The Payne sister

Rose is the girl that party's all night long has fun could make you feel like a better person even her smile made you want to live forever with no regrets she was happy and care-free, Well that is outside home...

At home its a battle field for 19 year old Rose Her famous Brother Liam gets all the worship from their family, she could never show them her real self, she couldn't show them the scars, the anxiety , depression she just couldn't show it!

Her whole life is' Oh Liam did this or Liam did that or Great job Liam or Rose why can't you be like Liam!? or why don't you do this like Liam?! ' she never feels wanted she knows that if they had the choice to kill either her or Liam she would be getting the boot....

Now she is forced to go on tour with her Big Bro and his band one problem is she hates their guts.. What will happen on the tour? will she finally be able to open up? or intoxicate herself even more...


2. Our little secret..

Rose P.O.V

I felt someone carrying me, this better not be my idiot brother or i swear i will chop his head off.

" Wakey Wakey lil sis " his voice whispered into my ear, i groaned snuggling my head in his chest ," Fine don't wake up " was the last thing i heard before my body connected to the floor i groaned once more before yelling " FUCK YOU LIAM! " and got up.

I ran downstairs and the boys were there, Next to Liam " Liam what did you do now? " Harry said , i smiled in my head the way his lips curved and his dimples played peek-a-boo just like mine and those beautiful green orbs for eyes i could just run over and kiss him!

WAIT WHAT AM I THINKING!? I don't like Harry right? Yea i don't like him his just like my brother!

" I didn't do anything... " Liam said playing with his thumbs " YOU FUCKING LIAR U DROPPED ME ON THE FLOOR AND I HURT MY BUM! " i yelled massaging my bum softly still trying to look mad as i did so. The other boys looked at me and bursted out laughing.

" I see you are amused by my dick of a brother THANK YOU VERY MUCH! " i yelled  aggravated stomping up stairs those bastards.... UGH!

I walked to my bathroom I washed my face, Brushed my teeth, Flossed my braces and jumped into the shower.

- 30 Minutes later -

I looked down at my outfit White Bow bandeau, High waisted blue washed jean shorts, my White chuck tailors a few brackets and my long brown satchel. My hair was curled a bit Perfect!

I jogged down stairs and saw my parents and the band " Mum dad I'm gonna hang with Ashton and Luke, BYEEE " i said waving and strutting to the door " WAIT! " my mum called out.

 "Jesus christ this again!? " i yelled and turned  " 1st of all You have to start packing, 2nd of all your brother and his friends wanted to go around and get stuff for the tour and 3rd change that outfit "

" No way in hell am i going around with these cavemen around London, I am not going to pack and i am not changing my outfit. So like i said before i am going to meet My friends and actually have FUN! " i said turning around i heard my mum sigh " If you do this Rose we will get you a flat to yourself, But you must be on your best behaviour " my dad said obviously desperate at this point,

My eyes shot open " DEAL! " i said turning around, i saw the happiness in my parents eyes, They got up and gave me both hugs " OK OK YOU KNOW I NEED TO BREATHE!! " i said screaming for oxygen " oh " my mum said quietly and let go off me.

I sighed and looked over at the boys, i grabbed my keys and phone " Lets go already before i loose anymore oxygen ". " SHOTGUN! " i heard Louis yell and ran past me. 

" NOT IF I GET THERE FIRST! " i heard Niall yell i giggled, i jogged over to the drivers seat  and turned my head to the passenger seat and saw Louis grinning happily " Everyone inside? " i asked looking at the back " YEP! " they all yelled in unison. 

I slipped on my seat belt and put the key in the key slot " Just giving you a warning might want to put your seat belt " Liam said chuckling " For once i agree with that " i said and turned the key making the engine roar.

I drove passing the speed limit and stopped at the mall, I saw a parking spot but someone else had saw it too, i ran in there and took the spot. Making the car Jerk forwards as i parked.

I looked over at the boys who's faces were pale. " WHY DO YOU HAVE A DRIVER'S LICENCES YOU DRIVE LIKE A CRAZY BITCH! " I heard Zayn yell as he tried to fix his hair. I chuckled and got out of the car " Coming boys? " i said closing the drivers door.

They Rushed out and we walked to the mall before i could enter the Music store i felt someone pull me to them i looked up to meet gorgeous green eyes " H--Harry? " i stuttered looking in his eyes. 

" Shh " he said placing his hands on my waist " I know that you think of me as your brother or whatever but i don't think of you like that and i want you to know that.... " he said biting his lips.. My stomach was doing 300 Flips per second!

I looked down at his beautiful pink lips the way they curved when he spoke the way he bit them and how mesmerizing they looked... GAH ROSE STOP IT!

I gently pushed him off me and turned on my heel " Im sorry Harry i-i just can't " walking away. But before i could go far enough, he grabbed my hand spinning me closer to him and crashed his lips onto mine...

It felt so good, so soft, the taste of strawberries on his lips, i could feel the butterflies the sparks EVERYTHING! Our lips moved in sync as i melted into him..

He pulled away as we both gasped for air, Before i could turn around he whispered into my ear " Our little secret " and walked off to find the boys.

My cheeks flushed bright red as i touched my lips savouring his taste, his touch, his Everything....


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