The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


19. ch 19

The cold started to wake Keeve up and he realized that he was still under water. He started to swim upwards to the surface. The rush of water over him was like when he was supposed to truly be dead. He swam to where the water let him get to the surface and breathed deeply the crisp and refreshing air.

The sun what bright and the salt stung a little in his eyes when he could finally open them. Keeve started to look around and all he saw was vast seas that were a calm swell but no sign of Lum anywhere. He feared that she might be dead while he went under the water to see if she was under there. He searched around under the water for a bit and then came back up.

“I got to find her I can’t let her go.” Keeve thought as the started to call her name.  Meanwhile, he could feel his wound start to sting while he called her name.

“Lum, captain, London!”

He started to think that he might have lost her while he started to swim from where he was at. He dives above and below the sea to find her as well as any other junk or animals in the water. He forgot about his wound that he still had yet to tend to since he thought that a life would be better.  He searched everywhere and in wreckage that already hit the bottom of the seafloor.

After a while of searching his hope of finding Lum was fading, as well as the light that was fading for another night. He was searching in a small rim of the Island that he would have to call home for at least a moment.

He started to turn to shore with a heavy heart but he spotted something in the water. He swam closer and closer to see that it was a bit of Lum’s clothing. He got excited and dived down and she was down at the very bottom of the sea with her hair flowing with the current. She looked to be asleep but Keeve knew that she was in trouble while he swam down and scooped her into his arms.

He came to the surface and carried her to the shore. He was scared that she had already passed when he finally collapsed onto the sandy shore. “London!” he yelled as he started to try to wake her up by breathing into her mouth.

After a few moments of doing just that she suddenly opened her eyes in a flash and coughed up a storm to get rid of the water that swelled in her lungs. “Keeven you saved me.”  She sighed and then laid back onto the sand.

“I couldn’t let you go to death’s home. Besides, we made way to many sacrifices to let you to fall to The Creed.” Keeve mumbled and Lum must have herd him while he was calmly looking ahead and hoping that there would be a way to make it all end.

“The Creed has sacrifices? Are you sure and if so how do you know?” Lum hissed and Keeve forgot for a moment that he needed to be Keeven and Keeven knows as much in the topic of The Creed as an average person.

“I had only herd rumors, I don’t know if it is true or not that The Creed runs on sacrifices.” He lied. He glanced at Lum whom was rubbing her marking.

“I just hope that I am not part of The Creed.” Lum huffed and Keeve got on the other side of her quickly and wrapped an arm around her just after he pulled the sleeve up where his marking was. He knew it would be a long shot to what she had on her arm but it would have to work for now.

“I had been branded as well.” Keeve started as he showed her his mark. Her eyes widened at his marking as she started to trace it with her finger as if she had instantly turned into a small child. Her touch was cold to Keeve but was warming to see that she was excepting of him. The slow movement of her taking everything in that was of his birthmark was making Keeve uneasy.

“When?” Lum mumbled and they locked eyes. Lum’s was full of sadness and worry now when she suddenly stopped and placed her hand on her lap.

“A long time ago. I was a witness to The Creed’s kill. They branded me for doing so and they were supposed to kill me by drowning… Several times I should have died with The Creed but that was the most recent try.” Keeve half lied. Lum stared at him as now it was obvious that she was trying to comprehend what he just told her.

“But what about Smidge? Is he hunted, and am I hunted as well?” She started to panic which Keeve did not want her to at all for now since she had just survived something that was traumatizing. He tried to use a calming voice for this part since it was not going to be present news for her to hear at all.

“We are hunted, because we had lived through The Creed’s work and they are waiting for the turn of events to fall back on us so we could pass.” Keeve started and Lum started to get up and then winced before falling back onto the sand.

“So Smidge might be…” Lum trailed and then Keeve saw a tear escape her eye. However that one tear turned into more while he was willing to lend his shoulder as leverage for her.

“You don’t know that. You shouldn’t think that!” Keeve rambled while he had no clue how to settle her down. A perfect time for Smidge to show unannounced and where all had been thought to be unchangeable and bleak.

“But how are we going to save him? We have no boat and I think I broke something.” Lum stared to ramble Keeve knew that panic was going to be her downfall as he got up and started to look around.

“We can’t think that we are in the dark when we don’t even know if we are truly marooned.” Keeve stated and Lum must have completely lost the fact that she had to be the strong caption.  Keeve slowly went to the crest of greenery to look for a vine to wrap Lum’s leg up with and to hopefully find a branch to use as a crutch. 

“But we are!” Lum yelped and Keeve sighed. He found some leaves and a vine that would work well but the branch would be the hardest bit to fine. He moved the leaf that he wanted and saw something that was chilling to him. The marking was carved into a tree meaning that someone died here. The marking was old but the question was how long had the mark been there since Keeve is the only Creed member in the aria thus far.

“We are not.” Keeve breathed and quickly scrambled the materials since he did not want to find out that marking was meaning of a warning of a hideout that was nearby. However, Keeve knew that the hideout was by the port in the fast growing town next to that port aria.

He started to walk back and kept looking over his shoulder. Keeve could feel eyes burn into his skin even though nothing was around that showed that his family was barely nonexistence in the aria. He knelt slowly and this time he was moving the sand constantly because sometimes Creed members hide things underground or at least under brush and lose ground.

“Keven, is something wrong?” Lum chimed, looking frightened at his reactions or that she was finally thinking of the worst.

“I found a marking it looks old but I prefer not to take any chances.” Keeve huffed and wrapped her leg up quickly and tightly.

“I don’t blame you.”Lum chimed while Keeve finished up and started to patch his own. “There are three stars in the sky.” Keeve looked up and was surprised that Lum was listening during that night and that she would bring it up now. “The darkest one is you and the second brightest is me but the third one the brightest of all is our love.”

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