Kiss in the dark

Hello we are, S.E.A.L, and we love one direction, hope you enjoy our fan fic we are still working on it and please comment, fav, like. Hope we have your support.
Description: Brooklyn and Samantha receive opportunities in college to set out and see what it's like working for celebrities. Being sent out to the UK London obviously brings in the opportunity to meet one direction, which of course they are working for, with splendid jobs. Along the way they meet Aria and Kimberly, there soon to be best friends and co workers, as they set out to find their life and how it would work being away from all they know. Relationships, friendships, more to come in, Kiss in the Dark- by: S.E.A.L.


3. meeting 1D

*two bathroom breaks and 4 annoying crying babies later*

"Brook, BROOK, wake up!!" I shook brook violently as people were departing from the plane. "We're here brook."

"Whaaaaa....." She managed to get out of her mouth. I smacked her leg, hard. "OWWW!!"

"I told you to wake up, now get your stuff."

Brook held out her hands and I obliged and pulled on them, but she fell back on the seat and I realized her seat belt was still on. She slapped her hand on the seatbelt top and pulled on the lever so it made a clicking sound. She rested her palms on the armrests and pushed herself up and hit her head on the bottom side of the overhead bin, "Dammit!"

"Here," I pointed to her bags which I already had taken out of the overhead storage area, "take them and lets go."

Brook dragged her bag and slung the duffel over her shoulder and shuffled her feet with droopy eyelids. I rested my right hand on her back and pushed as my left hand dragged the roller bag across the carpeted aisle flooring.

We finally made it outside the gate and fished through the sea of people we spotted two girls holding separate signs. One sign said, 'Brooklyn Chase' and the other read, 'Samantha Edwards.' We fast walked until we were right in front of the signs.

"Hi, I'm Brooklyn Chase." Brook stuck out her hand so the girl holding up her sign could shake it, but she pushed her hand down so it was at Brooks side again.

The girl dropped the sign, took her shoulders, and pulled her into a hug. She pulled away, "Hello it's so nice to meet you, my name is Kimberly Davis."

Brook nodded her head sleepily. I took the liberty of introducing myself, "Hi, I'm Samantha Edwards, Brook's a little tired."

The other girl dropped the sign an gave me a huge, "Hello, I'm Aria Travoli, it's really nice to meet you Samantha, I'll be working with you on makeup."

"I'm really excited to get to know you two.i'll be working with Brooklyn on music production." Kimberly picked up the signs and stuffed them in the backpack that she slung over her shoulder.

From what I could tell they seemed like very unique individuals. Arias hair was a beautiful shade of brown that had blonde hair starting at the nape of her neck and it followed down to the top of her breast where a fluorescent shade of purple began and stopped at the bottom of her breasts. "Your hair is very pretty," I picked up a piece that hung off the side of her shoulder. She had olive skin and green eyes.

Kimberly was completely opposite she had pale skin and cocoa brown eyes with dirty blonde hair that extended to the middle of her back.

"Thanks I just got it done last week. What university did you guy come from?" Aria asked as we started walking through the terminal and found baggage claim.

"Academy of art university, it's in San Francisco." I replied .

"We go to, Make-up / Beauty Therapy School in London, UK. I wasn't born here though." Kimberly made a sad face and so did Aria.

"I wasn't born here either," Aria made clear.

We got our bags and exited the terminal and jogged to the parking lot with our bags in tow. "So where are you guys normally from?" Brook had a questionable expression on her face.

"Well..." Aria started, "I moved to Colorado from Mexico when I was 15, but I spoke English since I could talk because my mom's from California and my dad's from Mexico, so I can speak Spanish too."

"Thats awesome! How about you, Kimberly?" I asked.

"I was born in Missouri and my moms from California, my dads from New York. At the age of 18 I decided to come here and do something with music." She moved her dirty blonde hair to one side of her neck and rubbed one of her eyes and yawned.

We reached the car and popped the trunk to the SUV. Brook and I climbed into the back seat. Brook started to close her eyes but i shook her back awake, she was still getting used to the time change it was 6:00 P.M. 5 hours later than California's and the plain ride was 8 hours. "Wait until after we meet them to fall asleep."

She gave me a death look.


"Nothing." She rested her head on the window.

Aria and Kimberly opened the door to our flat, "here you guys are."

"So you guys live next door?" Brook asked.

"Yeah, so if you need anything just go on the balcony and shout." Aria giggled. "But for now go claim your own bedrooms and put your suitcases in them, you've got to go meet the band your working with."

I gasped, "so it is more than one person. Are they young, are they British, who are they?"

"Yes, they are young, and British, but I'm not going to tell you who it is." Kimberly smirked.

"Plleeeeaaaassseee!?" Brook cooed.


She jutted out her lower lip,"pwweeeaaasseee?!"


"Fine!" Brook trotted up stairs to seek out which bedroom she wanted. I just left my stuff by the front door.

"I'm going to go check out some of the other rooms while Brook gets herself settled in." I rounded the corner and took the first left into what I assumed was the the kitchen. It had a little stove and I ran my hand across the handlebar that connected to the oven , then ran it across the white marble counter and opened the shinny silver fridge. The shelfs on the inside of the door contained water and condiments, while the open space in the fridge was filled with four cartons of milk and two cartons of orange juice (unopened), various meats and cheeses, and different varieties of fruits and vegetables.

