Kiss in the dark

Hello we are, S.E.A.L, and we love one direction, hope you enjoy our fan fic we are still working on it and please comment, fav, like. Hope we have your support.
Description: Brooklyn and Samantha receive opportunities in college to set out and see what it's like working for celebrities. Being sent out to the UK London obviously brings in the opportunity to meet one direction, which of course they are working for, with splendid jobs. Along the way they meet Aria and Kimberly, there soon to be best friends and co workers, as they set out to find their life and how it would work being away from all they know. Relationships, friendships, more to come in, Kiss in the Dark- by: S.E.A.L.


2. packing


On Thursday night, Sam came over and we began to pack. We were looking at clothes. "Oh my gosh! Brooke this would be SOO CUTE!!!" Sam said.

I scanned the yellow spaghetti strapped sundress that Sam held in her hands. It went to about mid thigh. The look on Sam's face was so hopeful, like a puppy bringing its master a prize.

"Umm. I.......I'm not a big fan of dresses," I replied.

Her face fell.

"But why? You would look so pretty!"

I stared at my suit case, folding some sweat shirts and saying nothing.

Finally, after a long intence silence, I whispered, "it doesn't seem real. My dream is coming true. I am on my way to making music for the rest of my life." I smiled. It was probably the biggest cheesiest smile I have ever had. "I'm so happy!!!" And then I started bouncing off walls with excitement. Jumping on beds, rolling on the floor, throwing clothes every where, and Sam just stood still, smiling and shaking her head, as if to say 'Oh Brook.'


"Ok, which one, the red sundress or the short grey dress with the triangular rhinestones on the top and the silky grey belt and silky grey bottom." We were now in my dorm looking through my closet and throwing the things we didn't like in the corner of the room by the door.

"I like the grey dress better, but bring the red sundress just in case, it matches your hair a little." Brook tugged on a strand of my hair, "did you get layers?!"

"Yeah, why?"

"It looks really good who did this?" She question because obviously I wouldn't have had enough time to have it done off campus.

"Shaun Fleming."

"Really, your forever to be crush." She puckered her lips and make a disturbing kissy face.

"Shut up!!" I looked at the ground and blush but looked back up with a serious face, "you never know that may change."

"Is my Samantha really thinking about not liking him anymore. Is it possible?"

"Anything could be possible at this point." I smirked.

"Funny. Do you really think we are going to be assigned someone young, because I haven't herd of any bands in London?"

I frowned, "I hope we don't get some older guy who we have nothing in common with. That would really suck."

Brook sighed, "I hear that."

I finished up packing by putting some tank tops in the top zip pocket of my bag, I still had a lot of room left, so I'd figure we'd go shopping tomorrow since we didn't have to go to our classes. "Do you want to go grab something to eat off campus?"

"Sounds great, what do you suggest?" She starred at me.

"How about... Uhhh... Umm... Panera Bread."

"Great lets go!" She was already half way down the dorm buildings hallway.


So we went shopping at a bunch of different places. JC Penny's, Sear's, even old navy. Right now we were at Macy's.

"All of this packing and shopping makes me so anxious," I said. I was sitting on a cushion outside the white door of the changing room that Sam was in.

"I know right!" She called from the other side of the door. "But it's so fun!" The door opened and Sam walked out wearing the prettiest blue spaghetti strap sun dress. It was a v-neck that went pretty low, but didn't show much. The dress hugged her stomach and hung loosely from her small hips. It flowed around her legs stopping mid thigh, but the best thing about it was how it set her hair on fire, and reflected her blue eyes. Her hair was bright, shining and flowing just like the dress, especially since nothing was holding it back. Her eyes were icy, but big and honest and sincere. They caught your gaze instantly and froze them there. I can honestly say I was a little jealous, but mostly so happy of her, and feeling how lucky I was to have her as a friend. "There's just one problem," I said. "Why do we have to get all these dresses?"

Sam smiled. "Well, I mean, we are finally getting to show our stuff. Might as well look good."

"Then you better get that dress," I pointed out. "Because I think it's exactly what your looking for."

We left Macy's soon after.

When we got to the dorm rooms, we split off. I went to my room and she went to hers. When I entered my dorm, Jessica greeted me from her usual spot: at the dining table. Today she was doing her homework. *who does their homework on Friday.* I thought.

"Hey," Jessica said.

"Hey." I, still standing in the doorway, closed the door behind me. Then I looked around. "How come nobody else is here? Like, ever?! I don't even know their names, or how they look like!"

"They're obsessed with parties," Jessica replied without looking up from her work.

I grunted and sluggishly went up the stairs. My room was a mess. You could drown beneath all the clothes. And my luggage was laying on my bed, only half full. I swam to my bed, knocked the luggage off into the pool of pants that surrounded my bed at the moment. I spread out, taking up all the room, kicking my stinky, sock covered feet out in front of me and put my hands behind my head, not caring how elegant I seemed. Right now, all that mattered was comfort. I slept like that for a while, no covers or any thing. When I woke up, it was 8:13pm. I smacked my hand against my fore head and I looked around. I had a flight tomorrow at 5:10am and I had to wake up at 3:00. So I had about 7 hours to get fully packed, clean the jungle around me, and catch my flight. It was going to be a long night.


