I bite

I bite. Niall Horan. He's the bad boy in school drinks, fights and a total player. But one thing nobody knows is that he's a wolfblood. What happens when he meets Cat Tevens? Mrs.Perfect-all-the-time. Will opposites attract? Or will Cat just have yet another broken heart?


2. Changing

Cat's  Point ~ Of ~ View 

I walk up the front steps of my new high school. I get my schedule and I see I have English first. Room 101. I pause not knowing where to go. I decide to ask someone, I walk up to a very pretty girl with brown hair around her shoulders.

"Exuse me? I'm new here and I was just wondering where room 101 is?" I question.

"Oh hi! I'm Sara and of course I'm in that. Mr.Grupka right?" She questions back.

"Yeah." I reply. She leads down the hall and up the stairs. We finally get there and I already here the teacher yelling.

"Mr.Horan this is the tenth time I've told you STOP TALKING!" Mr.Grupka barks. We walk in and of course I see Niall with a big smirk. After class I head to lunch. I walk over to Sara hoping I could sit with her and her "group." Big mistake. 

"Hey Sar-" I start when a rude blonde cuts me off.

"No. You are not sitting here! This is the popular table. The nerd table is right over there." She points to a table that is infact filled with nerds.

"Stacy. Cat's my friend." Sara says fuming.

"I don't give a fuck." She says right before pouring her grape juice on me. It stained everywhere. Everyone was laughing. I couldn't see from the hot tears streaming down my face. But I did feel a hand interlock with mine leading me somewhere. When I wipe my eyes I see its Niall? 

"Cat are you ok?" He asks seeming concerned.

"Yes I'm fine. Just please go away." I hiss.

"Cat, I'm sorry about earlier. I was a total jerk when I shouldn't have been." He says softly, barely enough for me to hear.

"Say it louder." I state.

"No." He screams. The next thing I now he has fangs and hair all over.

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