"We didn't know what you guys like or if any of you were vegetarians like me so we packed up the fridge." Kimberly closed the fridge and directed me to the bedroom Brook didn't pick. she led me out the open frame of the kitchen and directed me out of the living room and down the hallway and turned right, it was the bedroom. "If you ask me Brooklyn didn't pick the best room."

"Really?" I had hopeful eyes.

"Really. Now lets go get her we need to go meet the band."

"Where's her bed room?" I had a stern face.

She pointed to the right, "down the hallway, that way and take the second door on the left."

"Thanks." I softly opened the door and came face to face with what I knew would happen, Brook had fallen asleep on the confider. I tip towed around her bed and lent in close, "BROOK WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!"

"Ahhhhh!!!!" She smacked me in the face from getting startled.

"Let's go we got to go meet the band." I jumped up and down excitedly.

She sat up and ran out of the room and stopped at the doorway jumping up an down. "KIMBERLY, ARIA, LETS GO!!"

"BOY'S OPEN UP!!" Aria banged on the door with frustration. she had been knocking for 5 minutes.

I whispered in brooks ear, "Hey Brook, since their British we should talk in British accents and see if they buy the act. If they do we will keep doing it until they figure it out."

"Sounds good to me."

The door opened but nobody was behind it. It sounded like they ran back into the room and jumped on something and gave a heavy sigh.

"Booooyyyyyyssss..... There are two more people you will be working with." Aria sang.

There was a groan, a deep voice followed, "their going to be old bats aren't they?" At the sound of his British accent I melted.

"That's not very nice, and they happen to be beautiful young ladies." Kimberly started to walk down the hall.

I herd a higher British accent. "How old are they?"

I replied in a British accent, "Brook and I are both 20 years old." Kimberly and aria looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I walk sideways over to them, "just go with it." They both nodded.

We made our way into the living room. The T.V. Was on and I saw five people gaze at us and I immediately broke down. "Bloody hell your one direction, ahhhhh!!" I remain with the British accent.

They paused the T.V., "nice to meet you guys, I'm Niall, this is Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam."

"Question, do you guys have food?" Brook asked also sticking with the British accent.

"Yes we do." Niall got up from his seat, "I'll show you where the fridge is."

Brook and Niall left the room. "I don't think I introduced myself I'm Samantha and that was Brooklyn, but I just call her Brook."

"Nice to meet you Samantha." Liam offered his hand.

"Ummm... Do you mind," I opened my arms, "I've always wanted to do this."

He put his arm down and brought both of them up , walked forward, and hugged me.

I pulled away after a minute, "it's nice to meet you too Liam."

Louis jump up and ran toward me, "I want one too!!"

He ran into me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I stumbled backward a little bit. I brought my hand up to his back and patted it with a startled expression on my face. "Nice to meet you also Louis." I walked backwards out of his arms, "it's a pleasure to meet all of you actually."

Both Zayn and Harry gave me a hug before Niall and Brook reentered the room with a bowl of pasta salad. "Really Niall?" Harry began, "it's been 10 minutes since we ate dinner aren't you full?"


"Of course not." Zayn muttered.

"Thank you again Niall." Brook, still kept her British accent, said.

"Welcome." He shoved another spoon off penne pasta in his mouth.

"Well we better get going Brook needs to catch up on her sleep." I took Brooks hand that just set the fork down in the bowl and walked her towards the door.

"Wait." Harry put a hand up. "Give me one second, just stay there." He disappeared into the kitchen with Niall and came out a few minutes later. He walked over to me and gave me a little push towards the kitchen. We were alone. "Niall and I wanted to know if you and Brook had anything planed for valentines day?"

"We'll... No, we don't really know anyone here if you haven't noticed. Why what did you have in mind?"

"Dinner, just the four of us. Does that sound good?"

"Yeah, sounds great, but what about Aria and Kimberly?"

"Liam wants the ask Kimberly out on a date and Zayn wants to ask Aria, soooooo.... Yeah, but don't say anything to them." His raspy British voice got softer.

"I won't I promise."

"So we're on for the 14th?" The light reflected his green eyes.

"Of course, but there is one thing you should know about me."

"What is it?"

I dropped the British accent, "I'm not British and neither is Brook."

"Well played." He smirked.

"Alright then, I really got to go I'm exhausted and we need to get some sleep. Ill see you tomorrow, in the mean time goodnight Harry." I gave him a light hug.


I walked out of the room and pushed Brook out of their flat and across the hall into ours.

I pushed up against the door and heard a click signaling the door was closed. I slid down on the door, "They like us." I rested my forehead on my knees and squealed, "They like us!"

Brook shoved the last ounce of pasta salad in her mouth. "Of course they do, we're awesome."

I lifted my head up. "No l, I mean they like like us."

"They like like us?!"

"They like like us."

"How do you know?"

"Harry asked if we had anything planned on valentines day, which we don't, so Niall and Harry are going to take us to dinner. He didn't say it was a date, but I assume its a date. Or should I say double date, huh...huh." I nudged her shoulder.

"But I don't want to go out on a date."

"What do you mean you don't want to go out on a date?! You're twenty you have to put yourself out in the dating world sometime."

She shrugged. "It just doesn't feel right to me."

"Well you've got 6 days to feel right about it or else I'm forcing you."

She bit down on her top lip. "Fine, do you promise not to force me to put on a dress."


"Ughhhh, you're so difficult!"

"I could say the same about you"

She rubbed circles into her temple. "Alright, stuff me in any dress you want, I'll go."

"Yayyyy!!! We will go shopping sometime this week, but for now let's get some sleep. We will hang with the boys tomorrow."

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