What Don't You Understand About Love? (ON HOLD)

When Lizzy finds out her best friend, Niall Horan, is in a world famous boyband, One Direction, what will happen to their relationship? Will Niall ever understand ever understand how much Lizzy loves and needs him? Is it possible that their hearts just aren't meant for each other? But finally, is Niall even sure he loves Lizzy? Some people just don't understand love...


3. Like Meeting All Over Again

There the boys were, on the television. It was on the news channel. It was talking about how they began and how famous they were getting. Then Niall walke in from the back door. "Hi. I thought I heard someone coming in." He smiled. "Umm hi I guess." I replied. "Are you okay?" He asked. 'No' I thought, but I answered him with, "I'm fine." I think he could tell I was lying. He walked over to me, hugged me tight and whispered in my ear, "Whatever it is, I'm here for you." He pulled away and looked me straight in the eyes. He leaned towards me and kissed my cheek. It felt like the first day I met him, but this kiss meant something, to both of us. 

"Let's go outside with the others." He said and took my hand and led me outside. Wait what? Now I was really confused. Did he want me or was he just trying to make me feel better. When we got to the patio door, though, he let go. 'Whatever' I thought. We walked outside and joined the lazy boys who were sitting around on the lawn chairs on the patio. "Hi!" I chirped. "Hello!" They all said in unison. "So, what's the plan for the afternoon?" I asked. "How about Truth Or Dare?" Louis suggested. "Okay!" Niall said and we started the game.

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