The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


8. ch8

Keve can hear the screams of Lum’s orders as soon as reached the top platform. The sound of men calling to each other to the regular gun fire rang to Keve’s ears to where he thought that he had to be on The Creed’s ship instead of Lum’s. He felt so much at home but he knew he had a job to do.

He looked up to where Lum’s eyes matched up with his and Keve could tell that she was shocked. She looked at him and immediately thought that she might have stepped into a dream. She spun around and started to become furious at the situation to where she had become oblivious to the war around her.

“What is HE doing out of this holds!” Lum yelped and she immediately faced Smidge  acting like she was accusing him.

“I have no clue caption! He must had escaped!” Smidge explained but before Lum could call to Keve he was on his way to the ropes to go across, letting he sense, that he had mastered, to let him weave in and out of the fire but there was one thing he still needed, a weapon.

He tried his best to find something from a fallen person but he couldn’t find one in time in order to swing across to the other boat where he knew he would be the most help. He claimed the cargo net thinking that Lum had to get a glance at him soon to see that he is working with her. Lum was panicking as she yelled at the crew thinking that Keve had to be put back in his cage.

“Escapee! We have a-“ She started to command and then Smidge put a calm hand across her mouth as another round of cannons blasted on both sides of the battle but while she was keeping an eye on Keve to see what he does she was still calling out orders. “Men Ready? Fire!” She called as a slew of cannons blasted like a group of solders charging into battle and hoping that they hit there mark.

Keve felt the rope gather itself around his wrist to where he knew that it would hold him before he kicked the hitch that held the sack that was full of sand to where he could easily swing across to the other ship. The thought of the part of him failing did come across his mind but he was trained to do these types of things, sort of. He felt his feet quickly off the ground as the slight hiss of the rope quickly scraping the pulley up above. Keve timed the landing quickly and landed perfectly on the lookout platform.

Keve thought since he was up where he was, he would look at the situation at a different stature. Meanwhile, Lum was doing the same thing that she was at to Keve. “What is he up to?” She mouthed more towards herself as she fallowed the path of the way Keve was looking. The sound of men trying to get her awake mentally to where she could tell them what to do other than drop anchor and fire whenever they can aim to hit their opponent.

Lum finally started to become herself while she saw Keve grab another rope. Keve could see an opening where he was standing as he knew he was going to be in the heat of battle with someone that he had no clue or that he didn’t care to much as the fact that he needed a sword or at least several rifles that he was hoping that that was on the other ship that way he can help capture it and prove his worth.

He rocked backward and studied his position. Keve only had one shot at this for he didn’t feel like climbing the massive ship and navigating where the cannons are. It was dumb in the proses for Lum to take this fight in the first place.

Keve saw his opportunity and took it. The wind flew through his body and was to where he could picture himself flying in the breeze for just the moment and then he fell. Down, down he went to the deck below.  Keve rolled on the dreck a bit and was happy to be alive. He was able to have his choice of a sword, dagger or guns that were laying around the corpses that laid about while the pirates and solders from somewhere nearby land that had to of been settled. Keve felt a cold hint in the air like a sword being quickly raised.

Keve grasped the hint of the sword that he hoped that would slide out of the holster of a dead man. Thankfully the sword did come out smoothly to where the hiss between the two was a beautiful sound to him. The clans of the swords made him think that this was almost a sympathy between only him and his enemy.

He looked around to the others killing and falling to each’s graves leaving the other to gamble again but Keve knew that Keven would have to save the moment for the flag was the symbol of strength to all the ships and if that was gone so was most of the moral, especially to the one whom finds the flag fall to his feet. Keve found the body with his sword as the blood was coughed onto his face but Keve was used to this by now since he had grew-up within the band of The Creed, though he is now an outcast of his family he still likes to keep The Creed at the back of his mind for now.

The dark eyes of the solder were what Keve likes so much about being an assassin. The emptiness of someone that was once in that body and now is gone, a shell Keve always like the questions those ware asking. The order of death in Keve’s belief is all of the wonder after the kill happens is the best part. Keve slip the sword out of the body and looked up. The target was on one of the highest of the three masks and he was not sure if he would have to climb or not to get there. He knew that there were others that wanted his soul around him while he tried to find the path that would fit what he needs.

Keve found a cargo net a bit too late for him and found another solder to tangle so instead of handling him Keve managed to find a gun and made a quick judgment if it was loaded and aimed. The shot rang in his ears while he saw the person fall to his face. Keve was satisfied as he tossed the gun aside. He felt the glee of the kill return to him while he started to tally more and more kills, to where he was lost in the thrill.

“He is good at the kill, swift and efficient. “ Lum said while she had been taken over by Smidge when it came to commands of the battle.

“Remember he is still a prisoner.” Smidge mumbled under his breath.  He stared at Lum with the fire that the canons used to attack the ship once more.