3:00A.M. wake up from a dreadful sleep. 3:15A.M. run around like crazy trying to make sure you have everything you need for THREE AND A HALF MONTHS until you wet your pants from anxiety. 3:20A.M. brush your hair and make sure you look decent for the plan ride, and meeting, obviously, a celebrity. 3:25A.M. do one last run threw your dorm and make sure you have every thing. 3:26A.M. take one last look at your dorm and walk out the door with a duffle bag, a carry on duffle bag that you stow underneath the seats, and two big suit cases. 3:28A.M. Get Brook and be on our way.

I knocked on the door, no answer. I knocked again, still no answer. I folded my fingers so my hand formed a fist and I banged on the dark brown wood door, "Brook... Brooklyn, hurry, we got to go!"

The flat silver door knob turned an inch and clicked open and revealed a sleepy Brook with frizzy knotted hair on the right side of her head while the other looked brushed and straitened.

"Long night?"

I got no response back but a nod from her tired face. Dark purple circles outline her eyes underneath while her eyelids drooped to mid pupil.

"How about I get your duffles'." I pushed passed her and made my way to her torn up bed. Bags open and full, ready to be zipped and pulled out the door. Folding the two suit cases I took my pointer finger and thumb and closed both within one stride around the plastic covering.

Brook walked into her bathroom and came out with a plastic bag filled with fluids, "thanks," she mumbled rubbing her eyes.

"Welcome... Come with me for a minute." I directed her through the bathroom so she wouldn't run into the door or wall. I had her stand in front of the sink while I turned on cold water and plugged the drain. I picked the brush up on the other side of the bristles so I could gain more control over it. Running the brush through the right side of her head I smoothed the knots out and brought both sides of her hair in the back to make a loose high ponytail.

I turned the faucet off and wrapped one hand around her pony tail and pushed her head down into the cold water in the sink. She wiggled around and braced both hands on either side if the sink and pushed herself out as I remove my hand from her head. Her face was dripping with water onto the white tile floor, "WHAT THE HELL?!"

"Hey, I was just trying to wake you up a bit."

she ripped the towel off the hanger and dried her face frantically, "Just smack me in the face next time."

"With pleasure."

"I'll grab my stuff and meet you downstairs in the the main area to get a drink and maybe a little snack so we can get out of here." She trotted out of the bathroom and started making her bed.

"Ok, but hurry it takes 40 minutes to get to the airport."

Sure enough at 3:35 she came out of the elevator with two duffles and two suitcases behind her and wheeled it to the door.

I pointed at the door for her to go ahead and go to my car which was parked on the curb with the trunk open. "Go ahead I've already got drinks and some snacks. I'll put the snacks in my duffle in the trunk, so don't close it yet." She nodded and strolled out the door.

I opened the drivers side door and set our drinks down in the cup holders in front of the armrest. I waved the cup of orange crush in front of a sleeping Brook. "I guess it's just you and me," I took a sip from the iced mocha that pleaded for me to gulp it down and wake the half of me asleep up so I wouldn't fall asleep while driving. I poked Brook in the cheek, "Broooooookkkk waky waky, you need to drink your soda before we get into the airport, beeccaauuse we can't bring liquids more than three ounces iiinnn."

She groaned, and with her eyes closed, grabbed the cup and set it in between her legs and from time to time took a sip from the clear straw.

"Oookkkkaaayy. Lets get going." I cupped my hand over my mouth and yawned as I slid into the drivers seat and slammed the car door.

I shook Brook back and forth trying to catch a glimpse of a open eye. I shook her harder, lets just say she's a very heavy sleeper when she's exhausted. I slapped her in the face.

"Ow!!!" She lightly rubbed her cheek with her hand, "That really hurt!"

"In my defense I tried to wake you up nicely, but apparently you didn't want to cooperate with me. So I had to switch to plan B. now lets go we're going to miss our flight."

She groaned, so I just pulled her arm and tugged her to the trunk. "Grab your stuff," I ordered.

"Mmmmmmm," she opened her eyes and ripped the bags out and fast walked towards the entrance.

We check one bag and a duffel for each of us. we got through security and made it to our gate just in time to board. "Now boarding zone 5 and 6," the speaker rang out. We made our way to our seats- 20 A and 20 C, and stored our bag that we didn't check in the over head bin and our duffel under the seats.

I gave Brooklyn the window seat, but as soon as her butt hit the seat she was asleep with her head against the window. Jiggling the seatbelt, I managed to buckle Brook in without her stirring in her seat. "Avoid the worst, put safety first, Brook." She just shifted her body and laid her head on my shoulder. This was going to be a long flight.

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