The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


26. ch26

“Are you sure you want to do this London?” Smidge asked while Lum started to look at her closet for something still with the seamstress’s tag that said that she had never worn since she felt that she needed to be seen as something knew among the people of the palace as well as the people outside.

“Smidge, I thank you for your concern but I think this is for the best. These lands need me though I wish that they would hurry to bring Keeve.” London huffed as she scurried though her cloths until she finally came out with a ravishing dark red dress with gold color outlining the edges and London pulled it out and looked for the tag. She was happy that she had found the tag and pulled out the dress.

“That would be wonderful London do you want me to help you in the garment?” Smidge asked and London scowled and dove back in.

“No Smidge, I will let one of my maids help me while you can wait just outside of my room till I call.” London chimed and Smidge nodded and went out the room.

Meanwhile, Kieran was in the parlor racking at her brain of ways that she had to get Keeve dead but she had to do the killing with Lum and Smidge with her. Kieran slowly went up the steps to study them since if Lum accidently died by falling down the steps and Smidge, trying to save her, fell to his grave as well. Then all that would be left is Keeve that should be dead all ready.  

Kieran stepped back down with a sly look on her face thinking that this would work. However, Keeve was on the outskirts of the property looking up at the house as he can see the balcony that he could climb up and he did just that since he knew that Kieran was going to lie that he was dead at any moment that he thinks will dwindle her to whatever Kieran wants.

He started to climb the building slowly and just enough that he could hear anything that he needs to before Kieran messes everything up even more. Keeve looked over the rail just in time for a carrier come in and ask to see London.

“She is getting ready for her renewal.” Kieran chimed happily and the carrier nodded without knowing that she was the enemy.

“Very well can you see that she gets the word?” He said and handed Kieran the notice.

“I will.” Kieran was smiling with glee that the word that Keeve was supposed to be dead came to her. She grabbed the notice and the carrier left. Kieran made sure that nobody was around but she forgot to look over the balcony before she opened the notice and her mouth dropped.

“This couldn’t be. I had him executed in the name of The Creed.” Kieran huffed in disbelief that she had specifically ordered him dead to where it was disheartening for her and she got anger to boil up inside her. She started to pace and Keeve could tell that she was distraught with her hands waving everywhere in rage. Keeve thought this would be a moment to reveal himself however he saw Lum come out from the top of her stairs looking like she had heard that carrier come.

“What was that about Kieran?” she called and Kieran stuffed the paper in her shirt so there was nothing more than mist of truth that only two people know. Kieran composed herself before she turned around in order to keep her hidden from Lum although the two had the same target painted on Keeve’s back.

“Nothing my Lady, you do look ravaging in that dress though.” Kieran chimed and London smiled in glee that she thought that she had chosen the correct one to cloth himself with.

“Good, I am happy to hear that. I am hoping that you will bring Keeve since I want him as the swords next victim.” London hissed and Smidge was right behind her as normal. They both walked down the steps although she was a bit off with her walk she was able to complete the task.

“Well, about that my Lady… He had seemed to escape from the clutches of the life that is within The Creed. He was supposed to be the sacrifice and that was going to dispose of him.” Kieran sighed and London looked furious.

“Then search for him Creed. You had disappointed me.” London said and Kieran smiled brightly.

“Of course, London.” Kieran chimed and Keeve could see her start to get out her dagger and he was unsure what was going on other than since Smidge and London was so close together, it wouldn’t take Kieran long to slash the two’s neck and before the guards come they would be dead.  Then all she would need to do is find Keeve and all her witnesses would be gone.

Keeve quickly climbed up the railing and jumped over but still kept low and silent though he didn’t want to anymore. He tried to bust through the double doors but they were locked from the inside. However, Keeve did make enough noise to attract stanchion. London looked right at him with a mixed look from fear and hatred to happy with a touch of wonder of how he knew that she was there. Keeve started to bang on the door and Kieran answered it.

“I come to speak to Lady London.” Keeve chimed and Kieran looked concerned that Keeve was standing right there.

“You should not be here London does not want to seek to you.” Kieran said and she started to push Keeve to the edge but London interrupted. 

“Let him in, you had assumed wrong.”  London ordered and Kieran stepped aside to reveal Keeve behind her. London was shocked that she was seeing Keeve alive and fairly well.

“Lum you need to arrest Kieran. She is trying to kill you.” Keeve said and Lum stepped back. Keeve smiled widely because he thought that he had convinced her but Kieran had already planted the seeds of lies before he had even found her.

“Guards! Seize Keeve.” London commanded and a group of guards came and he didn’t fight this time since h needed to talk to her. ”Just hold him guards.” London said and the guards stayed in place with Keeve.

