The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


10. ch 10

Keve was just about to enter Caption Lum's quarters when he started to hear a heated conversation.

"What do you mean he is part of an organization!" Lum shreeked and Smidge was very quick to answer.

"I told you the truth! What ever happened to the two of us having fun over the high seas?" Smidge said and it didn't calm her down at all.

"That was when we were first started out, before you and me went after the assassins just to see if they had any loot. I almost lost you." she sighed and looked a way that Keve would never think he would see her, about to cry.

"You didn't someone had a change of heart." Smidge tried to calm her down by going behind her and slowly pressed his hands on her shoulders. She quickly broke the hold and spun around to where she managed to grab tow of the swords from a pot That were lined with several. Lum had flames that burned in her eyes.

"You are NOT trying that again Smidge. Like I said we are crew mates, not lovers you have tried this move too many times to where now I suggest you leave before I make you walk the plank!" She threatened, using her swords as a threat to her first mate.

“You wouldn’t!” Smidge sighed and Lum smiled slightly.

“I had come up from the top; you of all people should know this blooming tale! From top to bottom, from bottom to top and now, hopefully, I can stay at this rank I had perched myself as the caption of my crew. I don’t need another distraction as a first mate that will want my innards as his pitiful playground, and don’t you forget that, Smidge.” She threatened as she used the swords as her negotiation tools by pointing them strait at Smidge and taking a step after every word.

“You would.” Smidge breathed and Lum retracted her swords. Lum walked over and shoved the swords in the barrel, making the entire barrel shake with noisy clangs to shifting mettle.

“I am glad you see things my way- you may go...” She dismissed her first mate and Smidge did not hesitate to run out of her quarters.  Keve scurried behind the barrels while Smidge burst through the door and slammed it behind him. When he started to walk past Keve, Keve held his breath while Smidge walked past. He was extra cautious to not to make a bit of sound, knowing that it might be his last.

As soon as Smidge was gone and below deck, Keve looked into the window again to see Lum leaning on her desk. She started to lock lovely to Keve as the candlelight stated to dance with the swaying ship. Lum ran through her wonderful reddish brown hair that made Keve want to burst in right then and be a sarcastic hero, but he knew after watching the entire ordeal from earlier that it is best to be the cautious crewmate that was holding something back.

He kept watching and seeing that she was calming herself down by watching her throw her captain’s hat to the pillar that was sticking out of one of the walls that was by the window. She scowled when she missed and quietly picked it up.

“How in the world am I going to do this?” She thought as she set the hat on the side of a couch that sat behind her desk. “That Keven might be the death of me or the light of my being but, I’m not sure.” She is now starting to talk to herself as she started to move to the treasure. “I better divvy this up unless I want to be marked a snitch.” She said and then picked up a coin to see how much she had, she slammed it down and burry her hand in the chest but quickly pulled it out as if she was touching a hot lantern. She let the coins and tools hit the ground she quietly went back to her desk as she could tell that she was showing hot tears on anger. She had spotted something in that chest that reminded her of her past, a crown.

“No, I am not going back!” She snarled at herself, trying her hardest not to brake as Keve started to wonder what she meant by the fact that she has a past as well that, she too, doesn’t want to show. She raced back and unburied a crown and slowly lifted it up and placed it on her own head. She started to look at herself in a small mirror that she picked up from a table that was nearby her hammock.

“Smidge is right about one thing, I did come from up way up. I know that I had tarnished my family name to where I am still glad that I ran from home but…” She sighed. She pulled the rope that held her hair together as it gently fell from their restraints to where they floated like feathers to Keve that ravished every color that it had and it framed Lum’s face to where she was more ravishing and beautiful than before as she started to flash her bright green eyes back at the mirror.

Keve had to restrain himself because she was not a part of The Creed. It was part to make it pure and to be sure that the marking was going to be passed from one generation to the other. He knew that it had to be that way but he still watched since there had been no one else that he had been with that took his eyes away to one person than captain Lum had.

She set the mirror down and ripped the crown out of her hair and looked at it with fury. “I can’t go back; if I do I know that I would die. Besides, I like this life perfectly.” She said and went straight for the open window. Keve thought that this would be a better time than ever to come in since Lum just threw the crown overboard and is now watching it sink to the bottom of the seas saying that it was “Good riddance.”

Keve opened the door without any warning, making Lum jump and spin around quickly to see him standing in the door way. He knew he had just messed up in the fact that he meant to be supper quiet but it failed miserably while he tried his hardest to control himself.

"Umm, captain can I talk to you?" He shuttered thinking this was not how he wanted the conversation to start.

“Depends? Is it important?” She hissed as she placed her captain’s hat back on her head and then slammed her hands on her desk.

“Tis is, unless you would like to know some other time?” He sighed and Lum smiled slightly as she was clearly intrigued at his proposal.

“Carry on. What is it that you want mate?” she inquired clearly in a rush.

“Well I hear that you need a treasure map, one that leads you to some grand riches and bring you out of misery.” He said and her eyes started to shine as she started to sit down and put her feet up on a corner of the desk.

“I do. You had been holding out on me Mate?” She accused and Keve quickly stepped back defensively.

“Oh nay, captain! I was just waiting for the right moment to show you what I have with me.” Keve chimed and came forth and got the map out of his pocket. He placed it on the desk and unfolded it while Lum’s green eyes that shined like emeralds. Keve liked that thing about her she showed them before. He started to smile as Lum quickly skimmed the map.

“Did you get this off of the ship? But, this is treasure that is from…” Lum trailed astonished that Keve has this.

“I know and I got a souvenir…” Keve explained and slammed the flag down and as soon as she unfolded the waded up flag her face lost all the color.

“This is The Creed map and flag; we must have raided a Creed ship!” She exclaimed and Keve became panicked.

“No, the caption that I slathered didn’t know about The Creed! I asked before I killed.” Keve rambled and Lum looked confused,

“You asked? Got any whiteness?” Lum asked and Keve got nervous since The Creed did not allow witnesses.

“No…. no one was there until the very end after I let the… sword finish the conversation.” Keve saved himself and Lum smiled. She must have been impressed on what he had done but he found out later that he was wrong.

“Really, and you think that I am going to believe you?” She demanded and Keve turned to his remarkable way of words.

“I say this is a wonderful map caption. It is full of adventure and treasure on the journey. “Keve chimed and he started to move closer to Lum. “It is full of everything that a pirate could wish for. Plus you have a problem and one raid would only last so long as a victory.”

“It is also part of The Creed.” She said and Keve could feel revenge come to him and he wanted to have it personally.

“And what if I knew someone that is inside and can help us out?” Keve sighed and he could tell that his eyes were glowing with intentions and Lum’s were dimming because of uncertainty. Keve knew that he might have her since she was interested and that might had been the last piece that finally convinced her to fallow that map.

“Are you sure? You are not one of them, are you?” She asked and Keve shook his head quickly and knew that he would have to leave soon to lose the suspicion that he was one of them.

“No Caption. However you need this and there is still talk, are you sure that one chest is going to settle the crew down to where they would forget mutiny? I am sure that your home will take your body back.” Keve sasses as he started to head to the door and opened it quickly.

“You’ll thank me later.” He chimed just before he shut the door behind him for the night. Lum was left alone finally to think.

She plopped down on the sofa that was by her window she started to look out onto the water thinking that she should fall into the ocean and see the last bit of her life up in bubbles. “I wish I could think this would be better than what it is.” She sighed and then spotted the map and flag on her desk.

“Although, I do need something to make my crew on their toes to where mutiny would be unthinkable.” She said as she grabbed the map and placed it in her pocket for the morning.

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