The Payne sister

Rose is the girl that party's all night long has fun could make you feel like a better person even her smile made you want to live forever with no regrets she was happy and care-free, Well that is outside home...

At home its a battle field for 19 year old Rose Her famous Brother Liam gets all the worship from their family, she could never show them her real self, she couldn't show them the scars, the anxiety , depression she just couldn't show it!

Her whole life is' Oh Liam did this or Liam did that or Great job Liam or Rose why can't you be like Liam!? or why don't you do this like Liam?! ' she never feels wanted she knows that if they had the choice to kill either her or Liam she would be getting the boot....

Now she is forced to go on tour with her Big Bro and his band one problem is she hates their guts.. What will happen on the tour? will she finally be able to open up? or intoxicate herself even more...


5. Honey you don't fool me...

Rose P.O.V

I felt the rough tape tear of my lips, i screamed in agony as my lips burned in pain. I looked around my room.

My eyes stopped on a tall figure, i stared intensely at the person studying their features when i heard a husky and raspy voice.. a smile grew on my face only one person has that affect on me, and that one person is..... Mr Harold Edward Styles.

I shot out of my bed and walked to my closet slipping on some sweats and a blue crop top.. i turned to Harry and wrapped my hands around his waist making him jump.. He spun around staring at my brown eyes " Are you ok!? Did he touch you!? " he yelled pulling me towards a hug, i sighed in closing my eyes, as the memories flushed back in.

I let out small sobs as he pulled me closer " H-He almost r-raped me " i said in between sobs, " Shh its ok " he whispered in my ear, playing with my hair. " W-Where is h-he? " i said pulling him away, tears blurring my vision " I took him to his room, Babe i think we should start heading to the airport " he said grabbing my duffle bag that was on the floor and intertwining our fingers, i nodded and we jogged downstairs to meet the boys, they're heads in their hands, Liam was cursing in rage and punching holes in the walls.

" THAT FUCKING BASTARD I SWEAR I WILL FUCKING RIP HIS HEAD OFF! " he yelled punching the wall leaving a dent, i coughed " Are you done? or you want to break your fist before you stop? " i said staring at the walls as he made patterns with his fists " Oh.. Rosey are you ok tell me you are ok!? oh i swear i will kill that fucking bastard " he said running to me hugging me, i sighed " Can we just go and get the fuck out of here? " i whispered looking at the ground They nodded and we bolted out the door.

- In the plane -

" Babe.. " Harry moaned i giggled as i continued playing with his hair, " Ok ok I'm up what do you want love? " he said turning around facing me.. " I was bored and i needed your cheeky cupcake of a face " i said poking his dimples making him blush, i giggled " You looked so cute when you were asleep, and you were smiling what were you dreaming about? " i asked intertwining our fingers together " You. " he said poking my nose.

I blushed " So when do you think we should tell Liam about this? " i asked looking down at our intertwined fingers " I-I don't know... And ever since he started dating sophia he's been a total dick " Harry mumbled the last part... " I always liked her " i asked knowing it was a lie " Honey that doesn't fool me. " he said trying to sound sassy, i bursted out laughing.This boy is so fucking amazing...

- After the plane ride -

We jogged down the plane hand in hand, Most of the directionners were sending me death glares but i smiled most of them trying to be nice. I rested my shoulder on Harry's when we were stopped by a purple head with a I LOVE HARRY STYLES shirt " OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG YOUR SO PRETTY ARE YOU GUYS DATING!?! " she said jumping up and down in excitement i looked down not knowing how to answer that question " Yea she's my little cheeky cupcake " Harry said pecking my cheek, My cheeks flushed red making the girl giggle " So can i have your autograph? " my head shot up " Me? " i asked pointing at myself, she nodded sending me a smile that i returned.

I signed her shirt and so did Harry and we walked away waving at the girl...




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