The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


16. ch16

That evening the ship was already a ways off shore and in the vast sea. Keeve decided to lay on top of the deck for the night as he stared at the stars after being settled into the roped netting that was used as a ladder to get to the crow’s nest. He was just about ready to go to sleep when Lum startled him awake.

“Are you up lad?” Lum asked and Keeve pat on the strings of the netting.

“No but I would be honored if you can give me some company.” He suggested and Lum smiled thinking that this would be a wonderful change. She silently climbed in next to him and adjusted herself to where she could sit up in the netting as well as calmly lay back to talk to one of her shipmates.

“Sorry about what I said about you…I don’t ever remember it. I just feel like I was accusing a man for nothing after I woke. I also remember me being marked. She said and looked on her arm. The clean cuts were the knife must have left it. The mark looked similar but, at the same time, completely off than the actual Creed marking to where it would leave a scar but that scar would not lead her to whomever has her as a captive.

“I think you will be fine, on both ends of the conversation my friend.” Keeve said and Lum looked like he just said the magic words to have her lean back and shine those eyes as well as smile at Keeve.

“You think of me as a friend?” She asked. Keeve was happy that she heard him and he felt the time was right while he got closer and reached over to untie her hair again.

“Of course captain, even more than that.” He whispered kindly and Lum was falling for every word since she too was feeling the tug between each of them as she moved closer while she reached back and helped Keeve untie the rope that she had tied her hair back with.  Her hair flowed outward like a little bird showing its bright reddish brown wings, then back to its body while each strand of hair floated like feathers to the holes of the net of which they each found their catacombs for the night or time being.

Lum slowly rose for a minute and Keeve watched her straiten her hair so it would fall just her eyes when she lay back down while Keeve felt his marking burn a little to say that this is wrong.  He pushed the thought aside since right now all he wanted to focus on was her, only London.

“Excellent, but I hear that so often from my crew that they respect me more than any other man…” Lum sounded be withered and Keeve silenced her right then with saying the three words that he wanted to say.

“I love you captain Lum.” Keeve stated and Lum was unsure. She had never truly been in this position because she liked him unbeknown that he liked her the same way. 

“Keeven are you sure?” Lum said and Keeve looked up at the stars that were just then. He came up with the best phrase that he could think of and kicked his talent for words onto action.

“Well, are the stars out tonight?” He asked and Lum looked out to see the same vast array of starts that Keeve was seeing. She exhaled slowly as she was taking something that she possibly hadn’t cared too much about since the thrill of being a new caption had faded.

“They are lovely.” Lum sighed while she remembered what the sky meant to her all over again. Keeve got a little closer to her to where the smell of the sea was not coming from the sea at all but from her. 

“Pick one.” He whispered right in her ear to where she made a slight pep and immediately pushed down the brim of her hat. It make Keeve laugh a bit while he could tell that she was blushing under her pushed down caption’s hat and hit Keeve in the arm to tell him to stop.

“I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m serious, Pick one.” Keeve asked as he looked skyward.

“One what? Lum asked and Keeve sighed a bit before he continued.

“A star, the most bountiful one you see.” Keeve asked and Lum smiled as she finally pieced what he was saying. She looked like a child picking one for Keeve. She was full of thought and wonder.

“I chose this one.” She exclaimed pointing to a cluster of three stars that was perfect for Keeve’s analogy. He smiled in the excitement that she might accept him as this status instead of just crewmate.

“Good that is you, my love” Keeve started and looked at the darker one and pointed to it. “And that darker one, the one that might go out at any minute, is me, because I hold many dark and deadly secrets that will kill only me. However the love is the second brightest and as long that star lasts…” Keeve explained and Lum must have heard this before or had read his mind since she had finished his sentence.

“You will be mine and I will be yours” Lum whispered and it was her turn to kiss Keeve that sent chills all over his body to where all he wanted was hot lips on his end to complete a secret. She was slowly taking off her captain’s hat and put it on Keeve’s head to show that she trusts him. Keeve was surprised that she had done this and took it off.

“This is yours, you are the caption. I am just a love while you have a crew to think of constantly and I cannot think about doing anything that obstructs that.” Keeve promised and Lum batted her eye saying that she was baffled that he would say such a thing that was so considerate.

“You are so sweet.” Lum softly said and she used her hat to block anyone for looking while they both started to get close to each other to where they kissed. They felt like those two were both kissing rum and starlight, each were so sweet while the part that they each started to focus on each other. Then they two felt like all that they were on were a marooned ship gently swaying a bit until they both parted and Lum started to get out of the netting.

“Lum?” Keeve said once he spotted the hat and got it back to her. “You dropped this.” He hollered and gave it back to her. She was glowing in the night as she put it on. To Keeve she looked wonderful while a few shooting stars started to fall behind her.

“Thanks. Keeven” Lum thanked and then turn to walk off but a knot started to form in Keeve’s throat thinking that he had to tell her that Keeve is really Keeven. He knew he was going to regret everything if  he does not do this one truth.

“Lum.” He called and Lum spun around. Keeve kept telling himself that he could do this; he could do this, over and over again in his head. However, when he finally squeaked something it was another thing to add to his long list of darkness that he wished he could say out loud to the world without regret.

She was excited that Keeve had called her around while she was ready to hear that they were supposed to say it to the world as well.

“We have to keep t hidden.” Keeve rambled and she gave him a confused look that told him that she was not approval of what he had said.

“Very well, Keeve. If you want to keep this between you and me that is fine but you and I both know that this could be fount easily with peeping eyes or over active ears.” She warned before she went into her quarters for the night.

Keeve was upset for a minute that he had lost a moment to where he could had spilled his secrete to where he didn’t have to burry himself with more of them. He felt dumb that he had done this. He laid back down in the netting to look up at the stars. The three stars that he talked about earlier caught his eye.

He started to wonder if he had said the right words with London since he knows about her being a princess instead of her knowing that he is with The Creed.  He still felt ashamed that he missed an opportunity to say whom he was. The second star that he said was his love for Lum and hopefully this is true in her circumstance as well that she loves him. Keeve knew that she had to be careful with him since The Creed is everywhere.

“Princess London and Keeve Creed.” Keeve said to himself and it sounded off but that is what he wanted so to him it sounded like a beautiful harmony of birds chirping a wonderful tune. The star twinkled a bit making him a happy man as he glanced over to Lum’s quarters to think that, she too, was doing the same thing out of the window of her door way. He wanted to look to be sure but he just stayed put and kept his eyes on the stars until he finally was satisfied. “That did sound nice and I think it should be smooth sailing.” Keeve yawned before he rolled over to fall asleep.

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