The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


6. ch6

“So is this going to be permeate, Lum? I am concerned.” Smidge said as he came up the steps and Lum clenched the wheel other than knowing that the boat was anchored.

“What is there to be concerned about?” Lum snapped thinking that she had done something that she is hoping that she doesn’t regret.

“The fact that you just got a man out of the drink and now he practically part of the crew. Do you understand?” Smidge argued and Lum smiled as she grabbed the wheal and started to rock it back and forth as a warning to the crew to get ready to shove off to whatever they can find.

“Smidge, we needed a chance for adventure and this might be eh blessing in disguise. You are to tense my friend. Let this moment go.” Lum laughed likening what was going on minus the fact that she was called out for being a woman.

“I won’t Caption, I have a bad feeling about this boy, and tis not a good one. It’s like he is plotting something…” Smidge said and Lum’s eyes lit in flames when he mentioned that Keve might be plotting something.

“Aren’t we all in the end?” she sassed making sure he shuts his yap but he didn’t by the cold warning.

“But Lum! I still think this is very wrong of us and think about your crew!” Smidge agued and Lum had enough as she took out her sword.

“There is talk of mutiny and this Keven is going to be our ticket out of this jam and you are not the first person that I have thrown overboard for safety.” Lum whispered and Smidge looked defeated but still knew that he had one more card to play.

“Throw me, Why not throw him? Bah, I’m done with this madness. Don’t come looking for me London, I’ll be the one that is not saving your hard minded backside this time.” Smidge called and Lum huffed thinking that Smidge had no clue what he was rambling about as she raised that same sword and called out that the crew was heading back to sea.

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