The Payne sister

Rose is the girl that party's all night long has fun could make you feel like a better person even her smile made you want to live forever with no regrets she was happy and care-free, Well that is outside home...

At home its a battle field for 19 year old Rose Her famous Brother Liam gets all the worship from their family, she could never show them her real self, she couldn't show them the scars, the anxiety , depression she just couldn't show it!

Her whole life is' Oh Liam did this or Liam did that or Great job Liam or Rose why can't you be like Liam!? or why don't you do this like Liam?! ' she never feels wanted she knows that if they had the choice to kill either her or Liam she would be getting the boot....

Now she is forced to go on tour with her Big Bro and his band one problem is she hates their guts.. What will happen on the tour? will she finally be able to open up? or intoxicate herself even more...


1. Bad news

Rose P.O.V

I woke by the sound of a door slamming, i groaned.

I got up and dragged myself to the bathroom.

I Put my hair in a bun and did my daily routine, Brushing my teeth, cleaning my braces, showering etc.

I walked to my room my towel rapped around me and a towel also rapped around my hair, I close the door and walk up to my closet deciding on an outfit.

I took my white crop top shirt that showed my stomach, i picked up my black shorts and black combat army boots.

I walked over to my vanity and curled my hair doing the beach wave look, I grabbed my brown long satchel and swung it on my shoulder, I quickly slipped on my red beanie.

I jogged down stairs to see my mum, my dad, my brother and his band waiting for me.. What the fuck was going on?

I sighed not wanting to get into this conversation and walked to the door " Rosalyn Clark Payne Sit down " my mum said.

I cursed under my breath and walked over to the kitchen were they all were " Ok what did i do now? " i said my arms crossed.

" You know its not always about you " Liam said glaring at me " Yea its not its always about you, You this or You that and I'm not going to stay here and listen to this bullshit! " i yelled getting up and walking to the door.

" ROSE " i heard my mum yell i flipped her off and walked to my White range rover, i didn't need this bull shit today.

The engine roared, and i was off, i just want to go somewhere far from all of this and far from them.

                                    *           *           *          *          *             *

Harry's P.O.V

We all waited in the Kitchen for Liam's sister to come down.

After Half an hour there she was jogging down the stairs, her long dirty blonde hair curled, her chocolate brown eyes could melt into you, Her dimples played peek-a-boo as she walked down the stairs, Her lips were so pink and her lashes so long, i couldn't help myself from staring.

I felt a kick on my shin and looked to see Liam sending me death glares, i rolled my eyes.

She wore a white crop top , black shorts and combat boots. She looked Beyond perfection.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at all of us, she sighed and walked over to the door.

" Rosalyn Clark Payne sit down " her mother ordered her, she walked over to the kitchen were we were waiting " Ok what did i do now? " she said as she crossed her arms around her chest.

" You know everything is not about you right? " Liam said glaring at her, Honestly i don't know whats wrong with him he never acts like this especially not with siblings maybe its that his new girlfriend turning him into a complete jerk.

Yea its not, its always about you, You this or You that and I'm not going to stay here and listen to this bullshit!" she yelled getting up and walking to the door " ROSE! " her mother yelled but she just flipped her off.

We heard the engine roar and next thing we knew she already left, " God! Why is it so much drama with her! " her mother sighed throwing her hands in the air. 

" All we wanted to tell her is that she would be going on tour with you guys! " he father said clearly exhausted by the sudden outburst of things.

" Well maybe i could call her and tell her then news. " i said rubbing my arm awkwardly " Perfect, Thank you so much Harry! Say hello to your mother for me ok? " Liam's mum said giving me a hug and walking to her office followed by her husband.

Honestly you could have literally still feel the tension that was in the room.

" Well I'm going to call her " i said standing up from the table and walking into the living room not wanting to relieve the passing events.
                      *                *            *                 *              *           *

Rose P.O.V

I drove to StarBucks, I parked my car and walked into the coffee shop. I walked over to the female cashier " Hi My name's Isabelle Can i help you? " she said smiling at me, " Hi Isabelle can i get a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino to go? " i said returning the smile " Ofcourse! Your name? " she asked getting a sharpie " Rose Payne " i said.

I felt a vibration in my back pocket, i slipped my hand in and grabbed my phone i looked at the caller ID ' Harry *-* ' " Great.. " i mumbled " Here is your receipt you frap will be ready soon! " she said handing me my receipt and smiling.

I returned the smile and turned on my heel, i looked down at my phone and decided to answer " Hello? " i said aggravated " Hey Rose, Uhm your parents wanted me to tell you that you're going to be joining us on tour " he said with nervousness in his voice.

My eyes shot open " What did you just say!? " i practically screamed into the phone " I said you're going on tour with us and i know you don't want to bu- " i cut him off " Give me a second I'm coming home " i said and hung up.

My frappuccino was ready i grabbed it and walked to my car, i unlocked the door and entered, i slipped on my seat belt and off i went.

- 10 minutes drive to the house - 

I looked at mu Frappuccino, Fuck it was empty already! I groaned, I parked in out driveway and hoped out of the car locking it on my way to the door, i got out my keys and opened the door " WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY!? " i yelled the boys heads turned to look at me " I SAID WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY PARENTS!? " i yelled once more louder.

 i saw my mum walk out of her office " What is with the noi-" i cut her off " WHY IN THE HELLS NAME ARE YOU MAKING ME GO ON TOUR WITH THEM, DID YOU EVEN ASK OF MY GOD DAMN OPINION!? " i yelled at my mother, her face became pale and her expression blank " I just thought that you woul-" i cut her off again " I WOULD WHAT MUM!? LIKE IT!? UGH NOBODY IN THIS DAMN FAMILY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT MY DAMN OPINIONS! " i yelled stomping upstairs and slamming my room door shut.

I slid down against the door and sobbed loudly... I fucking hate this family!



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