The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


9. ch9

“Keven, You had swindled my men to let you free. You had grasped a sword and swung it around to make a kill risking my men to stay while you finished making the very kill. You had even found a nice bounty AND… I welcome you on my ship.” Lum said letting her voice rise and fall with the sentence.

“What?” Keve stated as he was astonished with what he just herd and apparently Smidge was in the same realm of thinking that Keve had entered.

“What?! Caption, think about this before you make drastic measurements! You had only met him for a few hours and you are GIVING him a spot on our crew?” Smidge rambled and Lum looked annoyed with his statement as she stepped forward.

“He had proved his worth in my mind!” she exclaimed and her temper was showing through as it was like her head had turned into smokestacks and started to puff out the fumes that she was feeling. “Plus he risked his life when we didn’t say one thing about the happenings above that deck.”

“But Lum, what about his past? You have to get to know Keven before you get him to become a crewmate.” Smidge tried to resin but Lum wouldn’t listen as she went on with the battle of getting Smidge to understand while Keve and the rest of the crew left to watch.

“Why should his past matter? If you haven’t noticed, we all have a darkened past that I bet everyone would hate to have reviled. “ Lum countered and Smidge looked like he had enough as he sighed and started to walk away. Keve thought that everything was over but it wasn’t Smidge tuened around to lock eyes with Keve. The look was cold as the sea water below and sent chills down Keve’s spine and he started to get uneasy since he was thinking that Smidge will be willing to reveal that Keven is really Keve.

“Keven are you ok?” Lum asked and Keve was snapped out of his hypnotic trance and he shook his head. He was starting to become frightened and that a cannon was slowly smoldering underneath him, waiting to blow him and his secrete to The Creed.

“Yah, never felt better caption,” Keve shuttered thinking that he had to be a performer right now and not whom he was, an assassin and a devotee to The Creed. He tried to compose himself that he was starting to remind himself that he had to be this way.

Lum didn’t say a word as she held the wheal that steered the ship and she looked like she was trying to be strong. The crewmate below them looked to be at work getting the bounty below deck as they sounded like they were sinning a tune with no meaning to make the workload lighter.

“I can tell that you are unsure about me. “ Lum broke the quiet and Keve was surprised that she didn’t see the true resin for him being so wishy-washy about everything.

“You can?” He asked, nervous as ever that she is hinting something that was revealing about him and that he would have to say that he is part of The Creed.

“Of course! You are unsure that I am truly the caption!" she laughed and Keve felt relieved.

"No I trust you Lum. It's that I am not sure about being a pirate." Keve lied and Lum took the bait as he could suddenly hear yelling. Keve and Lum looked over the rail quickly to where they could see what was going on below them.

"Oi, Be careful with That treasure! It is one thing to lose a man, it is another to lose him over some dropped loot!" she harbored and the statement sent chills down his spine.

"Did you ever have to do that?" he asked and Lum wasn't paying any attention to a word to what he was saying.

"Pardon?" Lum asked lifting up and shaking her head at what the men then at him.

"Did you have to kill a man because of some treasure?" Keve said cautiously thinking that he had to be crossing the line as Lum started to go past him saying;

"Mattie, treasure is one thing a pirate would do anything to keep or keep his crew in line."

Keve was frozen in place as a crew mate passed him and looked confused at Keve's stone facial expressing.

"You ok, Mate?" he asked.

"I think I need to explain myself." he sighed and then left the crew mate wondering what was the conversation about.


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