“Yes, even though he is one, there is still something about him that makes him questionable for being a normal man.” Lum said and Smidge’s face fell slightly.

“I know what he is.” He mouthed and was thankful that Lum was too busy looking at Keve whom grabbed himself another kill after kill.  He spun around and could see a couple of men was going to try to sneak  over to him to swipe his life since now HE has the target on his back instead of the rest of the crewmates which Keve loved.

Keve could see the flag still flying high on the mask and a few of the pirates already had started to climb up it while the others were starting to the cannon levels. Keve was looking for one person in particular, since it looked like the crew had a good hold on the flag situation, the caption. He scurried to below deck, grasping a few more guns and slipping them to his sides and the sword holsters to wherever they can lay to where he was looking like he once was, other than the pen-dagger that he had since that had been passed through generations but he was stripped of the weapon because of one thing that he thought that he was doing right.

Keve busted down the doors with a thud thinking if the caption would hide anywhere that he (or now she) would hide it would be here, or overboard but since the mini war had been going on up a few steps above his head. The caption was wearing his typical hat and long jacket while Keve was just in an almost washed out shirt and pants. The caption looked shocked when Keve busted through the doors.

“What is the meaning of this? I thought I raised the flag of truce!” He cried, walking backwards and Keve placed his right on a sword while his left was on a pistol that he had found.

“I don’t have truces.” Keve growled and started to let the hiss of the sword scrape across the ground. He wondered what was going to be a weapon of choice but then he saw something that caught his eye. The flag that sought out importance for his family since times had changed and some are advancing to the times themselves, A flag with The Creed Crest on it. Keve’s heart dropped for a moment and then a flame burst inside to where it was a raging fire.

“What did you do to my FAMILY?” Keve yelled knowing that his cover of being Keven was safe as long as someone doesn’t see him have this moment of rage.

“I, I have no clue on what you are talking about!” The caption shuddered looking around Keve for a resin that he was asking this question. Keve could picture that the person that he has now needs to be edged and reminded. Keve let out a huge sigh before he put his gun away quickly and then raced over the caption, pushing him into the desk and the sword grazing over his gullet.

 “I don’t have all day and I know you don’t now either!” Keve threatened and the caption started to have tears of sweet appear on his face and neck.

“I have no clue what are you talking about!” The caption rambled and Keve pushed him onto the desk, making it shake to were the caption’s head bounced off of the map or some sort of paperwork.

“I want to know where they are!”  Keve said and raised his sword over the caption’s neck. He was starting to get furious as he glanced over to the flag with The Creed on it.  Then he went back to interrogation.

“W-what do you mean? What a-are you t-talking about?” The caption shuddered and Keve could tell that the caption is considering death as his option as Keve wanted to end this soon. He knew that he had to get the answer now as there was a sudden silence on the deck up above.

“THE CREED! Where is The Creed?” Keve demanded and started to put the edge to the caption’s throat, so close that a trickle of blood was starting to trickle down his gullet. Keve knew that the man was now extremely frightened as if he now knew that Keve was not toying with what he wants, he was demanding answers.

“Why do you need to know?” The caption grunted between his teeth as Keve can hear now a group of heals that were about to come below deck. He knew that the caption should have the answer but it had been taking way to long as Keve retracted his sword to only pull down his sleeve to show his marking.

“I am the creed!” Keve reviled himself to him and he was very timid on what he just did. The caption stared and did a double take from the flag, to Keve’s marking, and back again to where Keve was sure he got the picture.

“Well I am not sure sire; I haven’t come across a Creed ship in a while. It was only a traded flag!”  The caption begged and Keve could see right through his lying speech.

“Really and whom did you trade with?” Keve let the words hiss in a question. He felt like he knew what the answer would be since there are very few Creed members he didn’t know and Keve was going to send the caption’s soul to another sacrifice to The Creed as well as a tribute to the sea, But mostly to The Creed.

“I don’t remember!” HE yelled and Keve had it as he pierced his sword to where all he had to do was do one quick shove and the caption would be gone.

“Then I suggest that the negotiation would sway you to try again.” Keve sneered and was willing to slay him right them. As he started to slowly put pressure on the sword to start digging in his enemy’s throat.

“Ok! Her name was Kieran! She traded me the flag for something but I don’t remember!”  The captain rambled and Keve spared his life for one more question as his crewmates were coming down the steps.

“Was it to kill?” He asked but the caption said nothing but quickly tried to nod his answer. Keve had what he needed he reared his sword back and slashed the man’s neck wide open smearing the blood over his shirt but he didn’t mind as he grabbed the flags off the wall and the maps that were on the desk.

“I figured it was her that is on to me again, Kieran is always after me.” Keve chimed as he left the body to rot as he came onto the deck. “There is more underneath, Grab what you can.” Keve instructed as soon as he met his fellow cremates on the steps.

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