The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


17. ch17

“Did you stay out here all night?” Lum chimed before a few or the crewmates dumped some cold seawater on top of Keeve whom immediately woke up and felt like he was in an  ice cube and up in the wintery aria of the world.

“Yes, I was sleeping here though the night! Why in the world did you dump that on me?” He yelled and Lum smiled like she was the one that devised the scheme.

“The deck needed swabbing.” She laughed as she tossed a cloth to Keeve and he started to dry himself off. However when he looked back he saw something that he thought was a flag that looked like a Creed ship. He thought that they were doing was a bit much but it was something like the old Lum that Smidge was talking about.

Keeve ran up to the wheal house and unhooked a telescope that was attached to a pedestal. Smidge was startled since Keeve knew he had possibly just placed it there.

“Sorry I have to borrow this.” He rambled when he finally got the telescope off of its hinges.

Keeve quickly jumped off of the steps and started climbing up the netting that was leading to the crow’s nest at the top. He clutched the scope in his teeth. Lum was in shock that he just did this entire thing and managed to get from point A to point b quite quickly compared to a normal cremate.

“Keeven, what is the meaning of this?” Lum called once when Keeve got to the top of the netting and flipped inside of the bucket like structure of the crow’s nest and scanned the aria where the ship was.

“I am trying to find a Creed ship that I think I saw.” He explained and continued to scan the aria. He breathed out slowly trying to keep his cool since he couldn’t see anything. He scanned the sky over and over again for the ship.

“I don’t see any ship Kevin!” Lum called as she moved to the front for a good view. Keeve looked down and thought that there is no way that a ship could disappear like that, so sudden.

“I know that. I know I had seen that…” Keeve thought while he scanned the horizon once more to notice something. The fog had rolled in as a minor to where any crewmate could see a ways away but still enough that it could hide a ship in an instant. “Caption!” Keeve yelled and Lum leaned forward a bit to see that he was correct.

“Then let me use the glass Keeven!” Lum commanded and Keeve aimed the telescope to where it fell perfectly into her hands. She looked through it and looked back with a stern look on her face.

“You’re right mate.” She chimed and both looked right to Smidge, whom was at the wheelhouse. He must had gotten the resin why both of them were staring at him but as he tried to steer the vessel Keeve spotted something below that he could not tell foe or the worst.

“Drop the anchor! We got company.” Keeve yelled and Smidge stopped while the crew lowered the anchor. Keeve quickly scurried down the netting to hear something that was close to the scaffolding once he got extremely close to the ground. He started to get to the side and he saw a small vessel which meant the bigger vessel couldn’t be much father.

“Creed! It has to be Creed!” Keeve yelled and saw the two of his family members climb the ship. “Caption here!”

Lum came forth where Keeve was yelling. Two members of some ship were climbing up and Lum made haste of their souls quickly by shooting them one by one. Each bullet sent them to a watery grave and an ire silence washed over the ship.

“When there are more, there are many.” Lum sighed and Keeve agreed though without a weapon he is useless.

“Agree. I will be back I need a sword or something of that matter.” Keeve said and Lum nodded towards her quarters.

“Check the bottom of the barrel, I think there is something there that you can make use.” She instructed and Keeve did just that. He burst into her cabin and went straight for her barrel of swords. All looked fine to him to use. The different sizes and shapes as well as colors of the handles were vast in her collection. The kettle clattered as Keeve knew this would have to be a grand but no time to choose sine he could already hear the muffle of orders from caption Lum trying to get her crew to fight.

He stared at each one but it was something at the bottom that caught his eyes the most. A simple pen that had an end length of a dagger but it was faint to see that end since the rest liked like it could be used as a pen as well. Keeve knew about the legendary pen dagger of The Creed but he didn’t expect to find anything this exquisite in Lum’s arsenal. 

He reached down, and being careful of the other blades, he pulled the pen dagger out of its musty and forgotten tomb. The father looked a bit old but the blade was still sharp that it cut Keeve’s finger that he tested the blade on. He was happy with his find since he knew it was his family’s type of blade but it was one of the originals and held by a female of the past since no creed member would use something of this nature these years from that time. Unless they had to be one of those members that had to sign a lot of documents and run around with a quill but Creed assains rather something a bit more to date than this though it is still useful.

“This is a fine weapon though I am not sure why Lum would have something like this, other than this was one of the prizes of her smuggling.” Keeve mumbled to himself before thinking that this would do nicely and ran back outside.

The war had begun between the two ships and Keeve could hear the blasting of cannons between the two. He looked to the side and there was a humongous ship by him making this one look like a small rodent or bug next to it but they were not firing much.

“Kill the caption, get the flag, and win the war, if it was only that simple.” Keeve thought to himself. He soon was challenged by a solder of red color. Keeve could tell easily that this man had only started his training in his teenage years instead of starting the training from birth like The Creed children are. The Creed kids usually are ready to make their first kill about age five or six, although they are genetically fast growth from birth.

The clatter of the two swords rang in the air with the rest of the symphony of the swords with a few booms of cannons as well as guns filling the air with their sounds. The dagger felt more and more natural to Keeve while each kill was a quick battle and then a stab or slash claimed his victory before running to the next one.

This one that Keeve encountered was the best one that he had seen all day. Unlike the first person he encountered, this one managed to put up a fighting chance to him as the enemy of a red and, this time, white stripes on the shoulders started to push Keeve back to one of the sides.

“You’re good mate. Can you defeat a member of the dark?” Keeve huffed and the new enemy smiled gleefully. The sounds of swords where starting to fade and rise with this music of war that was starting to sound old quickly to Keeve while he watched every swing and dodged or blocked each one to where soon the two enemies where in a grid lock. Both swords started to hiss a snake’s hiss when they started to slide in a standstill as they locked eyes with each other.

“It would be my honor if you would just hold still.” The enemy hissed like his sword and he was a perfect match to where they even started to sound like each other’s hatred.  Keeve knew that he would have to get somewhere else soon though he would have more room since when they dissolved their stalemate Keeve was lead to the edge of the ship since the railing was right at the smolder of his backside.

“Never.” Keeve chimed while he made one critical error at that one word, he became cocky. “Besides I am something that all people hate to meet, kid.” He sassed while he managed to jump to the railing and land right on top of it. “I say lassie, you might be the best that I had seen all day but still wouldn’t be enough to kill me or the rest of me mates.”

Keeve almost had a date with death after that sentence because he felt something that jabbed his side as a rush of pain was felt throughout his body. He knew not to look down as he can hear Lum start to scream his name before he plummeted into the cold and unforgiving water below.

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