He Was The One

Layken is an average 19 year old girl who spends her time on tumblr, twitter, and Instagram, keeping up with One Direction. Her father became one of One Direction's managers. Layken has the chance to meet them. Never did she think she would end up dating none other than Harry Styles. Layken later realizes it was all a big mistake. She was devastated, as well as Harry. What happens in the end?! Read to find out!
(A/N: there will be a few Larry moments in this, so if you don't ship it just skip it!)


1. Exciting News

*Layken's POV*

"Layken!" I heard my dad yell. I was sitting in my room on my phone checking Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr as usual.

"Yeah?" I yelled back down.

"Get down here...."

"Okay.." And with that I started down the stairs with my long light brown hair in a sloppy bun. I was wearing a black t-shirt that had my old school name on it. The sleeves were cut off so my sports bra showed on the sides just a bit. I also had jean shorts on with a white belt.

"Sweetie.. Remember when I said I was getting a new job as a manager?" He said calmly.

"Yeah??" I responded confusingly.

"Well... You know all of those posters in your room? All the ones you get from magazines and the ones you make me buy? The ones that fill the walls of your room? And all of the other merchandise?"

"One Direction...?"

He put his hand on my shoulder and said, "How would you like to meet them?"

I started shrieking and jumping up and down with excitment. "Wait.. This means... You're their manager?!"

"It sure does!"

I started squealing and jumping again. "When am I meeting them??"

"They're coming around 6 and they might be sleeping over because tomorrow I have to drive them to the airport."

I looked at the time. 4:36. I ran upstairs to get a shower and to look my best.

"Hey!" My dad called out as soon as I got upstairs. "One more thing.."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Try not I fall in love with them..."

"Daaaad. I'm already in love with them!"

"I mean.. Don't date them. If you do, please please please tell me."

"Try 'n stop me!"

With that I headed into my room. I opened my closet and picked out clothes to look lovely tonight. It took me a long time but it's decent.

I got a teal-ish colored top with an infinity sign on it. It was shorter in the front and longer in the back. A pair of light colored jean shorts. And to top it off... White laced TOMS.

I had no idea how to do my hair. But I'd figure that out after I shower.

~10 minutes later~

I got out of the shower and dried my wavy hair, I then put on my outfit plus my infinity bracelet.

I stood in the bathroom staring into the mirror, not knowing how to do my hair. I looked at my phone, checking the time. 5:41.

It took me an hour to find my outfit?! It had to of. I only showered for 10 minutes.

I heard my dad coming up the stairs, "Hun, they'll be here any minute!"

"I know, dad, help me do my hair! I mean like.. How should I do it?"

"Yesterday when we went for lunch I liked how you had it."

"Thanks dad."

I started to fish-braid my hair.

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