One Chance

Have you ever think about why don't you have a boyfriend? And asking yourself if you were that ugly? That is what is happening to Ally Morgan read to find out more of her story


2. Kind of person I like

Ally's POV

The day was finally over. I walked to my locker and opened it. Papers failed down. I looked specially at one. "Your a horrible person, say sorry idiot." It said. I kept looking at it. It brought memories at me.  Suddenly I was taken out of my dream by someone saying my name. I looked over at who it was. It was the brown haired boy. He was waving at me with his right hand, I had bruises because of the kick I have him. 

"Hey, I wanted to say that the guy that took your skirt was a good friend of my, so, sorry." He said. I was speechless. I hold with more force the paper. 

"I guess I'm sorry too." I said looking at the ground. Suddenly he started to laugh. I felt angry. Then he realized it. 

"Sorry, it's just that, you are unpredictable." He told me. I was still looking at the ground. I turned away and started to walk. 

"Wait!"-I frizzed-" I kind of think that .... you are ...  Interesting." He told me with a low voice.

"I don't know what you mean" I told him, still at my place. 

"I mean that, you are the kind of person I like." He told me with a low voice again, hoping that I will take it cool. 

I only ignored him and walked away. 


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