Love actully

My aunt set me up on a date with Anne's son when I was 15! I hated him after that date


3. tour news

No ones pov

"Your leaving for a tour in two days?" Nancy asked really sad

"Erm ya we found out today"Harry said"I have to go pack talk to you later"

"Well ok bye oh did Niall tell Chantal"

"Ya he did bye"

"Oh bye"

Nancy's pov

I was so bored oh me and Chantal can go shopping

"Hey chan wanna go shopping?"


"Ok aunt Rebecca we are gonna go shopping"

"Do you need money?" She asked

"We still have a lot of money from yesterday"

"Ok have fun girls don't forget your coats"

I laughed"ok see you soon"

*30 minuets later*

"Where do you wanna go?"i asked Chantal

"How about there?" She walked over there

We got some shoes and stuff like that

"I was thinking about getting Ali,Hannah,and Emily over here to spend a month or so here what do you think?" I asked

"YESSSS it felt like we haven't seen them in forever even though it was 3 days ha"

"How are we gonna get there tough? Hmmmm" I asked

"Where are the boys going on tour?" She asked

"Erm I don't know I'll ask" so I called Harry he didn't answer me so I called Niall

"Hello?" He asked sounding tired

"Oh did I wake you up?"

"Erm no what's up Nancy?" He asked worried

"Nothing just where are you going on tour?"

"Ummm let me think"someone was talking in the background "America "

"Ohhhhh really cool. Who is that you where talking to in the background? It sounded like a girl"I asked

"Oh that was el Louis's girlfriend and Louis speaking"

"Oh ok bye!"

"Bye" the line went dead ok so my idea might work but probably not.

*45 minuets later*

"Hey Emily do you wanna come to England?" I asked

"Wh-what are you joking"

"No of corse not your like a sister to me!"

"Well how am I gonna get over there?"

"I got the tickets ready I got a family discount from my uncle working as a polite for a plane" I gave her the ticket info

"I'll see you soon with Ali and Hannah bye"

"Bye I'll start to pack"she hung up

*2 days later*

"Come on girls we have to pick up you friends" my aunt said

"Are you sure your all right with five girls at the house?"

"Ya I'm fine with it"

We got in the car and went to the airport about a half hour later they came the boys had to go on the next plane to America so we introduced the girls to the boys

"Why are they here" Hannah studded staring at Zayn he laughed

"We are waiting for the next flight to America and we met Nancy and Chantal at Starbucks a few days ago" he answered

"Oh ok" she said

Nancy's pov

A woman said "flight79 America can bored now"

I turned to Harry and hugged him and said bye he kissed me and left Niall kissed Chantal and said bye to the girls they all just looked at us and looked socked

"What?" Me and Chantal asked

"You are dating Harry?" They almost screamed at me

"And your dating Niall" they screamed that too everyone was looking at us

"Shhh be quiet lets go to my aunts house now" I said

*25 minuets later*

We got home and put our stuff away


Sorry for the short chapter I might update to night or tomorrow

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