“I am telling the truth London! Let me explain!” Keeve called even though he was not going anywhere.

“Very well, why should I trust you? Even though I don’t think that I should trust you even though you did save my friend.” London slowly spat out every word.

“Well she is the one that threw me in the river and she will kill us all if she had a chance. You are a witness!” Keeve explained and Kieran was ready for a comeback.

“London, he is the one that got you that marking and lying to you while I can be your personal bodyguard.” Kieran whispered and Keeve’s faith that he was going to get out of this dropped since he had already gone through the usual excuses.

“But I have a witness to help me! Tell her Smidge, tell her the truth.” Keeve tried to call for help but Smidge looked lost.

“The truth is that The Creed is trying to kill us my Lady and it was Kieran that ordered my death but Keeve saved me at the last minute. Plus it was someone else that cut your mark.” Smidge sighed looking down and Kieran was still not happy with what is going on.

“So I should trust no one for I had ran with you Smidge, Kieran I am questioning and Keeve I am not sure about your stories.” London rambled. “So I should be killing all three of you since I do have the power to do so.”

“But London, I had been with you all this time! I was the one that got you to your dream of being he caption.” Smidge yelled and London had the daggers back in her eyes as she grabbed a sword from one of the sets of armor nearby the stairs of where she stood. She came up and pointed the sword on each of them.

“And I am not sure why I should spare each of you.” London threatened with a cold shrill in her voice that turned into chills down Keeve’s back.

“Since I will fight for your life.” Keeve insisted that that would change London’s mind but instead Kieran had enough.

“How about we will find what The Creed wants to live?” Kieran suggested and Keeve got his pen dagger from his pocket.

“It will be my pleasure Kieran.” Keeve said to his opponent and hit the guard to where one easily let him go to where he easily spun around to knock the other one down easily.

“But I will need some help from my ally, my Lady?” Kieran proposed and Lum went up the steps a little to watch London was acting like she was hoping this would settle everything.

“No Kieran, you do not need my help since you are part of The Creed I see no need to assist either of you.” London chimed while she was at the middle of the steps. Keeve and her locked contact for a moment and she was trying to hide tears that were saying that she was starting to regret that statement already. “Thus said I order both of you to duel right here.”

“London, are you sure this is necessary?” Smidge asked.

“Why are you questioning everything I do Smidge? Are you one of them? If so join their battle right now or your second option is to not question me.” London hissed and went back to watching the show bellow her.

“Then it is just you and me in this dance to doom?” Keeve used his gift of words again but Kieran’s plan was starting to shatter in front of her. Keeve knew that Kieran was starting to become irrational and evil as Keeve could see that she was grabbing something that was going to end this once and for all

The shiny metal gun was what caught Keeve’s eyes the most and Kieran looked like it was going to be aimed at someone. Keeve used the sword and acted quickly as the click of time being pressed against him. Keeve quickly used the sword and lifted it upwards while Kieran was aimed to kill London and Lum knew it as she tried to get out of the way.

The gun went off with Keeve using his sword to move it down a bit so it wouldn’t hit her. However, when he looked over it wasn’t Lum that got hit It was Smidge that was hurt from the angle of the bullet when it hit the wall. Keeve was amazed that this maneuver worked but he didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt while he could hear Smidge yelp in pain.

“Kieran! You know the contract.” Smidge yelled and now it was London who knew that she needed a sword. Thankfully she already had something to protect herself as she confronted Smidge.

“What contract? I demand an answer.” She yelled while using the sword that she had in her hand as a part of her negotiation.

“Kieran and I agreed to split your return bounty. It was my idea then I was going to take your place since that was what your marking was about she just tried to hurry the contract when the scarfed man gave you that marking.” Smidge rambled and tried to save himself without realizing that he had given himself up and without Kieran or London he would be another person on the corner of the streets that are below the home.

“You sold me off?” London sneered and Smidge gulped as an answer. However, it seemed like Smidge got an idea that might just get him out of the way of London’s raft. He knew that she had the advantage since he had gotten hurt and that she had a sword and he had nothing to help him.

Keeve was busy with his one problem in the meantime; Kieran was in rage that he had to be careful because Kieran was skilled with the sword. Keeve tried his best to block every attack that Kieran threw at him. All could hear the scratch of the swords rub against each other in dark harmony that would be heard soon though out the house.

Some of the guards started to come and they immediately went to London. “No my men, I want to fight this fight alone. Leave the palace.” London said and Keeve thought that he was starting to see the caption shine through a bit but the face that she was fighting in a dress might prove her a bit of difficulty.

