The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


20. ch 20

It had been a few days and Lum had gotten used to her wrap and they both were able to help each other out with tasks that were essential with survival. The Creed was always on their minds and Lum started to wish that she had a better shirt that would hide her cut that The Creed had put on her. Keeve on the other hand was calmer and was happy that Lum had taken his half lie as what he said and not ask about the truth that he had lied about.

“We need to get off this place.”Lum suggested and Keeve gave her a questionable look.

“Are you sure? You are in no shape for a raft.” Keeve chimed and Lum started to get herself off of the rock with her stick under her arm.  She started to back up and pointed at the sky that was above the treetops. The part that smoke was starting to fill the air was worrying Keeve that there was another person on this island.

“I am sure if there is someone else here.” Lum chimed and Keeve knew she was right but that still didn’t mean she was in shape of being on that raft for being with a broken or sprained leg.

“But?” Keeve questioned and Lum gave him a stern look to where he was sure that arguments were out of the question. “Aye captain, I will start looking around for utensils.” He huffed and then Lum repaid him with a quick peck of the cheek which sent an unsure feeling to Keeve.

He lifted Lum off of the ground and held her in his arms. She started to squeak a little since she was not expecting it. He started to walk with her starting to enjoy his kindness. She looked scared like she had been since she had gotten used to only three things with her life. One was the pirate side with her ship and crew, the other was with civilization itself while the last is possibly a palace that she despised. Lum berried her head into his chest while Keeve knew that she had to be his since they were having a moment. Alone and walking silently they went on the edge of the beach to see if they could find anything of use.

“Keeven, I think we should stop.” Lum suggested and she was starting to be correct since the day was creeping away and they had done nothing. Keeve slowly set her down and started to go into the woods again.

“What are you doing?” Lum questioned and Keeve noticed that the trees were normal trees like they were as if they hadn’t gone as far as they thought.

“Going to fallow the smoke, I think it is better to find The Creed and get captured instead of walking everywhere or building a raft.” Keeve explain and Lum’s eyes drooped as if she knew then her eyes got wide as if she was trying to say something out loud.

 Then all went silent while Keeve could feel something blind him and he could hear Lum screaming in terror while Keeve had a feeling that he knew whom was behind this.

“A Creed and a pirate, how romantic.” Kieran chimed and it sent chills throughout Keeve’s body. He could tell the voice anywhere to where he didn’t need to see to know what was happening.

“At least I have someone that appreciates me instead of you that has nothing, Creed.” He sassed and he felt something cold touch his neck.

“I am with family Keeven. Or should I spoil it now?” She hissed and Lum was starting to grumble.

“Just don’t hurt us Creed we are willing to go quietly.” Keeve begged and he felt the mettle, of what felt like the same barrel that she had been using, press forcefully into his neck.

“I shouldn’t be the one that everyone is calling Creed, Keeve. Or is it normal to lie and call yourself Keeven now?” Kieran had no right to say that information while Keeve tried to punch her in the gut but she must had moved in the sand quickly and silently to where he missed. “Now Keeve, that is now way that you should treat a fellow member of your religion.”

“I rather be sent to our jail like the kids are to train. At least there I can find the ones I need and away from your snake like voice.” Keeve sassed and he felt something hit the back of his head that made him fall to the sand. The grains scraped his face and he tried to get up but something was holding him down.

“Remember Keeve, you both have a bounty… I wouldn’t talk that way if I were you.” Kieran chimed and then Keeve can feel his feet being in the air and then back onto the sand.

“I wouldn’t have noticed?” Keeve chimed and Lum was sounding like she was starting to move to get her holder to let her go.  

“Well I sugest that you be on your best behavior my fellow family member of the Creed.” Kieran said and Keeve was shoved to where he started to move by force since another member of The Creed was shoving their along.

“Please carry Lum she isn’t that fast at walking yet.” Keeve chimed and he could hear a loud whimper that came from Lum which made Keeve unsure that they were doing the right thing while they were stowed away at the very bottom of a ship.

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