The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


1. ch1

“Any last words?” Keve looked at his family member dead in the eyes as there was nothing else to look at out in the middle of the ocean. Keve stood strait and tall showing that he was not afraid of what might happen to him as he waved his head to make his brown hear move hopefully to seduce his enemy into releasing him as he was quite handsome with his hair that was just passed his shoulders and braided in dreads or what he called mini braids. His captor named Kieran was a member of the creed as is he but nothing could of prepared him for the backstab of the sentry for trying to get out of the creed.  Now here he stands on a rickety rowboat waiting with his hands and feet tied behind his back felling the rage bubbling up inside him with every ticking moment that passed as the boat rocked on the waves making him even more annoyed that they had yet to throw him overboard like they plan on doing.
“I might as well be in front of a firing squad at least I would be a waste of bullets for all of you.”Keve sassed at Kieran as she stared at him with unimpressed eyes if he ever had seen a pair that were so bright green and deadly.
“You have chosen your fate Keve when you disgraced us. Now you must pay with your life.” Kieran chimed butting her gun to his neck as he smiled widely as the wide cold barrel lifted his chin for him. He was a little scared that his life might end right then and there but he didn’t show it by keeping his strait face.
“I always wanted to know what fate tasted like since it eh the saddest peace of life.” Keve knew that he was walking the thinnest rope of his life since let someone he never even met go without even knowing that he was one of the many enemies that even he didn’t know was there in the hideout.
“You will Keve, You will meet The Creed.” She said in a very slow and sadistic tone as she pushed him off of the edge of the small rowboat and into the ocean with a slash that covered him immediately to try to take his life.
“That should be the last we hear from that smart mouth.”  Kieran sighed as she watched as her cousin’s bubbles floated to the surface and pop wide open at the top.

“I hope that those knots hold miss…”  Macomb huffed in almost complete silence but he had forgotten that Kieran had supper cat like hearing that could possibly hear a pin drop among a crowd of people. She spun around quickly and glared at him with fire in her eyes that were hoping to burn him to a singe.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN you HOPE that the knots hold Macomb?” Kieran yelled vary angry at him at the moment since the darkness was now gathering in the middle of the daytime while they both saw that last of the bubbles that meant that Keve was finally gone in the sea’s eyes.

“I was never the best in tying knots.” Macomb whispered and Kieran did not like the answer that he gave her as her temper elapsed into something far more sinister. She grabbed him by the color and flipped him overboard.

Macomb started to flap randomly as if he was a fish out of water as Kieran slowly knelt on the side of the boat.  But soon he stopped with a smirk on his face and Kieran didn’t want a smirk she wanted him to realize what he might have done since Keve let a prisoner escape who had stolen from the creed.  she pushed Macomb under the water just to make him panic once again.

“This will teach you for not being good at knots, let’s hope that the sweet talker talks to the creed than swims away.” Kieran hissed while she knew that Macomb didn’t hear her while he was under the salty water but she thought he would get what she was saying. He got to the edge on the rowboat and slowly pulled himself inside without any help from Kieran.  Macomb laid on his back thinking that he was glad that she had yet to bash him silly and why in the world that he is still paired up with her but he knew that he might be able to get out of the darkness that surrounded him and it started with her. He was meat by two row prattles on his chest and Kieran standing like she was in haste of getting back to the hideout.

“At least the chains are still good miss.” Macomb sighed as he started rowing back to shore. Knowing that Keeve might have a chance at life and he didn’t.

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