What Don't You Understand About Love? (ON HOLD)

When Lizzy finds out her best friend, Niall Horan, is in a world famous boyband, One Direction, what will happen to their relationship? Will Niall ever understand ever understand how much Lizzy loves and needs him? Is it possible that their hearts just aren't meant for each other? But finally, is Niall even sure he loves Lizzy? Some people just don't understand love...


6. How Do We Tell Them?

 We walked back into the kitchen where the boys practically attacked me with hugs. "Are you okay?" Zayn asked as Liam rubbed my arm. "I'm fine guys, seriously." I said. "Okay…" Harry started. "What happened?" I sighed and explained why I ran in the house during Truth Or Dare. "…and now Niall and I are dating." I finished, blushing. The boys' jaws dropped. "Wow… I never saw that coming." Louis finally said. But I could tell the boys were okay with it.

We went into the family room and began to watch television. I cuddled up to Niall on the couch, something I thought I'd never do. It was getting late, and I began to grow very sleepy. My eyelids began to feel heavy, and I fell asleep in Niall's arms. 

*the next morning*

I was awake, but I didn't open my eyes. I listened to the boys talking. "What about a moustache?" I heard Louis say. Oh shit. They're drawing on my face. I felt a marker on my upper lip, along with a warm hand trailing behind it. "There." Harry said. Oh, so Harry's the one doing this art. "Let's see, we've given her a moustache, a unibrow, a heart that says 'Niall' in it, a little beard, and many, many little ding-a-lings." (A/N: If you know what I mean!😂) Zayn said. "I'll take the picture!" Niall exclaimed. Now I see. "Everyone move! I think she's ready!" Just as Niall was about to take the picture, I jumped up and tackled him. "Ahhhh!" He screamed. "Watch your backs." I said pointing at the others and getting up off of Niall to wash off my face.

About an hour later, I realized something. "How are we going to tell the fans?" I blurted out. The boys looked at me confused, and I sat up to explain. "About me and Niall." I said. "Oh." Liam said. "That." We just sat there think for a minute, then Niall said, "Just on Instagram. We can just announce it." "Okay with me." I said. Niall took a selfie of him kissing my nose. He posted it with the caption: "Old best friend, new girlfriend!" We smiled and waited for the comments to roll in.

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