What Don't You Understand About Love? (ON HOLD)

When Lizzy finds out her best friend, Niall Horan, is in a world famous boyband, One Direction, what will happen to their relationship? Will Niall ever understand ever understand how much Lizzy loves and needs him? Is it possible that their hearts just aren't meant for each other? But finally, is Niall even sure he loves Lizzy? Some people just don't understand love...


10. Winner of Contest and Harry's Problem


Okay so the winner of the contest is Dharma (dharmaforever12) so congrats to her! She gets to be Harry's girlfriend! Anyway, back to the story!




When we arrived home, Harry poked my arm and asked me, "Can I talk to you in private?" I nodded and followed him to his bedroom. We sat down on his bed and I asked him, "What's wrong?" "I have a problem, and quite a big one." He replied. "Okay… so what's up?" I asked. "You know your friend, Dharma?" He started. I nodded and he continued. "Well she wanted me to hang out with her sometime, which I'm assuming means she's asking me on a date, but I can't." He babbled. I was confused as I asked, "Why?" He looked into my eyes, took my hands and said, "Because I'm falling for you." I looked at him for a second, then, sensing tears in my eyes, ran towards the living room, where Niall was.

"No, Lizzy!" Harry cried, chasing after me. I jumped into Niall's arms and cried into his chest. "It's okay." Niall whispered into my ear. I felt his strong arms wrap around me and I felt completely safe again. Harry arrived in the living room and the boys began to stare from Harry to me and Niall. Niall, finally processing what was happening, screamed at Harry, "What did you do to her?!" I turned around to face Harry, and saw pain and dread in his eyes. "Niall, please." I said and began too walk over to Harry. "I'm sorry." He whispered. I shook my head, and whispered to him, "You should be." Then I turned and walked back to Niall to explain what happened, leaving Harry dazed behind me.

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