Kieran kept letting Keeve hit her sword even though she wanted him gone. Every move was in sync with the other but soon they were at a standstill with both of them scraping swords with each other. “Kieran, stop before our world collapse since I know who I am.” Keeve said and Kieran was amazed.

“The marking tells several lies since we are connected cousin so it may be that there is more than one but I think we all know it is going to be an apprentice shift once when both of you are gone and that would only mean me.” Kieran hissed and Keeve managed to break the squeal and ran behind the amour while the sword that he was using fell out of his hands. It chimed loudly on the ground like a clock chiming the hours and minutes till his demise.

He needed to get some space or a way to help get her momentum off to where he could possibly have an advantage as Kieran came closer with every step, knowing that Keeve was up to something but wondered what.

He knew that she was starting to use her training but up above London managed to get Smidge to the railing that was a part of her balcony to the lower level. Smidge knew that luck and life is not his side as Lum’s sword was really close to his neck. “Lum, please! I had been your friend and this isn’t even a fair match! I cannot fight you!” Smidge yelled as he could tell that the railing was breaking while his was thinking that London had officially lost her mind.

“I do not listen to traitors especially if they were going to kill me.” Lum challenged and lunged at Smidge whom lost his balance when the railing gave out underneath him. Smidge tumbled down to the suit of armor below. A loud crash was the sounding of mettle being bent and thrown onto as well as being scattered around onto the floor.

A piece of the feather that was the part of the helmet shot out like a rocket and it bounced off of Keeve’s leg. He stared at the read feather and it made him look at the wound that still had yet to be tended to. It didn’t bug him as much as if he got into the salty water again, which he hopes that never happens.

He looked up and it seems that Kieran was as astonished as Keeve while Smidge groaned on the ground where he landed. Keeve got up cautiously while Smidge was trying to do the same but he placed his foot wrong on a shoulder plate that slid out from underneath him. Smidge fell on top of the mettle that surrounded around him, making more of a racket.

Kieran was not sure what to do but Keeve had just gotten to the part that the shock of the mettle falling all over the floor. He kept his eyes on Kieran as London must have noticed what she had done.

“Smidge! Are you ok?” Lum called and Kieran looked up in want since Keeve had to step either up or around the mettle. She smiled widely as Lum was open for any attack and with Smidge out of the way it was just those two girls to duel.

“I suggest you don’t think about him. Now come to me Whiteness, I need to come clean to The Creed. Which means that you need to sleep win my hands while your blood drips on my hands to be painted just like your wrist.” Kieran hissed like a cat sizing up her pray as she made her way to the middle of the stairs. The slowness of her walk was that of one that was studying her every move so Kieran could make sure she kills London.

“Why? You don’t know what we both had been though.” London stated while she started to slowly retreat to the other side of the parlor so she could make her escape. Keeve could hear the nervousness in Lum’s voice as if she was crying for help for him while he started to grasp the sword that he barrowed.

Kieran got to where she could try to attack at London. London did not realize that she was about to back herself into the corner. “Poor soul always cared for even when you are away. I doubt you even know how to fight without help.” Kieran hissed while she got herself in a position that she attacked London with her sword. London countered after the squealing block and, once again, the sounds of swords rang on.

Keeve tried to rush back and felt his foot being captured while he was at the steps. Keeve fell down, down into another heat of battle with another person. Keeve could feel the floor meet his body while he landed. He could tell by the big hands that it was Smidge that was trying to stop him and Keeve knew that he needed to get rid of him somehow then he remembered he had two options to get rid of him, permanently and temperedly.

The permeate decision might devastate London but the temporarily wound might give Smidge a chance to capture Keeve again. Keeve knew that there was technically no choice on this one as he rolled around and looked Smidge dead in the eyes.

The thought of Lum’s first mate betraying her crossed Keeve’s mind for some off reason. The fact that London and Smidge acted so close although without Keeve in the way Lum might be dead by the high seas.

“Why do you want London gone?” The question slipped from Keeve’s mouth, as he was thinking out loud.

“I may be a pirate, however, I am also next in line since I am the last that sees London alive and I am capable of running a person into believing me with words like you do Creed.” Smidge was confident with his words that were sending icicles everywhere in reach. The only one that the words didn’t affect was Kieran, whom looked pleased with her ally.

Keeve thought that she was happy with the fact that she almost has London where she wants her, in a corner of some sort, out of time. London was ready to strike once again but then, after all this time of being able to fight in her dress, she tripped and screeched a high pitch screech that Keeve had to block his ears because it hurt him that he was starting to feel bad for her. She hit her head hard on the beam behind her hat made a corner that she was backed into. Keeve could tell that Lum was knocked out again since the way her face was expressing was the same as when he found her in the water.

