The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


14. ch14

“We need to raise anchor! The Creed is hunting us all!” Keeve called as he rushed up the loading plank where it connected the ship. Smidge was waiting in the quarters that were meant for him. He looked at Keeve with a questionable look. Most of the crew members were getting the ship ready for supplies to be hulled onto the ship and they too started to glare at Keeve.

“What is the meaning of this?” Smidge yelped as he got onto the deck and all the crewmates started to stare at him. He started to panic a bit that he didn’t hear him the first time.

“We are being hunted by The Creed!” Keeve explained himself and all the crewmates looked like he just sentence them all to death by the one assassin group that could quickly over run them and kill them all.

“Aren’t we all? Since we are both witnesses to The Creed’s work. “Smidge chimed as he confronted Keeve whom was still trying to relay the warning that Kieran had told him about Lum.

“But it is going after the caption!” Keeve exclaimed to where Smidge finally got the hind and started to look around so the part that Lum could be in trouble was talked quietly in private.

“What do you mean?” He questioned while they made their way back down the ramp.

“I confronted the leader… She said that she is going after Lum and I need to find her.” Keeve rambled and Smidge seemed to know where would be a good place to look around.

“This is not good that the head had found us.” Smidge kept his voice down to ease suspicion while they both went to the pub.

“I know but we are not going to back down quite yet but we all do need to get a plan together.” Keeve said.

“Aye. But Lum always finds the watering holes in a town, no matter how far it is that is why we are heading this way.” Smidge chimed as he went in and there she was. She was singing at the top of her lungs and starting to cry a bit as Smidge sighed and started to count the few coins in a small sack that he had in a small pouch.

It was odd to see her sing so horribly but yet show that she is remembering something that he could tell was bothering her while she looked to be having the time of her life. The part that she was swinging her glass without care made Keeve think that she would have a hard rime settling down since her hair was not in the normal rope-tied bow. Her brownish red hair was flying as much as the liquid in the glass while her hat was on the counter of the bar. The musty small did not settle well with Keeve, nor did the fact that the caption could not hold her liquor well.

Smidge went right up to the bar and the tender looked happy to see them as Smidge plopped the small sack of coins on the table. “How many had she had?” Smidge asked the tender and he nodded as he glanced at Lum whom was spinning around the table and Keeve could see her start to topple over.

He quickly rushed over to her as she fell. Keeve knew that she was not in a good position to talk while she landed right in his arms. “My hero!” She cried and then pecked him on the cheek.

“Lovely” Keeve thought as he set her down to walk back and snatch her hat.

“Only three drinks. " the tender huffed as if, he to was ashamed of Lum. Keeve started to lead her out of the pub thinking about Kieran and what she said. He started to move her out of the pub with Smidge right behind them. Lum was starting to walk in a stagger to where Keeve had to keep an arm under her to keep her upright. Keeve felt trapped in this situation since The Creed was around them and that Lum wouldn't take it seriously.

Soon they got to the ship and Lum still was singing and caring on with the same unsentimental tune and the crew jumped into action to help Keeve get Lum onto the ship.Smidge shook his head, wondering about the fact that he let Lum do this sort of thing.

"Should have known.” He sighed while looking like he was defeated. His saddened face should have not been a shock to Keeve that he was acting this way, but he was.

"What do you mean?” Keeve asked and tried to suppress everything about The Creed so far.

“I mean that Lum always was this way since I met her. Young, willing for a journey, and runs to the bottle every chance she gets. That is why she doesn’t allow barrels of that on her ship, or if nothing else, I don’t.” Smidge explained as Lum was finally in her hammock, hopefully just messing with her own stuff.

“Makes sense.” Keeve said as he heard a scream from her cabin.

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