Love actully

My aunt set me up on a date with Anne's son when I was 15! I hated him after that date


5. the date

Nancy's pov

Today we are going to NY city for the date . wow she was really pretty she is wearing a blue tank top and a blue shorts and blue toms. We told her we were going to a concert and going backstage we totally tricked her.

*12 hours later*

"Chan wake up" she always sleeps on planes

"We already here" she asked sleepy and yawed

"Hurry we gotta get ready 'it' for Hannah" I whispered the last word

"Ok ok I'm up"

all of us got our stuff the boys waited for us to come. Once Harry saw me he ran up to me and picked me up and span around. He was making a sean so I smacked him in shoulder. I walked up to Zayn

"Are you ok?" I asked and hugged him he cried a little bit in my shoulder

"Ya I'm fine" he sniffled I nodded and went back to Harry

"So where are they going to tonight?" I asked

"To a restaurant" he said

"What's your story about him going where?" I asked

"I told him we where going clubing"

Hannah's pov

When Harry picked up Nancy span her around I wished that was me and Zayn. He must feel so lonely. I walked up to Nancy and asked when the concert will be because I live in an apartment in town.she looked at Harry he said something in her ear "9:00" she said"and we could all stay at my house if you want but Ali will be at her boyfriends house"

"Ok sure but I'll stop at my house first I have some things I need to get some things first then I'll go to your house"

There was a big black SUV out side I was kinda surprised it was big. we told him are addresses I told him to wait at my apartment building he said ok I ran upstairs to grab some of my stuff I grabed my makeup and ran downstairs to get back in the SUV. Someone took my seat it was taking by Harry. I was siting next to Zayn now.

Zayn's pov

She came in back in she looked back at her original seat but it was taken I looked around to where she will sit when I looked around the only seat was next to me.oh palms started to get sweaty she came and sat next to me.

"I'm sorry about you and perrie" she said

I didn't know what to say "I had a feeling we were drifting apart" I said nervously

Nancy's pov

*20 minutes later*

"Don't forget arrive there 10 minutes earlier "I kissed Harry bye

"I won't forget that" he had a cheeky smile

"Shut up" I laughed. all the girls got off and went in my house we did our make-up and got in my car and went to restaurant and Hannah said" why are we here and not at the concert?"

"It erm got canceled" I said nervously

"Ok I guess"

"Table for mrs.Mialk" I whispered the last words she looked at me "it's only for her tough we are tricking her to go on a date with him" she nodded

I pretended to get a text from Ali "oh I have to go to Ali's so do Chantal and Emily"

"What about me?" Hannah asked

"Erm here is some money for eating here cuz we need to go there right now and follow the woman to your table oh ya the boys will be at your table"

She nodded and followed the woman to the table

Zayn's pov

The boys left I don't know why they just said they had to something and that the girls were coming so I won't be lonely but when I looked up I saw only Hannah coming I started getting nervous again now I get it they tricked me. The woman said this is her table she looked confused but not sad so she sat down I asked

"Where are the other girls Harry said they would be here"

"I tough all the boys would be here and Nancy said some thing happened to Ali" she said confused

"oh they tricked us maybe they know I like you" I whispered the last three words she must have heard it because she blushed and whispered "I like you to" she looked up at me I smiled so big it was probably ear to ear

"Than can I ask you a question?" I was still smiling really big

"Ya if you want" she blushed

"You wa-wanna go out?" I was so nervous

A smile grew on her face and said "yes" and blushed

"Just to warn you I have a dirty mouth" I laughed. She blushed even more

And with that the date ended at about 11:30


It took me a long time to right this :) love ya Brit-lovers

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