“London!” Keeve called out while Kieran hovered over her. Her sword was at the ready for a strife that would end Lady or caption London’s life forever. Keeve was not going to let his love die like this since he knew how she has a land to run and that he loves her that bad.

Keeve raised his foot up and slammed it against Smidge’s nose that had a slight crack that rang in the air. Smidge acted like Keeve planed since he was crying in pain and he grabbed his tinny nose. Keeve was smiling throughout the grand show since he could tell that he might had just broke a bit of his face as well.

 Keeve immediately turned his attention back to Lum. Racing as fast as he could he started to climb the stairs two at a time as he started to hear Kieran whisper into London’s ears. “Now this is the caption that I left as a witness, you know why that you have to die because…” She started to flip London’s arm upwards and moved her sleeve down to where the cut that was the symbol of The Creed showed if someone looked at her body. “You are a witness of The Creed.” Keeve heard something like feet coming up the halls that was coming to London’s aid and he wondered how they could know although the ruckus that they had caused it should had not been that much of a wonder to Keeve that they were coming.

He started to see London’s eyes open as he was just inches from Kieran since it was the fastest he ever ran up the stapes. Time started to slow while the sword was at London’s chest and Kieran wanted her to see her death come to her. Kieran tossed the sword like it was a piece of trash to the side letting it crash like broken glass. She was ready to take a life of someone that everyone would love to see again but not in a casket.

Keeve was starting to see London’s green eyes light up with life and fear that all she saw was Kieran and the sword crashing like her life as it finally stopped and settled to the ground. Keeve was inches but afraid a bit if he slipped his sword into Kieran than it might hurt Lum as well. A better option was a gum but that took time and London didn’t have much more of that left. 

HE knew that he could ride the rail down but then he remembered someone else, Smidge. He was still down there and the gun that is down there is empty and would take too much time to shoot anyway since it was one of those that were a one bullet in the barrel type of gun.

He went back to his original idea and went for it. Keeve stabbed his sword straight though Kieran’s heart to where it was quick and painless death. Keeve was glad that he did the kill so quickly that he didn’t have to feel the life fade in his hands.He quickly noticed that London was in shock that he just saved her life.

“My Lady.” Keeve chimed and London kept glancing from Kieran, to Keeve, and back again in complete astonishment. Keeve fallowed her gaze and noticed that he had yet to get rid of his enemy’s body. London still didn’t say a word and he started to wonder what she was thinking as he slid Karan’s body to the side.

“You had saved me, why? You are a creed and I am a Lady that is about to gain grain things that is on the other side of the spectrum.” London huffed and Keeve wanted to kneel down and kiss her but something compelled himself to not to quite yet. So he settled for kneeling right next to his girl.

“I love you my Lady London or even caption Lum, I had wanted you from the beginning. You are the medium darkest star; I am the darkest star that would go out at any moment because of whom I am. Then the third star, the brightest of them all is…” Keeve said and he was unaware that Smidge was creeping up right behind him.

Smidge was counting that London was still meagerly distraught and unable to kill another person. That or she wouldn’t even notice him that she was caught up in the moment. He started to become silent as he got closer and closer while Keeve spoke his love to London. Every step, he knew that it could be his last. He knew as soon as he could get past Keeve than he could hold Lum as a wife and possibly get her out the way if needed. He rather see her as a wife than dead but the words were a mistake when he said that he said he wanted her dead.  

However he thought wrong as a sword was logged into his gullet. Keeve didn’t even know Smidge was behind him until Smidge spattered blood onto his backside and neck. Smidge didn’t even realize that London noticed him until she sat up and lunged forward for her kill. “And the third star is our love for each other.” She chimed and slid the sword out of Smidge. Smidge fell to the ground and fell to where his head was hanging to where he was seeing the world upside down.

Keeve looked back as it was his turn to be flabbergasted that London still was able to kill after having something killed in front of her and she watched the life quickly flee. While Keeve did not have that luxury of watching the person at the end of a sword or gun die slowly either mentally or in actuality.

London moved to Smidge whom still was trying to breathe as the blood spattered on his shirt and ground but time was quickly taking him all the same.

 “I loved you Caption, I… Always had.” Smidge choked on every word since he was upside down and gravity wasn’t assisting him at all.

“Well, you thought wrong Smidge since you had already faltered in your pathetic plain of using me for my power and foretold wealth.” London hissed and Smidge was about to answer but then he went silent, forever. Lum stayed there while Smidge drew his fal breath. She looked quite relieved that no one could stand in her way now to get to the place that she needs to be.

Keeve felt that he had won himself. Freedom was at his grasp and London knew that about him as well. She looked back at him with the widest smile and Keeve returned the favor to where now it was the perfect time to seal their love without a word.

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