The Payne sister

Rose is the girl that party's all night long has fun could make you feel like a better person even her smile made you want to live forever with no regrets she was happy and care-free, Well that is outside home...

At home its a battle field for 19 year old Rose Her famous Brother Liam gets all the worship from their family, she could never show them her real self, she couldn't show them the scars, the anxiety , depression she just couldn't show it!

Her whole life is' Oh Liam did this or Liam did that or Great job Liam or Rose why can't you be like Liam!? or why don't you do this like Liam?! ' she never feels wanted she knows that if they had the choice to kill either her or Liam she would be getting the boot....

Now she is forced to go on tour with her Big Bro and his band one problem is she hates their guts.. What will happen on the tour? will she finally be able to open up? or intoxicate herself even more...


4. Mall day

Rose P.O.V

After we finished shopping my heart couldn't stop skipping beats every time i looked at Harry, We strolled around in the mall till a store caught my eye,i stopped in my tracks the boys turned their heads and looked at me perplexed " WOOOOOP THAT DRESS IS FUCKING CUTE! " i yelled running over to the store.

I heard the boys cuss as i was already picking out outfits " Don't you have enough!? " i heard Louis yell obviously pissed " Excuse me if i am a girl who needs a new fucking wardrobe cause my other one looks like Sandra Bullock took a daily shit on it! " i yelled at him with my sassy voice, he looked at me shocked " OH GIRL YOU DID NOT JUST SASS THE SASS MASTER! "he said placing his hand on his hips with his " oh no you didn't " face on.

I bursted out laughing " Ok ok you win! " i said giggling " Hey guys I'm gonna try these on k? " i said walking to the changing room, they nodded and i went in. ( I'm sorry if the chapter is getting boring idk what to do with myself today )

I looked at a long black, no sleeves dress that had a cut from middle thigh to my foot , i slipped it on and put on the black heels that came with.

I walked out of the changing booth to see the boys on their phones " For fuck's sake do you guys do anything than looking on your phones? " i said placing my hand on my hip, they looked up and their jaws dropped staring at my dress " Im guessing thats good thing? " i said looking at Harry who was blushing like hell!

" OH MY FUCKING GOD IF I WAS A GIRL RIGHT NOW ID BE HAVING ORGASMS!! " Niall said running our of the store, i looked at the boys who were holding in laughters i couldn't take it, i bursted out laughing all the way to the dressing room.... Maybe this tour can be kinda fun.

- At Home -

We walked in " MUM DAD WERE HOME, WERE GONNA PACK YEH? " i yelled taking of my shoes and running upstairs to my room.

I threw my bags on my bed and plugged my iPhone in my iHome i blasted on ' Raise your glass by P!nk ', i walked to my closet and got out my duffle bag that said " This Generation is one word = Freedom " i always loved what it said cause it was true we were all free to do what we pleased this generation is the generation who will make other generations look like pussys.

I threw in my clothes Half old Half new and my " Lady stuff " in the duffle bag. I stripped down and i was only left in my black lace lingerie i suddenly heard a knock on my door to open to see my dad " Hey babeeee " he said slurping around my room What the fuck was he drunk!? i looked at the time 9:00! DAMN HOW LONG DID WE SPEND AT THE MALL JESUS!?

" Uh dad are you drunk? " i said closing the door and walking up to him " Oh why hello sexy " he said putting his hands on my waist, i slapped his hands away " Wtf!? " i yelled at him.

He smirked " Feisty eh? " he got up and locked the door and grabbed the tape on my DIY table, now i was scared what the fuck was he going to do..

He tore some duck tape and slapped it on my lips and he pushed me onto the bed  and tore off my underwear, i squirmed as the tears ran down my face, he held a strong grip on my arms, and started kissing my breast and squeezing them very hard, i cried even more.. I can't believe my own father is going to rape me...

I cryed as he placed sloppy kissed down my stomach i cried even harder as he started massaging my clit, i trembled in fear.

Please god Please don't let him rape me! i prayed as i sobbed, he took of his pants and boxers leaving him naked like me, i sobbed and closed my eyes when suddenly.....




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