The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


4. ch4

“Ahoy there! Can anyone hear me up there? I would like to speak to the captain.” Keve said and  he was still floating in the salty water waiting for someone to answer him. He thought that he might get rolled over by the boat so he swam out to where he was sure that he would be seen. “Can anyone hear me I would love to come aboard?”  He yelled one last time but this time he got a response.

“Ahoy! How are ye?”  Lum asked leaning over the edge as she can see Keve over the rail of her ship the cold breeze of the evening blew her hair around to where Lum looked ravishing to Smidge as he came up to the railing.

“Let me take this ‘hear caption I don’t want him to drown in fright that you are, you know…” Smidge suggested and Lum immediately scowled at him for sating such a thing but she had no say to it since smidge was  right on one thing that it would be better off if Smidge acts like a caption for a moment but Lum refused.

“Why in the would you want me to let you be caption while talking to him when he is on deck in till I see otherwise right now no talking. Besides he might be the key we need to get a map or something that way he might just be the key to keep the crew from mutiny.” Lum hissed to her first mate.

Time was moving between the ship and Keve can feel the coldness of the water come over him a little bit quicker than he liked. “Hello! Can someone please answer me I am getting colds as the very ice that I am slowly becoming!” He called and waited while Lum hurried back to where she was standing and looked over board.

“Sorry about that mate! I can’t seem to get these scallywags off of my hide!” Lum shouted trying her best to disguise herself.

“No problems! But can I still come aboard caption? He yelled and Lum was up top of her deck estatic of getting a new crew member.

“I advise you to let him drown. He might be extremely dangerous Lum I think he is a part of a family of a assassin group.” Smidge whispered and made sure that he was very stern in his voce to try to make Lum back down but she stood her ground. She gave Smidge a huff meaning that she wasn’t going to mess with him or back down from what she is doing. She was getting tired of him trying to mock her because she was a lady.

“Why because he is a stray? I think sometimes you think you can rule me and protect me it gives you the right to run MY ship.  You might have my back to some stance but you have no right to say whom I can’t get onto my sip! t Now if you don’t mind...”  Lum said and she continued the conversation with Keve whom thought that they might have forgot about him.

“ May I come aboard? I mean I am not going to harm you at anyway I have no weapons. “ Keve explained while the cold was getting to him horribly while he was still wading in the water.  The cold was getting to his bones to where he made the water was a little more than a simple wave of calm seas to small vibrations.  He was starting to be nervous before the captain must had gone and talked it over to the crew but she was taking a while but the caption must had forgotten him or had gotten into a fight with one of his crewmates that must had disagreed.  Keve could only see the outline of the captain every time he came to the edge of the ship. He was ecstatic when the caption came back because he was getting his death from cold.

“HELO YOU ARE WELCOME ABORD!” The caption called and Keve got excited that he will be going on a ship this soon instead of hoping that he would drift to a random place of an Island or a shore that is connected to a nice town of which he can lay low in for a while.

Keve couldn’t believe what he was hearing that the caption was letting him on his ship. He swam quickly in the cold water and realized that his limbs were numb sot it took him a moment  to get to the ship and then once was almost there he heard the captions voice ring in the air above him. “Do you need me to lower a raft to ye?” the caption rang and Keve thought it was a little late for a supposable grate caption to ask such a thing as he grasped the wooden body of his ship.

“Nay I can climb caption.”  Keve said as he started to climb up the ship unknowing of what was in store and whom was truly the caption was while he was in the sea because the he that Keve was thinking of was Lum.

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