 7." She says coldly and hangs up. Hopefully this will work. I hear the doorbell ring again as I run to get it. Out of the corner of my eye I see two girls. Weird..... I open it to see something I really didnt want to see. Stacy and Cat right next to each other. "Niall what's this bitch doing here?" Stacy's asks rudely. "Stacy the only bitch here is you. Leave. Now." I say loudly. She scoffs and walks off. "Sorry about that Cat. She's a bitch sometimes."I apologized. "More like all the time." She adds. We both laugh knowing its true. The doorbell rings again and I open it seeing Harry and his girlfriend I'm guessing. "Hey Haz who's this?" I ask. "This is Tomhi my girlfriend" He smiles. She's really pretty to. I've already met Hannah (Louis' girlfriend) and Courtney (Zayns girlfriend). They're both beautiful too. But, Cat is the one for me. No matter if she admits it or not. I drag Cat upstairs to my room to explain what really happenend. "Cat, Stacy told everyone we had "it". Not me. I broke up with her for for." I started to say but I couldn't. Cat made me feel so nervous almost. I couldn't tell her I did this for her. "Niall it's ok. Who'd you do it for?" She asks so softly I can barely hear it. "You, Cat. I did it for you because I love you more then I have ever loved anyone else. The way you scrunch your nose when you're mad and the way your smile cheers everyone up. Cat Veronica Tevens, will you be my girlfriend?" I ask with little tears running down my face. Hoping she would say what I wanted to hear.


(: I added this small chapter for all you guys. I introduced everyone I needed to so yay for me. No school today so I got to update. Cliff hanger though sorry haha. I love you all so much - Mrs. Lydia Payne <---- that name tho haha love you guys 

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