The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


25. ch25

Keeve could feel his hands being bonded onto the sides of the altar. He was surprisingly calm that he was doing this as he can see his pen dagger on one of the nearby small table. Keeve could tell that Flame was happy to do this even though it was supposed to be a hoax.

Flame stared with sounding off to The Creed in a way of burning some torches for more light and to have a smoky mist into the room. “You are hopefully an acceptance to us all in The Creed. To trade our souls to stay on this earth as this one person is up to death’s likening.” Flame chimed and grabbed Keeve’s pen dagger and went on with the ceremony speech. The room had become dimmer because of the smoke. Keeve knew that this meant the darkness of death was around them since  Keeve is, in his mind, the best person for The Creed because of how he betrayed death and had dodged death for so long as well as so many times.

Keeve looked around for the dagger once again and now he knew that it had to of been just above his chest. “…To where the soul should lie in your realm as your slave the death is yours and yours alone so wrap all shall live.” Flame chanted and Keeve realized that Flame had gone too far for him to stop since there is a part to say that death did not want the sacrifice. Keeve started to feel his heart race thinking that this had to be like what Macomb felt before he became one with death and the way of The Creed.

Keeve scanned the place above him and tried to find a way to untie himself. Keeve had to be good at untying knots but he could only feel the spot that was needed to be worked on since he couldn’t seem to move them down his wrists so he could untie it himself. He tried to move his feet and they were bound as well but not that much.

“In the name of The Creed!” Flame called and Keve knew that was the last sentence before the dagger was going to go down to strike him so he would be gone. Down, down the last moments of Keeve’s life started to dwindle quickly while Flame had that dagger.

“Stop please, Flame! Think about what you are doing.” Keeve called and the smoke started to fade to where he could see where the dagger was. Keeve worked faster and faster, kicking up and down to get the knots to hopefully become looser instead of tighter.

In his fear of something going wrong, He could feel the knots go the wrong way as in they were getting tighter with every kick but even though the knots were getting tighter, the holes that held his feet in place were larger to where he could try to back his legs out and he tried just that.

He smiled at the fact that this actually worked and now he could use his feet to kick Flame in the temple so he would black but Keeve only had a second to react. Thankfully, that was the only second he needed.

Keeve kneed Flame right where he wanted and Flame went down to the ground, leaving his sword on his chest to where he could easily get it. Keeve gave himself a moment to vast in the fact that he had deserved to live once again before he turned over to unhook himself from his restraints.

Every rope snapped when he placed the pen dagger through it. He felt perfect that he was free and walked over to Flame, whom was still lying on the cold floor.

 “Looks like The Creed does not want me today Flame. Good try.” Keeve said while he looked over the blacked out body of Flame. Keeve didn’t stay long since after that sentence he was gone to finally go back to London to station everything out that she might had been confused or lies that Kieran had placed  inside her head.

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