One Chance

Have you ever think about why don't you have a boyfriend? And asking yourself if you were that ugly? That is what is happening to Ally Morgan read to find out more of her story


1. Too freak to notice

Ally's Pov 

I was walking down the hall way. It was raining outside. I love the sound of the rain. When I reached my locker I took my books and startles walking to my Bio class. It was a cold day, so I was wearing my old black hoodie and a black sweater. I put in the right way my glasses and turned the staircase, I bumped into someone. I felled down in my knees, I looked at the person who I bumped with, it was a blond haired boy with blue ocean eyes and he was a tall brown haired boy, I looked a him with a "not fiends" expression, I took by books of the floor and kept walking.  I was finally in Biology class, I went to my usually spot, a desk beside the window and looked at my hands, they hurted me. I decided not to think about that now, so I tried to pay attention to the class. 

When Bio class ended I was walking up the stairs when I felt that someone took my skirt. I freezed. Then I herd that someone said my name and other thing that I couldn't heard very well. Everything went like a buzz. I didn't heard anything. In one move I tourned around and kicked with my left foot something. I heard a loud noise, then I looked at what I haved kicked. It was the brown haired boy that was with the blond one the last time. I felt anger grew into me.  Why was this guy annoying me? 

"You really are persistent idiot!" I spat to him, he limited to look at me, speechless, I turned away and kept walking. I heard bad things about me while I was walking and screams, but I didn't care. I didn't care about anything anymore. 

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