The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


29. ch29

Keeve could see the hideout and can see that the night was starting to settle in to the lands. He looked back to the white mansion that London was trying to forget Keeve in as well as grieving over Smidge. 

Keeve could only wonder of how they both lived through the last few moments of this journey as he decided to go inside. He didn’t want to be caught outside a mysterious shack and wind up revealing The Creed’s sanctuary. 

The dark stairway was lit by torches as the musty smell wafted through the halls. The damp walls meant that it must had rained a while ago since the world up top was dry and without a hint that it had rained. He couldn’t help but scrape his hand along the wall as if saying goodbye to the world itself.

He was still thinking how London did and him live during the sacrifice, and better yet, the part that he should had died with his wound right when he collapsed. All the kills that they made on the ship didn’t cover everything that they should have passed from. 

He kept going deeper and deeper into his old home. The Creed symbol was everywhere he looked as he was going to the weapon’s room. The fact that he was home but kept feeling more and more as a forgotten realm that he has no idea where this was.

A slight whiff of death stained the musty air and it woke Keeve up to where he wanted to go to the weapon’s room faster than ever before. He started to run around every single person that looked at him in either of aww that he is alive or the exceptive outfit that London gave him.

He could see that Creed symbol as he turned a corner sharply that was the last one till he reached his destination. He could smell the ranched stench of death around this aria now. It was bad because the must was not even a close match to the smell of the corpse.

Keeve could tell it was a man as he slowly got closer. He was shocked to see the same scarf starting to blow away from the underground draft of wind that was random in the hideout. Keeve slowly bent down and picked up the scarf.

Two leader markings that were supposed to battle it out to the end and now that battle should not happen. Keeve now understood why The Creed was favorable to him since he was keen with death and so was Flame. The kid that would forever be known as the charred man, no name, no sake of remembrance in the name or what he did.

Keeve saw that it was a simple slash that drained him to his sacrifice and within the symbol was a message. “From one leader to another since we would be in duel anyway in the end.” The message read.

Keeve was saddened that Flame was gone. He was looking forward to having two leaders to The Creed but he knew better as he stood. Keeve wrapped the scarf around his head and neck, hiding his hair and trying to emerge himself into the new life.

Keeve figured one day that someone down the everlasting road of time has more guts than him to marry the person of their dreams. However, Keeve knew that The Creed would always be watching him and all of his family as he entered the weapon room and found the pen dagger and placed it within his sleeve.

The Creed would always be everywhere. Always watching everyone’s every move that has the famous symbol. Someday they can live with the outside and especially love the person that they want to and not worry that The Creed would be always watching. Just like it did to Keeve to where now he will do the work that he was meant to do for the longest time. Without London, and in hopes that The Creed would let the lovers love.

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