"The Thursday´s Girl"

Maybe was just that I was tired, but I can´t really explain how beautiful she is and at the moment I saw her enter I forgot what was I even doing! I hope I get to see her again some time .
I´ll be waiting, waiting here at the same exact spot where I first saw her.

Hope is the last thing that dies and she have become my only hope.


1. Wednesday 21, August 2013


     .- Another day working the hard as I can. A coffee here, a coffee there. Coffee have taken my mind, but what can I say I work in a coffee shop. It´s just a job while I finish university.

Working here has become a little rutinary. Wake up, get dressed, go to work, make coffe all day and come back home when is dark after wasting my human battery.

Maybe I should start thinking about a better job, a more profesional one, like with an office. That sounds really good.

Its getting late and we are about to close like everyday at 10:00 pm. By that time there is no "Box Disaster coffee shop" open and the most relaxing part of the day starts, the clean and go home part. I clean and get ready to go home and rest.

We have about 4 costumers left and we shall start asking them to leave.

They all have left, that was easy hahahaha! With just a simple - Mister we are about to close - and they get it perfectly, I mean is not that we like them to leave just like that, i think that would be cubbish so no no we dont want that.

The time to go home has arrived and all I can think is get a shower, put on my pj´s and fall asleep, looking forward to be calm tomorrow.


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