Love actully

My aunt set me up on a date with Anne's son when I was 15! I hated him after that date


2. the kiss

"Hey mate?" Harry said

"Ya? What's up" Niall asked

"R u and Chantal or thing or what"

"Erm she gave me her number but I never asked her out but I asked if we could hang "

"Oh cool cool maybe you could ask her if she could go to the Starbucks with Nancy plz I really like her but she hates me"

"Why does she hate you?"

"Erm we started to go out after the date but than she saw me um"I hezatated "kiss another girl and that is why she hates me"

"Oh why did you kiss another girl?" Niall demanded

"Well I knew she wasn't gonna stay in London because she told me she was only staying for a few months but now I regret kissing Torrie and now I have stronger feelings for Nancy because she is living in London wait why didn't I text her yet I'm such an idiot" I took out my phone and texted her

um hi Nancy-Harry

Nancy pov.

I got a text on my phone oh great Harry texted me so I texted back

What do you want-Nancy

I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry-Harry

Pfft whatever like that's true-Nancy

No I'm serous can you meet me at Starbucks?-Harry

Than Chantal took my phone to see who I was texting and had a evil smile and texted him back

Of course bring Niall and I will bring Chantal so they could talk for awile xoxo-Nancy

Harry's pov.

Ok see you soon ;) -Harry

She's meeting me at Starbucks yes but she wrote xoxo hmm that doesn't seem like her but than I got another text

Nvm that was Chantal she texted you not me and no I will not go to Starbucks-Nancy

Why not plz I just wanna talk for a bit-Harry

Fine just to talk NOTHING else-Nancy

Yes she is going to Starbucks

I'll be there in 30 - Harry

"Niall you wanna come to Starbucks with me come on we have to get ready"

"Whyyyyyy hazza" Niall said

"Your coming with me now get ready Chantal's gonna be there"

His mood changed from confused to happy in a matter of seconds I swear i think he likes her a lot

*30 minuets later*

I was gonna make my move on Nancy I hope she didn't totally hate me to her guts I mean I've waited years to see her

They came 5 minuets late but I didn't care I just didn't like all the paparazzi taking photos of me and Niall and Nancy and Chantal but I got my drink I payed for Nancy's. Niall and Chantal sat by us but they had there own conversation

"I'm sorry for what I did I was so st-" she cut me off by saying

"I don't care for your excuses" she said it while looking down at her phone

"Can we just start over?" I hope she was gonna say yes but I was excepting for the worst

"Are you gonna hurt me again?" She whispered

"No I will never hurt you again I promise"

"Than ok I guess we can start over"

I was mentally yelling in my head YESSSSS

"So your a couple!" Chantal almost yelled

Nancy's cheeks went a little red but Niall just laughed at Chantal's excitement my cheeks went a little red also

Nancy's pov.

"So r u guys a couple yet or not" I really wanted to know

Before Chantal could say anything Niall said "yes" Chantal just looked shocked

After awhile of talking I looked at the time holy we have been here for about 2 hours man time flys bye fast it was 5

" we need to go home it's almost time for dinner" so we all got up and hugged each other we where about to leave but Harry stopped me


"I just wanted to do this" he was moving closer to me now our faces where inches apart befor he closed the gap with a kiss than I kissed back and paparazzi took pictures of us then we let go of each other and I said

"I'll see you tomorrow" I smiled me and Chantal put our hoods up and walked out

*20 minuets later*

When we got home we where on the news EVERY news channel than there was a picture of me and Harry kissing than a pic of Niall and Chantal kissing she was blushing

Harry's pov

The boys where acting strange

"Guys what's up?" I asked

"Erm we are going on tour again" zayn said

"That is supposed tone a good thing right?" Niall asked

"We can't bring our girlfriends" Louis pouted

"Why not?" I asked

"Because the tour bus can't hold 10 people on it" Liam said

"Yes we can Nancy can sleep on my bed and Chantal can sleep in Niall's bed

"But we still can't bring them we got to bring them last tour" Louis said

"When do start the tour?"

"2 days from today" zayn said

"Oh" with that I went to my room

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